Which "stories" would you like to see coming in DCUO?

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    Maybe a story involving Supes and/or another character getting depowered or being somewhere their powers don't work (IE Supes being on a planet with a red sun) and they have to get their powers or stuff back and you gotta help them. Maybe some other character like steals their powers/stuff/skills and you have to take them down and return all the powers or something.
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  2. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Ctrl+F "Section 8"

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  3. Controller Loyal Player

    Do a "Justice League and Shadow Cabinet" Crossover. Here's why:

    You'd get to introduce a few of Milestone's (DC) characters in the Shadow Cabinet - featuring:


    Iota (Lady in pink, on Icon's right). She has Antman or Atom-like powers. She's also one of the wealthiest characters in Milestone's Dakotaverse.

    Icon. Superman-Level power.

    Next to Icon, Ms. Donner. She has invulnerability and super strength.

    Behind Donner is Hardware. Think of a grittier, cruder Tony Stark.

    Twighlight. You can't land a blow on HIM but he can land one on YOU, lol. He's partly cloudy and has a "Question" like personality. His body serves as some sort of inter-dimensional gateway. He uses this to trick Flash into falling into his body and it traps Flash for a few minutes during their engagement, essentially taking Flash out of the fight for a bit.

    Ms. Gloria Munday. She's the embodiment of a dying planet's inhabitants, harnessing their power as a tribute to them.

    Ms. Blitzen. She has super speed and quickness.

    Not pictured is Payback. He has lower-level super strength but his TRUE power is his CLAWS. He's almost killed Icon with them.

    Rocket, Icon's partner, is not pictured above and doesn't show up until their engagement with Shade and gives Batman some kind words lol


    The flying lady is Iron Butterfly. She controls ALL metal, even Nth.

    Icon and Superman "staged" a fight, to add a distraction and to also talk outside of the watchtower



    Let one side play the villains and the other the heroes. Icon, Ms. Donner, Hardware, Superman and Wonder Woman could be lower level bosses and the ULTIMATE bosses could be RIGHT FROM this epic cross-over comic, such as Shade


    In the Shadow Cabinet / Justice League crossover he's a bit over-powered due to the story line and he creates "Shade Duplicates" of each Leaguer AND Shadow Cabinet member. These "Shadow Duplicates" could also be adds or lower-level bosses.

    The FINAL Boss, from this comic series, would be none other than Star Breaker the Cosmic Vampire



    What a cool way to introduce Milestone characters AND add a couple of underrated Super Villains to this game.

    The HERO side could go against the Shadow Cabinet and the VILLAIN side could combat the Justice League. Or vice versa.

    Justice League, in this 4-part series, had Red Arrow, John Stewart GL, Jason Rusch Firestorm, Black Lightning, Black Canary, Hawk Girl, Hawk Man, Wonder Woman, Vixen, Dr. Light, Batman, Zatanna and Flash.
  4. Sturmlocke New Player

    Hello there,

    was thinking about this the other day and then I find this post. Thanks for asking, bc I have had this idea on my mind since forever.

    I would like to see an earth shattering storyline surrounding this guy:



    Not sure if anyone here will remember, seeing how this is a new generation of dc fans, and I'm the old guy in the room, but if you have never seen this before, check this out:

    How could this story unfold?

