Which tank to play now? And which one is the most versatile? (House of legends)

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  1. Aduzar Light Committed Player

    Which tank to play now since all this change?
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    What change?
  3. Aduzar Light Committed Player

    Following the change made by Omnibus, does it change the balance on the choice of a particular tank or not?
  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Nothing changed for tanks or any other role with this episode.
  5. Aduzar Light Committed Player

    After that, what I really want is what power choice for tank right now? Note that it's a character in main tank optics and not a character for dps, well, dps is not the priority.
  6. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

  7. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    Just go Ice if you don't want to do damage and be a real shield tank.
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  8. Aduzar Light Committed Player

    I've been playing tank ice for a while and I find that in the end this power ends up being boring, for the moment I'm hesitating between fire the rage and see the earth, but the thing that bothers me a bit is the spell strike which I don't really like the way this power answers.
  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I find Fire quite fun.
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  10. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i play an ice tank villain without any OP item and with only droped gear.
    my main is fire and gets all OP items, the elite gear, generator mods etc.
    playing both ice and fire, i can get through most with ice without trouble.
    fire has been buffed, yet it still is more challenging to me, needs all i get.
    if you like the challenge, i would highly suggest to go fire. challenge is fun.
    i wish fire had a pet like snow devil, it makes ice superior in dps role aswell.
  11. Aduzar Light Committed Player

    However, I had heard or read that the Ice is now less good, for a story of damage breakthrough that would tend to pierce the shields much more ? true false ? it has been changed since ?
  12. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    Fire: Spec health, you can even use Lernaea's Amulet if you are an advanced player. Press Block button to cancel out of Absorb Heat and keep enemies on fire to take advantage of fire tank mechanics. You can solo Doomsday in Flashpoint.

    What are your thoughts on Atomic tanking?
  13. Aduzar Light Committed Player

    Atomic I remember being interrupted sometimes during a combo, which annoyed me with this power :D
  14. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    Atomic is very strong and they gave you more control resistance during the last tank update. I do get interrupted sometimes but most of the times its due to my placement or how fast I'm trying to perform the combos. Earth tanking is very strong as well. It's dependant on your dominance as it gives defense from a percentage of your dominance I think it's 50%. Out of the tank powersets Fire, Earth and Atomic are really fun. Rage however I was really good at it but I stopped using it after two years. I'm not a fan of hit counts but you can easily achieve that with brawling shuriken. Not sure if they fixed the bug with Earth Gemstone shield using Circes Mask artifact. I feel more like a God with Atomic.
  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I think it all depends on how you play and what you want to accomplish.

    Battle tank - earth is great here.

    Team player - atomic and it shield that used to be a 100 is now a 50. Strongest shield in the game. Helps some of us tunnel vision dps that can't get that first block, lol.
    Fire, rage, and ice are just fine. I've seen and played with all at end game. They all do well. Just have little differences here and there.
  16. Aduzar Light Committed Player

    I've decided to switch to rage, at least to try it out and get my own opinion on this power, but on the other hand, I have the impression that this power is more "fragile" than the others, I played tank and ice for a while, I also switched to land for a while, but not enough to judge it, but with rage, I have the impression that it loses life more quickly compared to all other tank powers, I have to admit that my artifacts are barely up, but even with that, I have the strong feeling that the other powers are more solid than the Rage, on the other hand, the rage has a really incredible aggro system and covers an aggro zone that seems much wider than the other tank powers.

    That said, I don't know if I'd stay with this power for long :D
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  17. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    With Rage you have to land a certain number of hits to get the benefit of your increase health of your Scar Tissue. Popping Redirected Rage activates Fervor which increases your defense. Severe Punishment also increases your defense when activated and Rage is one of the powers that it's health fluctuates a lot. You should google which tank benefits you the most, ice=shields, Rage=Sever Punishment active rage crash mechanic, Fire=Max Health, Earth=Pet Tank Build or non Pet Tank Build with high defense, Atomic=Aura God Versatile Jack of all Trades Tank
  18. Nangaf Level 30

    I dont know what you want to say by most versatile but if you want to know best to poor for me : with + and -
    -1 Earth (best) ( + high reduce % damage…….. - If your pet die you die)
    -2 Fire ( + high health and can heal youself…….. - low damage reduce%)
    -3 Ice (+ high defense and shield ………. - If you dont have good rotation with your shield skill, you die really fast)
    -4 Atomic (+ good overall,health,defense,%reduce damage…….. - If you are stun or dont have aura you die really fast)
    -5 Rage ( + good overall like atomic………..- if you dont reduce the crash of sever punishment you die and you dont know why lol )

    hope it give you some advice

    ( i try all tank power since the beginning of the game many years , but my main is earth and i can tell you i’m close to invincible so that why earth is the best tank power in my opinion)

    * but remember best dont necessary = most fun to play

    if you want an advice just take power whit most fun you have to play. I have more fun to play with atomic tank than earth .
  19. Aduzar Light Committed Player

    What I mean by "versatility" is the way each tank power can cope, with a tank without adds, a boss with less / see no adds etc, etc.

    Thanks for your point of view as exposing, it makes this picture a little easier on the different tanks in the game.
  20. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I have an alts rage tank and my build seems to be pretty unique but super easy if you'd like to try it. I'm specced fully into dom (seems like players can't agree with what rage tanks should spec into with dom or health) and have 150sp into health and 30ish into might and power. I went dom because I went shield heavy.

    So I use severe punishment and remorseless recovery at the same time. Wait for the heart beat to just about stop and pop redirected rage. Let that run out/ break and then pop severe and remorseless again and at that heart beat, pop hard light shield. Easy, can face tank anything while landing hits to get scar tissue up.

    So loadout is severe/remorseless/redirected/rage bringer/without mercy/hardlight shield. Artifacts, manacles, mystic, circes mask. I switched everyman out because I've been taking almost no damage/ not enough to trigger it. All are at 160. Not sure I'm liking circes mask but not hating it either. But just fyi, it does not count severe as a shield. But since I have the other 2, and on occasion amazonian, it seems to work well enough.

    But yeah, no rage crash issues for me whatsoever since the shields absorb it all. I haven't used e chain in over a year probably but you can in place of rage bringer for st pull. And take out without mercy for whatever depending on the situation. Have gone out and face tanked every open world bounty with no healer and have 0 issues. Have done a few elites and done fine but my tanking skills/ knowledge is not quite there yet since I spent 8 to 9yrs only healing in this game.