Where is my old styles?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Night Shadow Bolt, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Night Shadow Bolt New Player

    I have played this game since the launch, I have collected hundreds of styles, I had stopped playing for a while, today when I returned to play I discovered that several styles of mine are blocked, and I will have to pay to use a style that I had already unlocked years ago, that absurd and this, the company ta so mercenary as it is taking what we conquer and wanting to make us pay for something already acquired, this does not exist, I'll uninstall, I spent a lot of money in this game to see today what has become, from here little to build hero must pay, to change rooms should pay, daybreak lost his head
  2. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    lol maybe get your facts straight first before you embarrass yourself. Styles weren't locked, they can be unlocked for replays on your characters after you collect them on another character.

    also black is pretty much the worst possible font color you could have chosen
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  3. Ankh_Legacy Loyal Player

    I think you have completely forgotten how the style system works.

    It has always worked as, only the character that collects a style gets access to it.

    But recently DGC has added a style unlocking system similar to feat unlocks, where you can now unlock (with replay badges) styles that were collected by other characters on an account.

    What I can guess happened is that you logged into a character that hadn't collected a style, saw the style listed with a price and made an assumption that, that character had collected it and the style had been taken away from you, to make you now pay for it. If you check your other characters you will find which one originally collected the styles and that they still have access to them.
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  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    They're styles you aquired on other toons, the devs didn't lock styles you already had. If you didn't get that specific style on that toon before, it's locked.
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  5. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Please pick an easier color to read lol

    As others stated above, no styles gone locked.style unlocking had launch and the replay styles you see are styles you have on a different alt, that you can unlock on other alts
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  6. Balton hero Committed Player

    Funny thread.
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  7. Night Shadow Bolt New Player

    Oh I understand, sorry my mistake
  8. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    hm written with invisible ink it seems :)
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  9. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Apology accepted.

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