why are heroes allowed to grief storyline missions?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Heliotropix, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Heliotropix Well-Known Player

    every time i get a character to the level where they have to do the green lantern warzone, i just shake my head, knuckle under, and go deal with the "heroes" who hang out in the area and kill all the mobs i need to finish my mission....this is a miserable little stretch, that takes two to three times as long as it should, because "heroes" are there griefing all the villains. why don't you separate these mobs, make them un-interactable with the other side? they don't need them, they absolutely no reason to touch them, they're only there to cause trouble, and make peoples lives harder....please....please...do something about this.....
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  2. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    I hate this too, sometimes I do an eye for an eye if it’s also a lower lvl. It makes them realize sometimes like hey I’m not getting credit.

    Normally I’d do that side quest and by then, they would normally be done and move on

    But I agree they should make the recruits not attack-able for opposite factions when u are protecting them, then make the recruits fly away after u get credit for protecting them
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  3. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    it's not just a villain side problem, in fact it's faction mutual, villains do the same thing to hero side greens that heroes do to villain side yellows. in this sense both should have been given their own opposite fields of relevance indicated by maybe a lantern construct wall/bubble.
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  4. Heliotropix Well-Known Player

    i don't know what "everyone" does...i don't do that, because i don't want them doing it to me...it's hard for a villain to take the high road when the heroes insist on fighting in the guttter
  5. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    Villains does it to heroes too. It's a mission that always been a problem because of it. Hopefully the devs will read this thread and fix
    that mission. This is why I avoid doing this one, or I go to PvP phase to finish it.
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  6. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    technically speaking the only way to "avoid" this as it's currently set up is to either wait till the other faction is done (and for the NPC reset) or to do it far enough away that the NPCS aren't shared (this is especially difficult to do due to the small size of the objective area and it's parameters. you may not "Actively" grief but outside of VERY careful precautions you've probably accidentally prevented some one else's objective a few times yourself without realizing it.
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  7. Heliotropix Well-Known Player

    i won't say it's impossible, but it's never been intentional. i don't enjoy making other people lives harder, and don't really understand people who do. this is a game, not real life, the person running that villain, or hero, is just another game geek like you...you aren't saving the planet, you're just crapping in someone's cheerios
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  8. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    never understood this psychological mindset myself, the "me first" attitude that's gaining global popularity and significance never quite appealed to me, i don't feel the need to "compete" with people in real life or otherwise over things i deem so trivial like who goes first in traffic? who gets the parking place closest to the store entrance? etc. in principle what does any of it matter, it's all temporary anyways right? but back on topic i don't think it would at all disrupt lore or mission objectives to section off the war zone the same way metropolis battle zone is.
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  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Going to chime in and back up what Recoil said. There are JERKS on both sides and I JUST created a new alt within the past month and guess what? Got to the exact mission the OP refers to and 4 VILLAINS were roaming around killing every Green Lantern any hero clicked on to try and complete the objective. BEST PART? They even brought along their very own bouncer... a CR 270 that just stood there not doing anything but waiting for some one to challenge anyone to a dual so they could pound the crap out of you.

    Do not limit it to "ONLY HEROES" we have pains in the A_ _ on both sides. And we have multiple scenarios that let them be as obnoxious as they please. Want more example.? SURE...

    Grab the bounties in Central City and go find Heat Wave. He has one spawn point right next to the Villain revive spot near the Diamond district. Now this only happened to me once because afterwards I learned my lesson and PULLED him away but I had Heat Wave down to 1/4 life at that spot when a villain activated the shield and sent me flying.

    Go to the Wastelands.. and work on the daily mission where you deal with orbs. I had a HERO running around killing off those two man mobs you need to defeat. At first I thought he was working on the feat for defeating that one demon 19 times. NOPE.. because he killed the mob and ran to the next one without even waiting to see if anything spawned. I GOT 1 demon toward that feat from that.

    Hey head to Atlantis and the Briny Hulk Farm. I have seen heroes and villains taunting the Giant Brine Hulk to get it sitting inside the pen where players have to bring the baby hulks they catch. Were they trying to defeat the hulk and it just happened? Heck no they pulled the thing there and then just left. All they were TRYING to do was be jerks.

    I'm sure there are dozens and DOZENS more I just related a few that occurred while I was playing my newest alt recently. I do not disagree with the thought that those sort of situations are bad and should be fixed but to the OP.. just because YOU personally don't do that don't think no villain anywhere does not. Fact is it occurs on both sides and may only seem worse on the hero side because it has a bigger population so more chances for an jerk to exist. Your message is good but your title kind of sucks
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  10. the solowing Devoted Player

    Ironic isnt it..the place where you should be worried about getting jumped on is the safest place to go..
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  11. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    In a way it is. I only go there to do my weekly 54\100 missions and Green Lantern Mission when I level an alt.
    Sometimes I get jumped on, but It's mostly quiet. sadly.
  12. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    I am a hero and I do not do this

    both sides have there griefers.. it is definitely frustrating but by no means one sided
  13. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Uh....what kind of villain are you??? o_O:D When you look at it from a story standpoint it kind of makes sense that the heroes would stop you from completing your villainous mission.

    As for a solution, your best bet is to go to PvP phase...it's relatively dead there, and at least you have a sporting chance to take on the griefer.
  14. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    I run primarily on villain side and am always getting jerks that grief the area and such when I do low level missions.
    And they all get reported via ticket.
    And I have had it happen when I am leveling a hero as well, but with more heroes than villains in this game just means there are more jerks on the hero side.
    There are good players on both sides of the game but there are just as many jerks and unsupervised brats that have nothing better to do than be idiots and prevent others from being able to complete their missions.
  15. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Yeah, they do need them. Many of the missions call for knocking out different yellow lanterns that are in the same area as the ones you are trying to save. It goes both ways, it just seems like it's disproportionate because the faction populations are disproportionate. There are 10x as many heroes (just my estimate...could be more or less) at any given time, so there are probably 10x as many low levels working the same mission with opposite goals. Yeah...its a bad design...they should be at least a block away from each other...but it's not griefing. Honestly if it's that much of an issue, go to PVP phase. Population is low enough you'd probably be there by yourself and go uninterrupted. Granted you might get someone who really wants to fight, but if you know what you are doing, knock them out and continue the mission...by the time they respawn...be gone.

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