when the renowned elite no longer serves

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  1. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I see the point your making but I bet that people would still have that time sync to account for, players that routinely run elite would for sure run only elite and that would mean less people running normal versions. so it might make it harder for the rest to make groups but I would have to see actual stats to see how many players are actually running elite currently.

    Then it would fall to the players to know their own ability's and what their capable off *I know that's reaching, yea right to players doing that*
    but on an intellectual level
    players have to know that getting the marks requires the ability's to actually beat the content
    so while it would probably lead to a lot of players wanting to be carried and dependent on the groups they get into will cause a lot of failed runs.
    elite runs would more than likely lead to players building groups for it
    and everyone else regulated to the luck of the draw with the que or if they felt like building a group..

    its all pretty if this that that scenarios
    but I'm betting the community would figure it out, we already do this kind of sorting

    then it would just be ignoring the cry's of
    ohh this is too hard I cant farm my double SM or whatever that reward is

    well tough crap get better or run the normal will be the responses of those of us that are running elite
  2. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    That's based on getting current dlc marks...

    Then don't do those.o_O
    I wasn't specifically thinking of using that specific currency... nor did I say that I was.
    So... as always... don't get too critical about somebody not specifically thinking about the specific thing that you were specifically thinking.
    Shocking, indeed.

    The OP mentioned source marks. Maybe Do those? I don't know.

    It's just a bonus to do the elite version of an instance that you were planning on doing anyways.

    I don't have too much invested in this concept, so I'm not going to fight too much for it.
  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But why?

    By the time you did an elite instance, you could at the very least do 2 regular instances. The regular ones dont even have loot locks.

    If we take older elite instances that have converted currency into account, its making them actually appealing again.
    I remember getting a ton of marks from FFE S5 and now its just 10 Sm, like in regular. Completely pointless to do - besides a handful of feats, sadly.

    Rewarding elite runs in that way seems just right in my opinion.
  4. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    The OP mentioned both sm and dlc currency, I also mentioned both. When you replied to me, you were questioning whether or not more or less replays would be spent. I showed you how less would be spent now. Nobody is reseting old content anymore as there is literally no need. If we get more currency from current episodes for renown overflow, less will be spent overall. Source marks for the conversion is probably the best option and a precedent is set by SFF E that approx 650 renown = 5 sm.

    Not really much to 'specifically think about'

    Either your comprehension has hit peak lows or you just want to argue.

    I'm happy either way.
  5. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    I don't want to argue.... but, apparently you do.

    In your post: You don't specifically say that you base that on current dlc currency... just that the OP's concept itself creates less replays being used.... which wouldn't necessarily be the case.

    I just point out that it wouldn't necessarily be the case.

    But, please continue to argue if you so choose to do so.
  6. myandria Item Storage

    Hmm. @Drathmor: I don't think so. Converting elite renown will not make Elite raids easier; half of the reason why more players do not run elite raids is because of the difficulty and the time/effort it takes to get their characters ready for them. The last thing elite raid players need are other players who just want to do the elite raids to convert those renown.
  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    At least make the tokens either some 'vendor' value like a couple 1000 $$, or make them prestige denotable for maybe 1/2 the value of the renown. As it stands past 6500 they are worthless.

    They aren't going to convert to Source or RA coins, but yeah....some kind of value would be nice. Honestly I've stopped running E content unless it's a feat run as I no longer need the renowns (for this DLC), so the added potential for group building time and run time is not worth the effort for an extra coin of RA.....but it might be worth if for a few prestige bonus. Probably not really 'worth' it then either....but at least it's something so you might throw your hat into a group you'd otherwise pass on in LFG.

    It's like the fortune cookie after a Chinese meal. Yeah, no one went out to go eat Chinese just to get the cookie, but it's nice to get all the same and if all you get after a certain point is empty ones....well...you'd probably be disappointed then too.
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  8. Leonite Well-Known Player

    In my case:
    * I stop running elite when I get full renown except for feat runs and helping league / friends
    * Conversion of renown to Source Marks won't make me run elite. I can get SM faster from omnibus runs
    * Conversion of renown to the content's currency is attractive - especially since I usually get full renown before I even get enough marks to buy the elite gears, lol. I can see myself using Replay Badges for this if I need the marks.
    * Anniversary-like commendation rewards is tempting but should only be limited to End Game elite runs to avoid spamming of easier elite content that doesn't require Replay Badges. Also, must drop significantly less renown compared to anniversary drops to encourage players to run the actual elite they need because its still faster that way. I'd use my Replay Badges for this, too.
    * I like the idea of more prestige if already at full renown to encourage more league runs. However, this is not worth my Replay Badges.

    so just my $0.02 on this topic.
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  9. Kestral Committed Player

    It's that reason why I think the renown if able to be converted at all to a different content renown should be ideally heavily taxed. Like most of the xp is gone in the exchange and it would be extremely punishing to fully get renown for a different DLC this way. Otherwise you run into issues of a particular set of content being too hard and thus no one ever runs it because they can just get renown through easier older content.

    In game renown=prestige makes the most sense for what to do when you are done with that content and just want to quickly get rid of the marks in your inventory. RP explanation: your character got so well known for a particular event their whole league gets a boost of good PR.

    Source marks I would avoid just because at this point people farm the weeklies in a lot of content every week and I know that a good sized group doesn't have anything to spend those on any more either. I am sadly not one of those as I have too many alts to raise but I could if I was willing to put in the extra time or only had one character.
  10. Time Warped Level 30

    What about selling nth and ally favor for renown? 1 flawless nth for 1 renown token? Just throwing the idea since I'm always looking to make leveling artifacts/allies easier. :p
  11. Tolly Committed Player

    I mention the source brands/dlc money as said above, but looking back, there could be more choices than that, so that everyone finds an incentive to go into old elite, the loot idea could also be a pack of NTH etc etc the possible choices in loot ideas are not lacking.
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