who makes up duelling rules?

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  1. FrauFever New Player

    i tried duelling for a little while, and all i heard was "you used this, thats cheating" "you used that, you're cheating"....if i have an ability, i'm using it. if i have a shield, i'm shielding, if i have a soder, i'm using it.
    the winner of a duel is the one standing up at the end. i don't care if how they do it. i'm using an ability the game gave me. i can't bring in outside support, i can't have an ally hide and attack you in the middle of the fight...i'm using the resources the game gives me...if you can't win using the same abilities, it seems like you ought to try to get better at it, instead of trying to cripple the rest of the players in the game till they're down to your ability level...
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  2. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Uh oh. You're exposing their game. The "dueling community" doesn't like it when you do that.
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  3. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I make a point to never duel. It is just a spam fest for the most part. That being said, you are right. If someone agrees to duel you, you have every right to drop orbitals, supply drops, and spam powers non-stop. So they can just get over it. lol.
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  4. thirty six Loyal Player

    I love how your thread reads like a question, but then is actually just a complaint. It's simple, no colas, supply drops or orbital strikes. I'm not a dueller, but their rules make sense. You don't get any '1-ups' or extra hearts. You run what's in your ability tray and weapon attacks, and that's it. Open world pvp, is a free for all, but popping a cola because you're afraid your poor character is going to go sleepy is lame.

    If you want to duel with everything, just announce it before the fight. If you don't, and still pop all the extra stuff, then you're opening yourself up to hear all the stuff that hurts your poor little ego so badly. In my opinion, I want to feel good about a win. Not wonder, in my own head, if the cola is what saved me.
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  5. Nogreen Active Player

    They are just sad that they lost.
    I always say, the Real Villains in this game are those level30 CR2xx at start area spamming duel req on new players.
    If you duel a new player with a toon that is not on same CR and level, then your just another ****(meaning your stupid or obnoxious) needing your epeen boost.
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  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Knowing when to pop a soder is just as much a strategy as anything else. The "rules" are capricious and arbitrary and change from person to person. "You used a shield!" "You're in healer role!" "You're playing a tank!" "You used a trinket!" "You USED A SUPERCHARGE!". I've seen "duelers" whine about all of these in HoD shout.

    If someone establishes particular ground rules beforehand and it's clearly outlined and both parties agree, have at it. If I'm checking out the broker and you send me a duel invite or you're standing next to a vendor with your flag on and I "accidentally" activate you, you're getting wrecked with everything at my disposal. Cry more about it in shout.
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  7. thirty six Loyal Player

    Since 2011,the things I've stated have been 'the rules'. Like I said, I follow th so there's no question IN MY HEAD whether I won fair or square. I don't care what anyone has to say, I don't let little online avatars hurt my feelings with words.
  8. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    If you're participating in a duel and NOT using everything at your disposal to win - are you really giving it your all?

    These player rules are just silly. May as well just smack a target dummy and note your DPS then just compare that number to others. Amounts to the same as a slap fight with less steps.

    Player made rules to counteract the games basic mechanics is just silly.
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  9. thirty six Loyal Player

    Also, for someone so wordy, you must not have noticed that I said everything is fair game in open world.
  10. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    Do whatever you want they don't have to accept the duel invite. If they invite you it's on them. Unload on them just like any other "enemy".
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  11. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    LOL You just hit on a thing I have long wondered about. Now I have no desire to PvP so I am unfamiliar with al of those rules but just off the top of my head...

    1. While dueling it is considered bad/cheating to use a soda. Always find that interesting since the PVP vendor actually provides players with special soda designed specifically for use during PvP content? My question if its designed for and only usable while in PvP mode then if I have the money to purchase it exactly how is that cheating?

    2. Not sure if this applies to every player that does participate in PvP but have seen a bunch of players at different times arguing back and forth in shout because supposedly it is considered a "cheat" to use anything from a utility belt like the orbital strikee, side kick or supply drop (with this one again the player in question is actually using some thing that can heal them and provide a power recharge). And AGAIN.... I never quite figured out how using any of those added attacks/powers was any different than using the ones a player earns getting from level 1-30 doing PVE content. If a player subscribes that utility belt and the lair system (which gives them the dispenser where those items can be obtained) are automatically available at around level 10-15. Not a subscriber? Then both that belt and the lair system can be purchased from the market. In other word.. the ONLY players in game that do not have the same option to have all those items available in a PVP battle would be a totally Free to Play. And I am sorry if some one won't spend a single dime to support the game why exactly do we care if they are at a disadvantage?

