where is this style?

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  1. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    why is the quickstryke style not there in vendor to buy with mark's??? cant get back drop and will NOT pay to reset. it should be in the (vender 22?) should it not???
  2. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    it's not time for it to be in the vendor just yet.
  3. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    hum...drop's from PB yes? back.
  4. tukuan Devoted Player

    If they keep things the same you won't see the T7 gear show up in Vendor22 until T9. For the QuickStryke back you could try crafting it but that's awfully costly otherwise you are correct in that it should drop in PB along with the chest, legs and waist.
  5. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    I can't recall the number vendors between the rare style vendor and the iconic style vendor... at the end of the day it doesn't matter because I do know that quickstryke styles will end up in the rare style vendor... it's also generally been put there at the end of the three month arc. So next month is when they should show up in the rare style vendor.

    The ones that show up later is the iconic vendor (the styles that are only ten marks) those will only go to vendors when were two tiers above it (so T6 will show up there at some point when were in T8).
  6. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    I it time yet? ;)
  7. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    2 things, the Fact that you quoted me from thing post back in 2016 wow...impressive i don't even remember this.
    Second thing yeah its 2020 by all means it should be in the vendor back in 2018.

    To be honest that vendor should get a major update it hasn't been touch in forever, while were at it so should the other vendor with 70marks.

    Wouldn't mind seeing styles such as drop be in a vendor Like Death vest and others.
  8. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Was just making a joke. ;)
    Carry on. :)
  9. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    If that's the case why not add ultraman Cape and mnbat henchman too lol

    Deaths vest is a item that ppl run said raid to get item to sale it. So it would be silly to add it to the vendor.
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