Where are the Remodeled Characters?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Skhylar, May 2, 2019.

  1. Skhylar New Player

    I've never been good at using forums, so, apologies if this is already being discussed..

    The playable Legends Wonder Woman didn't seem to get the visual change to her. Is this something that will be coming in the future? Her new look is amazing and goes well with the game's "modernness" so I was a bit disappointed when I played Legends and didn't see her new look there
  2. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    The devs have said they don't plan on upgrading the models and will be keeping the classic look
  3. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    People paid money for those Legends skins, it wouldn't be right to just alter them. I hope the new models become available for purchase.
  4. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    Agreed I would buy them except superman his new model is a step down
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    His head is so cartoonish but who are we to judge? DC approved it lol.
  6. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I agree it is odd they haven't thrown the updated models on the Marketplace for $5 a pop. I would imagine it is just easy side money.
  7. MYTHLORD Active Player

    honestly. i understand paying money and all. but I don't think anyone would complain. heck. i bought Superteam a ways back and my god.i would way rather have the new cool look over ol ugly plastic panties man. XD at least they should make the new skins free to those who bought the old version and any new purchases can give both. i dunno
  8. Skhylar New Player

    Oh okay I never thought of that :) you're right
    Personally I got her for free from the redeem codes so I forgot that she actually costs money haha
    And I guess if they were to put the new skin as a completely separate thing, some people might want her to have different abilities so that they dont feel it's a waste of their money which might be part of why they wont be adding her update to the Legends
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