Where's our 12 pieces of Content?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MentosTroll, May 12, 2015.

  1. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    I thought we are always going to have 12 pieces of content relevant to us, so we can "easily" maintain mainframe boosts/catalysts/utility belts WHILE buying the vendor gear.
    Seems like we just lost all our "relevant content" and we aren't even getting our 12. Am I just paying my $15 a month for the latest DLC content?
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  2. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    WOW good job reading. This has already been discussed. If your CR passes 116 prior to the monthly content being released you will only be able to run HoP II. This is a known issue among those who have been reading and discussing these issues here.

    If you keep your CR at 116 or lower you get much more than 12 pieces, you get all of T6 and the start of T7. That is quite a bit of content.
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  3. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    Therein lies the problem, BUT, the op has been around the forums, so this feels a lil bit like a rile up thread.
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  4. Epiclurker Well-Known Player

    It's coming soon, just be patient.

    Soon is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment and may mean sometime between now and the end of the world.
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  5. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Out of curiosity, can a player lower their PVE CR by deleting a piece of gear? If not they definitely should be able to. That way if a player proceeds their CR to high they can then go down a CR or two and have more mark access for the time being to more content.

    Thinking about that also brings up a good thing about Unattuned Gear. It doesn't effect your CR until you Attune it (at least it use not to and I imagine it still works that way). So you can get all the newest gear via drops, keep it unattuned, then attune it at one time to go up in CR when the time comes that you want to.
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  6. ChuckLess New Player

    Known issue. Not fixed for unknown reasons. Just another day in the life around here. Still surprised?

    So many issues caused by "fixes" for problems we never had.
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  7. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    But what's the point of even running this new dlc if you can't buy or equip the t7 gear ? This monthly content is a few months away what's the harm in letting players get marks from AF2 at least till then .
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  8. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    Just the idea that we have to "game the system" irks me the most. Honestly, even I will have to try and game the system to get the most beneficial result for myself, but we ALL should be way past lowering CR/not attuning to make content relevant to us.

    We were promised 12 pieces of content, and we should get 12 pieces of content AT ANY CR. It was bad enough that we lose relevancy of all content under our CR, but we don't even get the 12 that we were promised. This is terrible.
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  9. Tygerfyre Committed Player

    No, this doesn't work. If it did, people could just take off gear and do all of the lower tiers every week for tons of Marks.
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  10. AlphaOrion Dedicated Player

    So basically your telling everyone to not run the new T7 content that we've been waiting 3 months for, for another 3 - 4 months until there's more content for us and even at that time we still won't have 12 pieces of relevant content:rolleyes:
    They should have never implemented this until they were ready to give us the monthly content, making all end game players at current tier wait another 3 - 4 months while everybody below current tier already has their 12 pcs of relevant contento_O
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  11. ILike2Vape Well-Known Player

    If I'm not mistaken they said this will begin after HoP2 One more month
  12. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I think they said 3 months after just like regular then 2 pieces each month.
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  13. AlphaOrion Dedicated Player

    Unfortunately your mistaken, they said it won't begin for another 3 - 4 months.
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  14. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    You weren't promised 12 pieces until the time of the next dlc after HOPII, then you will have a cycling amount of content that keeps you at 12 relevant pieces monthly. So you'll become like ineligible for 2 pieces of this content, then 2 new ones will come out etc, once we hit 12.
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  15. Azrael New Player

    EXACTLY! this should have never be implemented without:

    A.) filling the gaps between tiers 1st- we want to keep our players not lose them

    B.) raising people's cR into a bracket they are not ready for/. paid for yet

    C.) ensuring tier 7 has 12 pieces of relevant content. / it would be til what OCTOBER til we get 12 pieces - I wonder how the dcuo population is going to be then cuz i can name many games and mmos that offer more than 12 pieces of content.
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  16. tukuan Devoted Player

    I've been away for a bit but my understanding is that was going to be addressed by this

    I would expect that part of the this overlap would cover the lower parts of T7 to account for the first couple of episodes until there is sufficient content deployed.

    That's just how I read it though. Either way as "next week" is "this week" I would think we'll see either way by Thursday as they typically patch a couple days after a episode (ne DLC) release.
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  17. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    I Agree!
    More and more I see that this unification of Marks wasn't cooked completely before being served to us. Before they implemented this change, they should have ensured that there's 12 content accessible to every CR first.
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  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This is a new tier, and the last transition before the rolling relevancy window. New content will expand what's relevant to you going forward until we're at 12 pieces.
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  19. Azrael New Player

    so basically at cr 117 im stuck with 6 pieces of content which is DLc 14 - whats the problem with the initial way symbols was proposed?o_O By locking us into 1 DLC to earn marks for gear- wait - we need marks for everything else in the game now.
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  20. ILike2Vape Well-Known Player

    Ok, so it begins in three or four months.Thanks for clearing that up.