    • Lex Luthor is doing what he is doing in the movie Superman 4, and the entire world is debating nuclear weapons, with LL trying to keep the threat alive after Superman decides that he'll take matters into his own hands and free our world of nuclear weapons
    • LL isn't happy with this idea and tries to intervene with Superman's effort, which doesn't work
    • In our timeline, LL doesn't get the idea of creating NM in order to stop our Superman from cleaning up earths missiles
    • A portal opens in from of our LL; then the alternate timeline version of himself comes into play with an idea
    • The idea: Send Nuclear Man to defeat the Man of Steel, which has happend successfully in his timeline before
    • Nuclear Man arrives to our current timeline and is coming from an alternate earth
    • He recks massive destruction, havok and panic in Metropolis shortly after arriving, stealing the golden Superman statue in Metropolis and throwing it into the masses
    • Supergirl and us players are the first to confront him, and we utterly fail
    • Supergirl gets badly injured, almost dies during this battle
    • Our current timeline Superman arrives, the Superman that we have in the game rn, and basically goes into rage mode after seeing Supergirl nearly lifeless on the ground before NM
    • Current Superman does battle with NM, both of them shooting the other into buildings, vehicles, the sky and more
    • We players jump in too and try to help where we can
    • NM defeats our Superman, also almost completely finishing him off in the process, and manages to defeat all of us from the playerside too
    • Both Superman and Supergirl survive and are able to escape before being finished off in the very last moment
    • A portal opens and takes us all away
    • This portal leads yet to another alternate timeline, the one where we meet Christopher Reeve's Superman - the one and only
    • CR Superman originates from the same timeline that Superman 4 takes place in
    • CR Superman explains what is going on and how he was able to defeat NM in his timeline
    • He explains that he can't come back with us, because that could destabilize both timelines even more, possibly resulting in the creation of more timelines with effects unknown to our multiverse
    • CR Superman heals both our Superman and Supergirl in the Fortress of Solitude by harnesting the suns energy and boosting both of our Superheros powerlevel while at it
    • We are also restored to full power again
    • CR Superman sends us back, wishing us good luck in the end
    • Back in our timeline, Metropolis has been destroyed for the most part, with LL being unable to stop NM
    • To make things worse, earths special forces are planning a nuclear attack on NM; unknown of NM origins
    • Which results in a nuclear missile being fired at NM in order to stop him for good
    • Which proves to be a futile plan as this destroys the remaining bits of Metropolis and further increases NM powerlevel
    • Superman takes it to battle against NM first, where we, as players, must assist him
    • In the meantime, Supergirl tries to move the moon in front of the sun, in order to block the sunrays long enough for this to make NM lose his powers
    • After a long and brutal battle, Superman + his new and increased strength + us players = we all come to the conclusion that even with Superman's increased powers and our own being added into the mix, we aren't strong enough to defeat NM after absorbing the nuclear missle power into his body
    • We are about to lose again, which would result in NM getting a hold of Supergirl before she can move the moon into position
    • When all of a sudden: BLACK ADAM appears
    • Black Adam uses his magic to injure NM, seeing how both Superman and NM share the same dna and are both subjective to / weakened by magic
    • We all do battle again and this time we are able to hold NM back long enough for Supergirl to succeed
    • Supergirl blocks the sun with the moon, we defeat NM and do the same thing that Superman did by the end of Superman IV
    • We all rejoice
    • Black Adam's motivations are unknown to us at this point in time, a sinister and evilish look can be seen coming upon his face
    • But that doesn't last for long, because we are left with nothing after Metropolis literally got nuked from orbit
    • Another portal opens and we see CR Superman again and we also hear his voice sending us one final message: "What has been done can be undone. Time, matter and the wntire universe are all relative" (to your frame of reference, Einstein's theory) echo echo echo
    • Our current timeline Superman understands what is being said, after thinking about it for a while, and shoots up and out into space
    • Same goes for Black Adam
    • Supergirl joins her cousin and both fly at high speeds around earth, rewinding time for this planet while doing so
    • See here for reference
    • Black Adam stands motionless with them in space, watching the entire process unfold
    • SG and SM rewind the time back to the point before LL is able to summon NM by *insertreasonhere*, thus stopping this madness from ever happening
    • The end... or is it?
    • Black Adam's true motivations are revealed... *shock*
    More or less, just a very quick rundown of what - could - be done.
    Here are a few inspiring pics and videos for our new gen of dc fans and players:
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  5. Sturmlocke New Player

    Images found via a quick Google search btw, not mine btw.
  6. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I've mentioned in the past it would be awesome to get a Gotham Wastelands type open world where each section represents one of the Endless. The safe areas could be outside the House of Mystery and House of Secrets. Gregory could be an Ally and Goldie could be a pet trinket.

    Emperor Joker could tie into a funny animal storyline. Captain Carrot, Streaky, Bat-Hound, etc..

    For those that don't know...WIKI: "At some point, the imp from the fifth dimension, Mister Mxyzptlk, attempts to see what a member of the regular realm would do with his power and selected The Joker. He intended to donate only 1% of his power to the Joker, but the mad clown tricked him into revealing his true name and thus ended up gaining 99.99% of Mxyzptlk's powers, and proceeded to transform existence within 69 seconds into a realm made in his own image, which was a twisted caricature, and with everyone stuck in a loop."
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  7. Amoxin Well-Known Player

    Definitely Crisis, it could even be a three episode series. Also, I'd like to see other already established characters that haven't physically appeared at all, like Jack Ryder as Creeper, or T.O. Morrow, who really hasn't been seen since vanilla, for example be incorporated.
  8. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    We have that story already …. It’s called EEG lol
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  10. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    Always thought perhaps they should have something for the Legends of Tomorrow or Black Lightning.
  11. Lucifoxx Active Player

    Honestly. I would like to see Red Hood show up. Guns and all. It would be awesome if they get the guy who voice's him in Injustice for dcuo.
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