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  1. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    So, I recently decided to roll a Sorcery Villain, and try to get him to level 30. I have managed to get him up to level 20, and I am now stuck at the Survival of the Fittest part 2 missions.

    One othe the things i can see wrong, is my CR is only 13. But, I have pretty much all the gear i can find, which is where seek the help of the forums. Where can I find better gear to up my stats and CR? Ideally I would like the be as close as I can to my level, but at this point I am open to whatever will help me do better.
  2. Statman New Player

    I'm not sure why you're concerned about CR at this point. It really only comes into play post-level 30. The gear you receive won't bring you to the CR you want to be, as not only is it low item level, it's also low level (not level 30).
  3. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Just use whatever u get....

    The Gear grind is more so after level 30

    u should be ok with what u get, but if u got a buddy u might be able to get some higher stat gear and weapons with no Level requirement
  4. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    look at the AH also
  5. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    Fair enough, but at this point it is clear I don't have what it takes to beat the content I am on. At which point I am stuck. at least with higher level gear, maybe i would get a stat increase that might be the difference.

    Since there is no way to level up to 30 without doing any story mission (unless I want an endless grid), and I seem incapable of completing the story mission, what does that leave me with?
  6. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    go do the Races. They give u massive Experience Points which gives u Power Points or Skill Points

    all u need is to complete the lowest time to get the experience points from the races.
  7. Statman New Player

    You in fact can do some levelling without doing the missions. Consider doing some Investigations and Briefings (completed ones), Booster Gold Explorations, Side missions, Races, Bounties, etc. These all give experience to aid in levelling up.
  8. DivineSire Dedicated Player

    This is the perfect opportunity to stop everything you are doing and work on all the skill points u can get. Then go back to that mission and watch the difference!!
  9. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    Been doing briefings, investigations, side missions and the booster gold missions as I leveled up. I don't know anyone, so bounties at this point are out of the question. Will try the races, but historically, I am beyond terrible on those.
  10. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    remember slow and steady wins the race

    u dont need platnuim on the races for Experience points, just the lowest time, bronze (i think thats the lowest)
  11. jpharrah1010 Loyal Player

    have you done the novice alerts?.... id give those a shot... gorilla island is probably the easiest one.. area 51 is pretty easy as well...

    what power class are you ?... are you going dps for your leveling?..id recommend it if you are wanting to be a healer/troll/tank... id work on that after youve leveled to 30....

    the first time i leveled a character i was new to mmos and i did horribly .... so dont feel bad... id really suggest not getting someone to help you thats over geared for the content.... cause it wont teach you what the pre level 30 stuff is there to teach you ...

    but if you do get someone i suggest it be someone around your level so you two can work together and beat the mission... good luck
  12. jpharrah1010 Loyal Player

    shout for help on bounties int he shout box... youll get someone to help it might take some asking but eventually they will
  13. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    My biggest problem with group content is that I know NO ONE. I doubt I am terrible, but I have been going it alone, so I am basically just doing whatever I can along the way. I am sure I am doing things wrong (though I am sticking to DPS for now) but I don't really know anyone who can tell me what do to better.

    I tried looking for a league, but I am guessing there aren't many on USPC for villians, as my thread in league recruitment was largely ignored, Got zero replies, and is now somewhere on the second page, If not third.
  14. Statman New Player

    When I level characters, I tend to just queue any alerts I'm able to do (especially the ones I haven't done before) and just let the queue sit while I'm doing other missions. When it pops I go in. If it's mid instance I'll even go in, coz I can always just start that instance again, but I can't always get into the alert when I want.

    Alerts give roughly the same amount of experience as regular levelling missions, coz they're broken up into 4 or so objectives, similar to levelling missions. They're often over looked as part of the levelling process, as an example, they completely escaped my list earlier, lol.
  15. BatDubb New Player

    The lowest time is platinum.
  16. jpharrah1010 Loyal Player

    like statman said just que up the alert and go in dont worry about finding a group cause it will pair you up with people... sometimes (gorilla island for example) you will be paired with someone who is over geared.. t3 or t4 cause they are doing a side mission that requires them to do some of the lower tiered content...they are just going to want to beast through it.... dont let that discourage you...

    also what power set are you...do you want to stay as a damager or is your goal to go support?.... if so there are threads in oracle database for every power set in the game with guides.... id recommend going into the one for your power set..and typing out that you are fresh level 30 have no idea what kind of power load out yous hould be using..and would like help on how to be effective with that power set for your level...
  17. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    Ideally I would like to learn the support role. Actually I would like to learn all the support roles (I have a lot of alts, but haven't really ever seriously played the game), which is one of the reasons I was/am looking for a league. I figure they would help me figure out the finer mechanics of not just DPSing, but the support roles too.
  18. xxxDOMINOxxx New Player

    A major priority when creating a new toon is doing the bounties. They give you high level gear that you can wear at low levels. For instance Fire will give you lvl 33 feet that you can wear at lvl 3 if you can hang around the fight to the end. Completed briefing will give you plenty of experience and armor but they come with level requirements. People are always shouting for bounty help, just ask if your low level toon can join in. The problem with the villian side is that there are fewer shouts for bounties. I had to wait til I was lvl 30 to do Power Girl. For weapons, i usually skip the side missions for missions that reward weapons and to do the hardest mission I can do for better weapons.
  19. WhiteW0lf Loyal Player

    Check the broker but the best pre-level 30 gear is actually going to be obtained through open world bounty missions.
  20. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    Thanks for all the advice Everyone. I tried the Gorilla Island alert and it was prettty fun. Managed to get a pretty good group. We wiped a bit a first, but we eventually got our stride and managed to do well. Going to move on to the other alerts I have at the moment (which isn't many :p )

    I will also look into maybe getting in some bounties. but we will see how those work.

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