Whats Your Most Hated Mission Stage?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Fawkes2574, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Fawkes2574 Committed Player

    Got a question for all you players out there. What is your most hated mission, or mission stage? Now, I'm not talking about any of the alerts or raids. That can be a separate thread. (if you have one, link it in the comments below. if you care to create one before I do which may be a while, go ahead and put a link to it below.) I'm just talking about the regular story line mentor missions between the start and level 30.

    Mine has got to be the second stage of the Poison Ivy mission. Those thorns are a pain. If you're trying to do the side mission with the fly traps, those thorns pop out and stick to you, following you around. And then its easy to get overwhelmed. Another one that tends to bother me is the final stage of the Spectre mission. Those smaller spirits respawn too quickly. If I had to count a whole mission, that would easily go to any of the missions involving the Joker clowns. Those Wags. Ugh, hate them with a passion.
  2. gemii Committed Player

    zoo elite 2nd boss. The tornados are incredibly light they are hard to see, they stalk you, certain powers make it even worst in there vision wise, the space is to tight. if you dont have flight you spend most the fight running from tornados instead of actually dps'ing until you take out joker. its all just annoying and very "extra" for no reason.
  3. Jade Rebel Committed Player

    I always hated the leveling missions 25-30 (minus mentor mission) I made so many alts these level missions annoy the hell out of me lol

    Well hero wise at least, I had to many heroes through leveling
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  4. Ryazan Well-Known Player

    I loathe the zombie part of the Isis revival mission where Etrigan takes your soul. Not only you move slowly but there are way too many enemies in that location, and they all engage you in combat from kilometers away.

    I also never liked the Spectre mission, all of its open world stuff is pretty annoying and unnecessarily long. And it's in this mission that we fight mobs that use staff and hand blasters, which are in my opinion the two most annoying weapons an enemy can have.
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  5. FoolsFire Dedicated Player

    The Catwoman mission in the museum. Those-damn-cubs!
  6. AlienNomad Well-Known Player

    1. Plugging the aqueducts in Khandaq with an at-CR pug group is just about impossible.
    2. Nekron fight in Blackest Night is the worst. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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  7. SparklingMayo Well-Known Player

    Xa-Du - keep him out of the light so he doesn't heal. Heals anyway.

    You can punch a car and wreck it but if a lex corp security guard blocks it knocks you on your butt.

    The second part of Blud Haven where you have to activate the 15 boxes, pick them up, them carry them up to the broken bridge. All while a seemingly endless stream of mobs pour in on you.

    Gorilla Island in general, just an annoying area.

    I'm sure there are more, the little inconsistencies found all over the game bother me more than it should.

    It's a great concept, I'd really like to know what the mission statement from the company is regarding this game and why some aspects seem too difficult for them resolve (like auto banning cash sellers). Is the entire game once loaded to Sony completely out of their control? Does the database not allow for active scripting to automate the process (many ways this can be achieved)? ...

    Still it's a fun game to fall back on to occupy time.

    EDIT: Oh and why don't the red blow-uppy barrels in Gorilla Grodd's Lab count towards the red barrel buster feats?
  8. willflynne Devoted Player

    Home Turf, Ace Chemicals, Escort the scientist mission.

    I tend to dislike escort missions in the first place, as most that I've played (MMO or stand-alone game) can end in seemingly random failure even if you do everything right. But then you add in NPC AI that makes the scientist attack clowns that you've already taken down (which leaves him vulnerable to getting stuck fighting MORE clowns if they respawn) and throw in opposing faction players taking out the scientist on the roof for fun (has happened more than once)? Well, that just made me groan every single time I got that mission at Ace Chemicals.

    Credit where credit is due, the scientist does stay on the path he has to take to get to the roof. I've seen/heard stories about NPCs who would wander off their escort path and cause a mission fail. But the scientist's tendency to try and fight anything that spawns near him (even if it's already knocked out) puts it at the top for most disliked mission for me.
  9. Heywiar Well-Known Player

    Its around level 25 but those Titans missions where you have to turn into demons were the absolute worst.
  10. FoolsFire Dedicated Player

    It took me FOREVER to figure out I had to activate movement mode so I could glide around.
  11. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I have to say Catwoman mission because the weaker you are, the longer it takes. It can take about 20 minutes. Plus getting the feat for keeping all the cubs alive is a pain in the **** depending what power you are using.

    Agree with Sparkling Mayo with the Bludhaven part, with the none stop adds.
  12. OG ELITE Committed Player

    During leveling around level 27. The outdoor Spector missions. Always hated that part
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  13. Irvynnge Well-Known Player

    the Etrigan zombie thing at Gotham University. worst alert has always been Coast City, for me.
  14. Fawkes2574 Committed Player

    YES!!! This one is a pain in the butt!!! You move insanely slow, and you get overwhelmed too easily. When I first started playing this game, I could barely get it done. I nick named it the "Demon Run." I had some fellow leaguers at the time cover me while I was in demon mode getting the objectives done. Now that I've done it enough times, I can manage by myself now.

    I don't really have any trouble with these, but the mission is rather long. When I first did this one and got to the panther lord, I always had 2 lion lords come behind and join in the fight and I would get slammed. Too me a few times to figure out that they're in the upper part of that room. I take them out last before dealing with the panther. I nick named this one the Thundercat mission.

    I HAD said in the original post that I was asking about the storyline mentor missions ONLY, but screw it!!! Since enough people have largely ignored this, we might as well just forego the exception and include it. :p

    I've tried that feat a couple of times, and I will agree its a pain. So I said screw it, and I spent the few replay badges on the feat.
  15. Noble One Well-Known Player

    Unholy Matrimony as i dont hate the mission i hate the CR is set at 113 as min and thats WAY to low since mobs in there start at 140+. to many times ive seen entire raid wipes just from the first 2 mobs as they normally 1-2 shot the tank.
  16. myandria Committed Player

    DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! The Etrigan/Gotham University is the most hated mission!
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  17. stärnbock Loyal Player

    Xactly my thoughts: the missions from level25 till the end are the longest and most annoying missions in the game... i never got why we never recieved a skip to lvl30 option! instead, it feels like the devs throw you into the worst part of the whole game and you don't even have access to all your powers... seriously: i would have been using the skip option many times if it would bring you to the final meeting with your mentor in the watchtower or in the hall of doom, pretty similar to what happens when you start on test server... however: since it has been desided that ppl hwo want to skip, also want to have time with theyr characters without skipping (illogically), itwas set in stone... i never have and never will use a skip to 25, nor do i want to pay the price for skipping to cr170... if only they would give us an option for lvl30, i guess it would sell waaay better ^^'
  18. Yes We Can Active Player

    And nobody is going to mention the green/yellow lantern part of part 1? With all those threads and the griefing I assumed that this could have been about that.

    Each part has its annoyances, but yes definitely the Etrigan part is extremely annoying for villains. Usually that's the only spot i'm capable of dying at as the aggro is real and deadly.

    The Teen Titan gotham area is the other bad one. Ugh just let me skip this transformations stuff...eating souls upsets my stomach. Sound affects are cool the first few times but really....just let me kick their butts and move the mission forwards, please!
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  19. FoolsFire Dedicated Player

    Did you also notice, at the end when you hear the Cat-God's male voice...it's the same as Xa-Du. :D
  20. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    definitely the mission where you have to keep 5 lanterns alive.. as a villain at least.heroes come by and just repeatedly kill the objective you have to protect, probably the only leveling mission that can be a pain. other than that, id say the Ps3 days when the cop cars wouldnt spawn in for that mission in gotham

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