What's your least favorite thing about Dcuo and why

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  1. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    1. PVP getting abandoned. Many players logged on just for PVP back in the earlier years of DCUO. A lot of league mates quit DCUo for years because of this, but some would come back if PVP got some love.
    2. Time Capsules. For me personally they have lost their value besides feats, some of the earlier time capsules had some nice styles but with time they haven't been to my favour. Plus tying feats to gambling. I think personally Time Capsules have had their day now.
    3. Artifact breakthrough system. The game is at a point of no return because of this, that even if it got changed there would be players who would feel cheated having spent hundreds (possibly even thousands since artifacts became a thing in late 2017) of pounds/euros/dollars on this. It has also had huge impacts on catering difficulty of content. Any change to this system would be controversial at this stage, even if it in itself is controversial. This also ties in with any balance changes to powers sadly.
    4. Bounty-verse online. To be fair I welcomed the developers trying something new with Wonderverse, and as a ONE-OFF episode I was personally fine with it. Wonderverse really had something for everyone. The farm of the bounties and solo mission made the journey towards running the challenging elite raid (and its feats) worth it. The pacing of that episode was great, and the devs followed up on making the one raid fantastic (certainly I enjoyed the elite version, and the normal version was accessible to most). This didn't translate with Legion. Another bounty focused episode so soon after was too much, and the quality of the episode suffered. Too much focus on the bounties, and not enough soon enough on the many bugs in the raid, and half-***** instanced content of Legion. Moral of the story - no more bounty verse, it was a worthwhile experiment for one episode, but it quickly outstayed its welcome. Wonderverse still remained an interesting episode for me right up until the launch of Legion, which is rare for an episode - Legion could easily have been delayed and given some TLC before being released in early 2021.
    5. Content being rushed to live server with little testing (or little time to allow for testing) and lots of game breaking bugs. This most likely happens with episodes towards the end of the year but not exclusively, maybe due to allocated timeframes between holiday season and Thanksgiving. This has happened a number of times and rushing an unfinished product to live server and expecting paying customers to enjoy it is not OK. Would rather have 2 brilliant episodes released with little bugs and great quality of content per year, than 3 rushed, ruined, bugged episodes per year.
    6. This is more of a personal request. I wish we had base item boxes for older episode content and LPVE. Trying to farm for certain base items on EU server is becoming really difficult in some cases. In more recent episodes the base items are more accessible, but really hard luck trying to get those cooler base items in older content. Also might be time to make base items from old elite content more accessible in this way too.
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  2. SugarHoneyIcedTeaMix Well-Known Player

    Honestly the community, I no longer blame capsules and artifacts on the devs, I mean sure they introduced it to the game, sure no one knew how bad they'd get but now that it is what it is you'd expect people to want change....and yet people adjusted and keep spending money and disguise it as supporting the game.
    Oh and pvp, but who cares about pvp these days
  3. testerz New Player

    The community is definitely my least favorite aspect of this MMO. The recent kerfuffle in regards to DPS SCs provided an resounding reassurance to my beliefs. Complaining about balance while expecting the powers that be to fix things the right way as if this MMO has had a track history of success in such endeavors is foolhardy to say the least.
  4. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    That's a generous offer I greatly appreciate. However, I wouldn't even need it as I've saved up almost 600M myself over the years.
    Maybe I should have been more clear about it: I don't care to play the broker to be honest, just want to kick ***** and jump around :)
    And I meant the dev's handling of time capsules' availability, that irks me
  5. Solarbound Committed Player

    Having "Well-Known Player" has me feeling special??? LOL!!! What is that even about??? What do you expect when you come in the forums? That you can just say as you please without ever having to worry about someone replying with a different perspective from yours? If you want to take that as "aggressive," then so be it. I'm not exactly the guy to sugarcoat as it is. Maybe you need to grow some thicker skin because the issue is much more serious than you realize. If you want to sit there idly by and act like nothing is wrong in such a business practice, then you're a part of the problem. But, sure, agree to disagree, lol.
  6. Solarbound Committed Player

    I'm being as mature as I can possibly be here. What do you call those silly accusations you keep making towards me about my outlook of my own personal social standing in here? LOL! I just have a strong stance on the matter you spoke of. But, if that's too much for you to handle, I understand. Agree to disagree;)
  7. Evanhhs Well-Known Player

  8. Doctor Nova Devoted Player


    A suggestion.... use... mouse over = side menu pop up with details or list... that continues mouse over'ness selections. Instead of mouse over'ness popping up boxes for descriptions too long to fit tin the box, that can't be controlled. Can't scroll up or down. I think some power descriptions are having the same issue. Depending if Loadout GUI or ability on the GUI tree. With streamlining the GUI.... could... would... it might unexpectedly result in crazy results like not doing a Clap animation before a smoke bomb animation to change armory loadputs.

