Where's The Wonder Twins?

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  1. Mysticwraith Well-Known Player

    I know DC got a reboot, but with Doomed DC it would have been great nostalgia to have added the wonder twins. I grew up watching the Justic League, and I always wondered if DCUO would eventually add them as a camo. Unfortunately, I guess a good miss opportunity was lost.
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  2. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Currently in the comics the Wonder Twins exist but I don’t remember if they were part of the Death Metal storyline or appeared after death metal changed the multiverse. I do admit though it would’ve been fun to see Gleek just wandering around the inside of the destroyed Hall of Justice.
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  3. Dstdnt Source Wall Promethean Editor-in-Chief

    I did mention on the livestream yesterday that I hoped the Wonder Twins are alright. :D I do believe they were around under the Wonder Comics Imprint by Bendis in 2019, and worked with Young Justice, Naomi. Sideways, & Dial H for Hero among others. I don't recall them having a big part in Death Metal at all but would be nice to see them at some point, maybe in the restored Washington D.C., or if we happen to see a Future State version of the Hall of Justice even? DCUO does have it's own timeline though and certain events do happen differently than comics, such as getting our Miss Martian from the Sixth Dimension opposed to seeing Martian Manhunter & Hawkgirl's son, or Apex Lex (still hoping we could get his style in some form if not him).

    I'm not sure if we have the tech for Gleek either given that we couldn't get Detective Chimp back in JLD, but would also be amazing to get! Also getting the Wonder Twins' new outfits would be a nice addition too. (Speaking of, they just announced the main cast of the Wonder Twins HBOMax movie today too!)
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  4. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    If nothing else, maybe Gleek and Detective Chimp could be base pets or statues or something. IDK if that would be easier or more doable than having them active in the story itself at all. Not sure how likely they are to do such a thing, but we have gotten Streaky the Supercat (that bonus week and bunch of new content really shocked me and left me buzzing for quite a while lmao), Wonderdog, Scoops, etc, so just about anything's possible. Didn't Clark also have a Super-Monkey at some point in like the Golden Age or something? That could be a funny base pet (especially since we'd get to watch as thousands of players scratched their heads in confusion).
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  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The Wonder Twins reboot didn't really take off. I think they appear in a flashback during Death Metal, nothing major that contributes to the story.
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  6. Mysticwraith Well-Known Player

    Base pets would be really cool. I think a few players would enjoy that