    The Answer to your question is pretty simple ..those rules apply because that player and his or her friends decided that was how THEY think things should be done. Nothing in the games TOS that mandates it. And PVP is or was not the only area where that kind on mentality existed in game. Go back a few years before the major change regarding reward boxes took place and what would happen after a team beat a boss/sub boss and a single reward would appear along with a vote. It was then up to all players to vote that they either NEEDED the item, or they'd vote GREED saying I don't really need this but i want it anyway OR SKIP which left them out of the running to be awarded anything. That meant that a player on a raid had to compete in a dice roll and get the high score to obtain anything but in game cash and a source mark for helping take out the boss. That meant that a player with some bad luck could help battle through mobs and several boss battles and wind up departing with no new armor at all.

    A long different than now isn't it? Well that was how the game was set up and then a group of players added to the situation... It was considered bad to vote NEED or GREED if a piece of armor was now designed for your roles.. SO it a piece of Tank armor was the reward and your support roles was healer or controller you were supposed to vote SKIP or you were breaking "The Rules!" I never followed that so called rule.. because that armor could be sold at a vendor and I could then use the in game cash to buy things I needed like sodas or anything available from the broker. Now thankfully times changed and everyone gets their own reward box and most armor that drops allows the player to decide what roles it will be assigned to assist.

    It's all a bunch of stuff a certain group of players THINK is the right way to do PvP and its only their Opinion not a specific game rule at all.
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  12. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I specifically mentioned getting invites and having duel flags on in a thread on dueling "etiquette", so I'm not sure what open world PvP has to do with anything. Is that too wordy? Should I use pictures? Would that help? I want to make sure I'm meeting you where you are.
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  13. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    Dueling is there are no rules. Used what you got
    . Example , But dont duel level 31 cr.

    If you want rules try group up scrimmage each other in lair PvP arena, in it there trinkets restrictions.

    For me i miss dueling inside instances & raids. , the past time messing around with group.
  14. thirty six Loyal Player

    Too wordy. Use number, please.
  15. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    like hiding next to a zone entry and bushwhacking people half your CR when they come into an area.
  16. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Old school rules:

    Bad form
    No soda. If your opponent chugs one first then fair game. Reason is more so that fight focus on the counter mechanics.

    Blatant cheese: like kite really high in the air, drops enough for longest range attack then float up again like a hot air balloon.

    If fight club (open world) pvp flag on, villain and hero go 1:1, bystanders don't interfere.

    Less severe
    Backups and sidekicks. Pets from powerset is ok.

    Emotes trash talk after win, normal etiquette is /bow.
    /rude or /pickup take their shoes. Tea bag them if duel win causes a KO timer. If close friend, it's ok.

    In arenas some of the stuff like backups is tactics, but in duel for some players it's more about the fight itself (weapon taps, counters, reactions, reading your opponent and not being predictable.)
  17. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Like TechWarrior I've never been much of a PvP person, including duels. But in situations where I am in PvP, I follow two simple rules.

    1. Red=dead
    2. Use everything available to me to win
    I'm not going to hold back or leave anything on the table in a fight like that. If I win, I win. If I lose, so be it. The devs set the actual rules of engagement, and that's what I'll follow.
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  18. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    If you want to set rules for a duel, do so before the fight starts : there is no posted universal code.
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  19. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Stipulations can be discussed in advance, but it's one of these things where dueling community kinda organically adopted some general ones. If game money on the line, be better to go over before starting.
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  20. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    LOL who's "poor little ego" is the one that's hurt so badly if they have to type up and send a tell crying after a loss?

    I'm not a PvPer in any form, but if shields, orbitals, supply drops, etc aren't supposed to be used in a duel then they would be blocked out just like in the arenas. Everyone has access to the utility belt trinkets in the open world/Watchtower. Most of the time these "rules" are just an excuse from people who have their top heavy spam loadouts exposed. If you are a good dueler, instead of sending hate messages and complaining, adjust your loadout/strategy and ask for a rematch.

    It doesn't matter what game, or sport, there's always someone crying about "unspoken rules", or the "spirit of the game".

    /waiting for someone to post Herm Edwards gif
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