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  1. coldlok New Player

    What are they for and how do I get the white mod? Thanks in advance
  2. Icelore New Player

    read the patch notes and updates for the latest DLC.
  3. Mia Skye New Player

    My post from a different thread:

    These are mods that you have to get through purchasing level 4 generator and level 4 of the mods. In order to get access to the mainframe you have to have purchased the DLC Home Turf. Then spend 4000ish in-game cash to unlock the generator at level 4. Then you can buy the mods. It costs 25 MoT (Marks of Triumph) for level 1 and 125 MoT for level 2. These are permanently unlocked and unlock mods for your weapon and neck respectively. Level 3 costs 625 MoT unlocking mods for your back and feet for 30 days. Level 4 costs 3125 MoT for 30 days of using chest and hands mods. Core Strength is in the chest, so you need about 4000ish MoT in order to unlock them.

    Once you unlock them you can then go to the dispenser and dispense up to 4 of each mod. Mods last three days before you have to purchase them again.
  4. Lelouch New Player

    hometurf base mods found in ur base
    im not going to go into details how to buy it cause when u buy DLC there is a tutorial mission for ur base, trying to explain things without u doing the missions is not worth my time.
  5. FaLeX Dedicated Player

    You need DLC6 if your are Free to play or Premium

    This video should explain it best...

  6. Captain Spire New Player

    Sorry for and early grave dig but does this mean, since they are dispensed, are these tatical mods II consumable and do not last more than a few seconds or when equipted, have that stats effect in that period of time?

    I got my eye on the Mod II vitality boost
  7. MrMigraine Loyal Player

    Well, there's no stat called Vitality in DCUO, so you're out of luck. (It's Vitalization :p )

    As to your question: the White Mods are dispensed from your Dispenser once your Mainframe and its Generator are set up and you've purchased at least the Tier One (Weapon) slot. You must have DLC6: Home Turf to use these items. Once dispensed, you socket them into your gear just like regular mods. The white mods will last for thirty days and are renewable as long as you keep up your generator's batteries. If you get a better weapon, your dispenser can pop out another white mod for it for free even if you still have one in your old weapon.

    The first two slots (T1 & T2) for all of the Mainframe abilities (not just the Tactical Mods) are permanent. Buy them once, they'll always be active as long as your generator is active. T3 & T4 have a monthly rent to pay.
  8. Captain Spire New Player

    1. And the generator needs MoT and money corrector just Money?...I think the video said MoT and money.

    2. So T1 and T2 will need to be recharged at lair generator, but the mods themselves wont vanish like the T3 and T4 after 30 days?

    3. I was under the impression that you can also get these from Central City or some equivlant.

    And yes, yes Vitalization, but you got my drift.

    I can always buy another SOE card, but for now, my heart is set on Central Central City but seems the more useful choice is to get the Home Turf.

    4. And yet another question, do I get a new Lair with Home turf or do I need to buy one seperately in addition to DLC6 (home turf)?

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