Where is Joker specially Mark hamil's voice, since 2014

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    I would say the joker is used pretty sparingly in this game for being as big of a character he is in the dcu … I know it’s unpopular but it’s time to love on if they can’t get mark to do it

    I know there was this claim he may have even claimed it himself thst he doesn’t do joker anymore cause of his voice. But he basically just did the joker again for that skeletor voice over work he did for the teela series. It’s identical to joker.
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    True, just re-ran the Funhouse AND Iceberg Lounge solos and you can hear the difference in voices. I'm also pretty sure they used some Arleen Sorkin voice work for the Harley you face in Amusement Mile's Gang War.

    The only actors that they did a re-record of all existing in-game lines were for Wonder Woman when they brought in Susan Eisenberg and for the new Booster Gold voice. However you can still hear the original voice actor for WW (Gina Torres) in the opening cinematic and the headline movies you see during the leveling content.
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    Is Superman still Adam Baldwin in the older content ? I should check
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    I'm not saying they shouldn't do it. But with the backlash that's accompanied some of the voice changes (Booster and Harley) I can fully understand why they may not have pulled the trigger on a Joker voice actor change, especially when you'd be changing from what is arguably THE definitive Joker voice.
  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Yup, ran the STAR Labs facility the other day and it's still Baldwin there. George Newbern has been doing Superman since Earth 3 (I think).
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    He is. Super weird doing Phantom Zone and then FoS2. :D
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    I think he started before then because it’s definitely Newbern in Phantom Zone.
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    Well, that's what I get for sticking mainly to solo content, then. LOL Good think I put the (I think) in there. :D
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    I apologize and stand corrected.... they did keep her voice in fun house... for some reason a few years back i SWEAR but, am probably just mistaken they removed her voice, but i ran it after posting my reply, and it is Arleen's voice. and the older content, i don't know, i am wrong lol. but i am glad I'm wrong, cause i love her Harley Quinn, and i am usually really on the spot when it comes to talking about rolls and who is in them, but i was wrong. Cheers.
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    mark Hamill HIMSELF seems to always like to work, i don't think he would turn down a gig if he has the time, just like Samuel L Jackson says "my family loves spending money , and i love to make it", it marks case obviously , he doesn't do as many triple A projects and franchises as S J, but he definitely works a lot, weather it is Tv show guest spots, "loved him on "what we do in the shadows", he still voices tons of un credited characters is many tv shows, and obviously his Mandalorian, Ahsoka tv show appearances to be possible in the pipeline, i do believe he has star wars on his plate ATM, but with the way recording is easily remotely recorded now then it has ben in history. I know the joker for Hamill is very taxing and he puts a performance while recording to get the right sounds he wants, he might as well do mo-cap, but I'm sure it is hard on his health to do that, he can still do it I'm sure though, i just hope he does return soon, Same to all the BTAS and other Unlimited universe characters,
    i mean i know i speak for most when i say Clancy brown is one of the best Lex Luthors, but i feel like J, marsters is doing his own take and very well job at doing Lex, i didn't even bat an eye at it being off at first back when the game first came out. id love to see Clancy do a multiverse appearance, as well as anyone else that has voiced heroes in Tv or Animated movies to make an appearance,

    If you had to pick another batman, to show up, much like Kevin Conroy showed up in batman the brave and the bold, to cameo , id love to see that show's batman Diedrich beadier , aka the ups guy from drew carry , AMAZING batman,

    below are some examples to refresh memories if you don't quite remember

    Diedrch bader


    John DiMaggio joker, also did aquaman in brave and the bold awesome dude

    James marsters lex

    CHEERS all have a good BATMAN WEEK!!!
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    [IMG]i love this LOL
  12. Charon Lead Content Designer

    We have plans for all the Villain mentor actors before or during 2022. We'll see what happens since it's not just our call of course. Actor availability is the other major factor.
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    Guy who hosts a podcast I listen to does a phenomenal Joker, sounds just like Mark Hammils version pretty much, and he mentioned he either plays this or used to I can’t remember, but yea he would probably do it and for way cheaper obviously. Voices of Misery is the name of the show. Ya’ll should reach out to him.
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    I play without any in game sound, so could care less who voices. Im just happy seeing joker again
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    Looking forward to the great things coming meow! =^_^=
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    Wow interesting may i ask why you play without any ingame sound?
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    Most of the decade i played i did not speak, so all that noise came thru my tv & overpowered the voices of the team, so I turned it completely off. When I returned this year, i speak now, but im so used to the silence, ive left it that way. The last thing i ever heard, was Metallo’s classy chassis line
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    I loved Clancy Brown as Lex. Can't go wrong with the Kurgan
  19. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    i always wondered if they were allowed to do impersonations of other actors characters they voiced, do they have to pay the OG actor for using his likeness if it is a property like this? cause lots of people can do good impressions, and i know they hired troy baker a couple times, and his Hamil joker is close, but obviously you can tell its not him, at the same time you can tell he is trying to channel and be that same version.
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    I thought he wasn't doing anymore because it was putting a big strain on his throat?