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    I know that there are several guides on here, many of them are great guides. The Thing I noticed is it only shows what your loadout should be per say. Not on how to effectively get the load-out Powers. I know there are more than one Load-Out to effectively play DPS/Your-Role but if for example people where to follow a build this would be nice and to address this issue I would like to post some examples on how to effectively implent "builds"

    1. The Picture Method

    Post a screen shot of the per say power-point selection, since we do not have a build calculator that is up-to date like many other games this seems to be the effective way.
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    2. The Text Method

    The White Wizard
    This style favors those that are natural born healers at heart. This focuses more on a healer style with a side of DPS abilities.
    1. Condemn
    2. Shared Fate
    3. Rejuvenate
    4. Invocation of Renewal
    5. Circle of Destiny
    6. Vengeance
    7. Weapon of Destiny
    8. Guardian
    9. Sacrificial Offering
    10. Boon of Souls
    11. Transcendence
    12. Watcher
    13. Empathic Healing
    14. Miracle Worker
    15. Tactical Genius
    Damage:Circle of Destruction~Weapon of Destiny~Boon of Souls~Shared Fate~Vengeance
    Healer:Circle of Destiny~Rejuvenate~Boon of Souls~Sacrificial Offering~Watcher~Transcendence
    *borrowed from Nova's Magic Mastery Guide to Sorcery as an Example
    Notice how it gives you the Power Points and the a loadout with explanation of how many power points where. The two methods I find are acceptable and very Helpful.
    Sincerely MstSage
    Comments apreciated
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