Which Power for someone new to Tanking?

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    I have played some other MMORPGS such as ESO and SWTOR and mained tanks in those games. But I have never really properly tanked in DCUO. I did try a little ICE tanking but I failed badly. Now I want to give tanking a try. Next week we have double Legion rewards so it should be possible to get some tank gear. What is the easiest power for someone to try that hasn't tanked before?

    Note that I probably wont have the needed artifacts so they will be around level 80 for now so no good recommending a power that needs level 200.

    I have 310+ toons in Ice, Fire and Atomic. My Earth is about 250 and Rage quite low (don't like this powerset so much) maybe 150.
  2. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Ice and Earth are particularly the easiest. Ice's main method is rotating shields. Earth has two methods: Aftershock (totem) or Brick (pet).
    Fire's method is self healing (Restoration based) . It's not difficult to learn at all but requires a decent amount of stats.
    Atomic's method is damage absorption with Quark-Gluon Aura and self healing (Dominance based). The catch is you have to actively keep the aura up.
    Rage is arguably the best tank power in terms of survivability, it's Rage Crash mechanic requires a little practice. Time it wrong and you can damage or knock yourself out.
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  3. Red Wáve Level 30

    No Power in any Role needs Arts at 200 for any Content. Possible exception being Elites with less than 100 SP in main stat.

    Ice is the easiest, by far. I use Lasso Art for add control (and I love the way it looks and feels<3), Manacles of Force, and Mystical Symbol of the Seven.

    My Loadout is Lasso of Truth, Shatter Restraint, Inescapable Stom (I think that's the name of Ice's only native Pull), Frost Slam, Reflection, Winter Ward. I also have Iconic: HLS I'll occasionally swap in for Inescapable Storm in content with few adds.

    At 100SP in Dom, Arts at 80 and I think cr316 I was capable of Tanking both HQn and CoP for 3 dps. FGSn and CUn I felt comfortable, although I run with Amazing Healers.

    At max Dom, crWhatever-Purple-Legion-Gear-and-WV-Elite-Weapon-Neck-and-Rings-are and Arts at 120 I was comfortable in HQe, again with an Amazing Healer.

    The rotation is Relfection, Lunge enemies, Lasso to bind and stun adds, Block till stun wears off, Frost Slam, Winter Ward, block till adds get up, rinse and repeat till mobs are dead (defeated, if on Hero:p )

    If a shield breaks early or I mess up and pop them back to back, I'll use Shatter Restraint for a weak Shield till another is off cooldown. In CT lb I'll use Shatter Restraint during Skulls, to prevent her Pull and relying on other people Blocking. I *think* Group Breakout works when Diana removes our powers too, or it was just the insane dps I ran with today damaging her to the next phase. I'll be testing that more in the coming days.

    I'll Target Lock and cycle to stay adds, pulling them in with Inescapable Storm, since Lasso will just get stuck on whatever is in front of me.

    SP Allocation is 7 in Brawling, I only *need* Backfist for Power Regen, but I like to get down to Mastery, all passives in Movement, for the CC Resists, Super Strenght, cuz I love wasting Skill Points to liff cars :D Lasso of Truth, HLS, Focus: Hybrid, 10 each crit Res, Max Dom, Leftovers in Res for extra Shield strenght and when I eventually get Mystic to 160.

    Gen Mods are 4 Power, 4 Dom, 4 dps.

    Important White Mods are Absorbtion Adapter Weapon, Accelerated Reflection Back, Power Efficiency Chest. I think there's something useful in Neck, but I can't remember atm. Restorative Frost Slam Legs and Regenerative Shielding Hands, they don't scale afaik tho. Tumbling Master Boots.

    Arts priority would be Mystic to 80 for defense. Manacles to 80 to save your *** from Shield Penetrating stuff or Shield breaking early. Lasso to 80 for add control. Manacles to 120 for cooldown reduction on Shields, Lasso to 120 for healing, Mystic to 120 for.. added defense? I went with Lasso to 160 first, because it is just so damn fun to drag 8 adds at a time ^^
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  4. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Earth with Brick is fairly forgiving. Earth has a lot of different mechanics for game play and I actually keep two separate armories for Earth tanking. Earth Aftershocks help give a good bit of CC to adds while Brick Tanking can allow you to focus a bit more on counters/lunges.
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