Who do you follow?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Plower Girl, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Plower Girl Active Player

    In operations there are so many different directions you can go. Mostly referring to Brothers in Arms and Family. Often I find myself getting lost or having trouble keeping up with the group (especially when they all go different ways).

    I come from World of Warcraft where all of the instances have a path and if you run ahead of the tank you usually die. That being said I don't feel the tank role is as important in this game, aside from higher content raiding.

    I always do my best to follow the tank because that is what I've been trained to do from other games.

    Who do you follow?
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  2. Chicago Bull New Player

    I usually lead the pack when people don't know where to go...
    or follow the ignorant person (trying to stop him) that heads straight to the bosses and ads while leaving the main group behind...- Reason is probably because I PuG

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  3. WildPegasusrs Dedicated Player

    In most case, as a healer I go where the majority of the group is, too bad for the one that goes on his or her own side to die in few secs thinking s/he was all badass. Best to save two over one I guess.
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  4. The Doctor Loyal Player

    I consider it common courtesy to wait for and follow the tank, assuming there is one of course.
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  5. MercPony Devoted Player

    If I am unfamiliar to something, I usually follow the Tank or the DPS (Tank is supposed to do that anyway and better a DPS gets hit than me!).

    Everything else though, especially if I am running something for the millionth time with friends, its just follow wherever or take charge myself.
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  6. Notangie New Player

    Role optional disabled & follow the tank.
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  7. DaiKaiJu New Player

    I stay by the Tank so I can give him power and he can keep us alive along with the healer, but if we don't have one, I go my own pace, with DPS player(s) crying for moar power, and me telling them not to run so far ahead of the group other wise they wont get the heals or the power.
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  8. X-zero Loyal Player

    If there is a tank, I follow the tank.

    In the 2 dps, controller, and healer combo it depends.
    If one is my friend, I follow my friend.
    If I am a dps, I will follow the healer. (I know it can be rough if they get in a fight)
    If I am a healer, I follow the closest dps (I can't kill anything so I need someone who can)
    If I am a controller follow the healer. (Eventually one of the dps will find you if their power and life support are cut off for too long)

    Thinking about it more just follow the melee dps or the lead dps because they are going to probably play pseudo tank.
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  9. Deranya Dedicated Player

    Funny enough, in instances that I know and I know I will survive even alone as a healer xD I run ahead. But in those cases that I don't, I usually go for the one alone, unless it is the tank. I go with "who can survive without me?" and that is usually the tank and or the hard hitting DPS, the troll and me we glue ourselves to another and stay alive :p
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  10. Little Sister New Player

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  11. MCAZR New Player

    It depends on who I'm playing with. If it's leaguemates, I have trouble keeping up so I'm following the general group. If I'm pugging, I tend to lead the group I'm healing or dps'ing. If I troll, I just follow people around.
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  12. ShadowCyborg92 Loyal Player

    If i am tanking, then i go first (common sense).
    If i am dpsing, then the tank or if we dont have one the crazy person.
    If i am healing, then the dps or troll (need power to keep crazy ppl alive)
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  13. Ice Lantern New Player

    If I am the DPS I prefer to follow the tank. But if he is indecisive, I will just lead the way. If I am a healer or troller, I will follow the person who is decisive (preferably the tank) unless he is going the wrong way.

    I would rather follow the person who knows what he's doing over the guy with a shield beside his name.
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  14. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    I'm the tank. I follow no man.
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  15. The Aerovenger Dedicated Player

    In t5 raids - tank
    In t5 ops as a troll - tank or fps
    In t5 ops as a dps - me
    In lower content - me (higher stats than t1-t4 tanks)

    In a battle for earth duo a guy complained I was wandering off and I should be staying with him. I have a systematic plan of checking each area for the objectives. I inspected him - gear was mainly t1.
    I said come with me if you want to live.....
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  16. No Aywok New Player

    Healer, always. Following the Tank tends to backfire a lot of the times in PUGs.

    Under normal circumstances, and in every other MMO I've played, it was the tank (if that wasn't me).
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  17. Deathmike Loyal Player

    I just follow my heart.

    Deathmike out.
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  18. ShadowCyborg92 Loyal Player

    Great Answer!

    The enemies dont come to u. u go to them.
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  19. Skyfairy New Player

    I'm an old school MMO player so I generally tend to follow the tank (or the most capable dps if no tank is present). If the group appears to not know what they are doing I'll try take the lead myself.

    It's one of my pet peeves actually when everyone just goes their own way during the outdoor section of ops, it's almost as if some players are missing their mini map.
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  20. Plower Girl Active Player

    I know exactly what you mean! It is very hard to keep T5 players powered when you are still building up gear. Hopefully it gets easier when we reach higher gear levels :)
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