Where do I get these styles?

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  1. Monroe New Player

    Magic's Champion and Scuba

    I've read that Scuba is from the marketplace and Magic's Champion is from Shazam Time Capsules but are there any vendors anywhere that sell them?

  2. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Scuba IS from the Marketplace (and also the Loyalty Vendor if you're a Console Player and have a Subscription) BUT it is only available during the SUMMER SEASONAL, so you've missed getting it this year by 4 or 5 months, something like that. You'll have to grab it next year.

    As for Magic's Champion, yes, it came from the Shazam Time Capsules, but they no longer drop, and the whole Style Set is now available from the Boo$ter Gold Second Chance Vendor that you can find in all 3 HQs. It will cost you Quarks to buy.
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  3. NikoManiko Well-Known Player

    I see you are going for 90's Storm style. I have one. While scuba looks great i think you can use M slimline, sure its not perfect but it works if you want that gold lines.
    For Magic's champion shoulders try to find capsule at broker. I was lucky and got it after few capsules.
    P.s. for 90's Storm hair i use Bombshell Supergirl hair (also from market) or if you want even bigger hair you can use Midback Warrior Backcombed Hair (can get one during valentine event)
    GL fellow mutant ;)
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  4. Monroe New Player

    Good guess.

    Is it still there? I didn't see it when I looked.
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  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The gear boxes are called "Eternal" but the style itself is Magic's Champion.
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  6. Monroe New Player

    That they are. Thanks.
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  7. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Magic Champion from Shazam Time Capsule

    Although now we have it on the Booster Gold Vendor

    Scuba from Marketplace during Summer Seasonal
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  8. Monroe New Player

    Thank you. Love your videos.
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