While FF XIV gets 2 new jobs and lots of changes to the old ones, we're struggling to get 1 power...

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    Jens at least did a meet n greet during the Ps4 launch. (which i got to go to!) Havent seen anything like that since. It would be great to have someone trying to get out there like he did and talk to the players.
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    You underestimate Yoshida lol. What I see here, at least as far as the past is concerned ( I know nothing about the people in place now at DCUO), is DCUO has been run by corporate types, whose main focus is creating short term revenue month over month in hopes who hasn't displayed to me that they are avid gamers who love the product they are trying to sell us.

    It doesn't seem evident to me that they understand if they create a compelling story line and write a DLC that will delight the players and keep them engaged, then month over month profits will take care of themselves. The difference is, they have in the past gone after the low hanging fruit of Booster Bundles, Allies, and Time Capsule loot boxes to make money instead of looking at what will create long term growth of the game and thus create not only steady revenue but long term profits. This is something Square Enix understands.

    I don't believe the Powers that Be at Daybreak/DI and especially at EG7 play this game or that they are even gamers at all. I hope I'm wrong.
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    That game has a better company running it dcuo has failed at alot ofnthings in alot of ways but its still better then that game
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    I wouldn't say we're "struggling" to get new powers. The player base has said repeatedly we want new powersets, and early on, DB said "No, I don't think I will," because not enough players spend money on powersets.

    I mean, sure, technically I guess you could consider beating your head against a brick wall to be "struggling," but you're more likely to see results from the brick wall, even if the only result is brain damage.