Where do i get shaman style head?

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by WarriorxOFxGOD, May 12, 2013.

  1. WarriorxOFxGOD New Player

    please tell me?
  2. Psych E New Player

    At a shaman styled brothel.
  3. WarriorxOFxGOD New Player

    wat do u mean brothel?
  4. Radium Devoted Player

    What powerset are you?
  5. SuperSoldier Loyal Player

  6. WarriorxOFxGOD New Player

  7. Duragon Well-Known Player

    The Hospital Earth Duo end boss drops it like 25% of the time (took me four tries to get it, took my friend 3). Well... someone above actually answered you with a smart question on what powerset. The one from the Earth duo is a troller headpiece. Good luck.
  8. Duragon Well-Known Player

    I think it's the hospital... it's not the one where you have to stop 100 guys from entering the duo.. not that one. And it's not the end boss that's like a mini-meta and changes into 3 forms. It's the one where the boss is activated on a yellow triangle and there are 4 turrets surrounding him. I think that's hospital?
  9. WarriorxOFxGOD New Player

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