    A new game version has the benefit of higher res textures being used and likely better polygons, lighting, etc. but they're using the source code from the original. ....so many cooks in the kitchen. So many systems began before the company was sold and sold and a new person made decisions on the old and the new. Glad that person sanctioned by the USA was not an ill effect on the game.

    Without the GUI description icon about using mouse wheel that effects the list the mouse is over instead of the asset description pop up window scrolling.


  9. Mystyfy Level 30

    The most disappointing thing about this game to me is the route they took with the Role system. I feel like it really hinders any kind of creativity when the powers need to fill one specific job. Half of the powers become almost useless depending on which role you choose, so your options are already cut in half once you decide how you want to play.

    I feel like it would've been a lot more fun and diverse if they didn't go with the generic mmo route. It just doesn't feel like a superhero/villain game to me, it feels like a generic mmo with a DC reskin over top in combat and it gets really old and boring very quickly. It got worse when they decided to limit movement in the new raids for whatever reason... one of the few things that set this game apart and they took it away during that. Combat is slow and tedious enough when we're able to fly/run around in movement mode, so that decision made absolutely no sense to me.
  10. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    WDYM? It's possible I've seen it but I can't think of any time. Is it like people saying they're "THE meta" or basically like the best/definitive meta? Almost like GOAT? Do people say it only about meta mentor toons or do they apply it to magic and tech mentor toons as well?
  11. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    I forgot to mention how I really don't like the camera. It's so frustrating trying to get a nice close look at my or another's toon/some part of them like face or emblem, a character/Iconic/NPC, or piece of environment. It's super awkward and I always just get a screen full of crotch, which is..... not ideal. Also makes it hard to take nice pictures. I often have to do weird, awkward, clumsy finagling with it. For instance, if I want a good pic of my toon or some part of them, I tend to like back up the camera against some wall and walk my toon closer to it, which is really awkward and still difficult to get it right. This doesn't really work if I want a particular shot in a particular spot, though. For pictures of npcs/Iconics or scenery I have to walk in front of them at the right angle and then walk a little past and behind them so my character is farther away, making the camera move with them and also get closer to the subject. But sometimes I want a good shot of my toon with them, not the subject all close up and me facing the other way way in the back. It's also frustrating because I have to just hope I can somehow manage to get the shot I want AND do it before the NPC/Iconic walks away and I have no more shot to get.

    Actually I'd kinda like some sort of "photo studio" type feature where I could set up scenes with my characters (I'd love to have pics of some of them together as several are interconnected), Iconics, other characters, backgrounds, scenery, etc for some cool shots to have as like my desktop or something and share on Twitter and such.
  12. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    So...pretty much everything from the ground up...
  13. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    It's lingo for the perceived optimal loadout/ powerset/ artifact/ weapon set up. And it's also frequently used in the most cheesy, self important, over-serious way. Like I said, the cringe is real.
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  14. Kuno Loyal Player

    Gameplay should be fun since is action based but its repetitive, the weapons are rebundant.
    We keep spamming the same freaking rotation over, that is boring as hell.
    Why not expand weapons? Combos? Existing powersets with new habilities? New iconic powers, or existing ones from the NPCs?
  15. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    you should join 5v5... it'll make the Watchtower seem positively cheerful and politely by comparison.
  16. testerz New Player

    Reminds me of the weapon "balance" pass that occurred.
    I thought the weapons were fixed?
    The community seemed to have supported that endeavor all for a mega smash and cobbler buff.
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  17. xm3n3hun3 Well-Known Player

    pvp'g PS players vs PC players
    or doing content w/PC players that didn't have to level up their artifacts - I've heard/noticed elite content successfully completed for PC players w/artifacts that are less than 120... far more often than PS players

    it's just not the same for PS players - the integration/join'g of PC and PS world - in the short run - was good for operations (costs less my guess), but in the long run - I think there is/has been a build up of resentment and likely one of the factors in contributing to players on the PS side to quit the game....

    it really seems to be a delicate balance, that somehow over time now favors PC players (I can't prove anything -it's just feel) - or I wonder if there are now more PC players? or the percentage of PC players is greater than it was oh so many years ago - when the worlds were joined - and the first thing most players noticed - was PC players could 'rule' pvp'g???

    run along sentences.... sigh ... I don't feel like fixing anything ...
  18. inferno Loyal Player

    There is one event dealing with progression that happened in the game that is the ONLY thing I disagree or will continually stick in my craw until the devs decide to back to the original design. It's worse than when they nerfed the VWD artifact and the solar amplifier, which both require real money to level.
    I don't want to talk about it or think about it, it always grinds my gears. The ONLY thing. Ugh!!
  19. TritonD3 Well-Known Player

    Might as well pile on. The general lack of care and thoughtfulness put into new content. Almost everything feels sloppy and rushed. Not to mention the questionable business practices, bad management and *cough* community manager.
  20. Berza Committed Player

    Space. For SP at least.