What's your favorite kind of Raid/8-person content?

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  1. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    Was just explaining the different raids to my friends who are new to raiding. I'm curious, what's your favorite type of Raid?

    These categories are subjective, but this is essentially how I break them down into styles in my head:

    "The Classic" --- Dungeon, Room-to-Room Style
    Example: Batcave Raids, FoS 1, FoS 2, Olympus, Phoenix Cannon

    I feel this is the classic raid design. You go from room-to-room, fight mobs, there's sub-bosses, and eventually a main boss. These tend to be longer, but I like the fact that it's a bit of a journey. To this day, FOS2 is still my favorite raid.

    Open World
    Example: Kahndaq, Flashtastic Voyage

    These are essentially the same as the Classic, where it's a room-to-room crawl, but aesthetically, I find places like Kahndaq to be a little more open. Kahndaq, particularly, I find to be a very beautifully designed raid. You can tell that a lot of time was spent creating that environment.

    I'm not sure if it was intentionally designed, but raid groups could fly over mobs and move to the next objectives. I imagine it was by intention though. Adds just keep coming and coming, so you get the sense that this land is overcome with the undead.

    Objective and Return
    Example: Paradox Wave, Ultimate Soldier

    You COULD fight the Boss as-is, or you could go to do some sub-bosses/objectives first. I think it lends itself to some variety and choice, but makes for a weird experience in PuGs.

    Example: Black Dawn, Assault and Battery

    You do some objectives in Open World settings and then go fight a boss in a dungeon.
    I like the idea of it, but I've honestly got lost from my group a couple times while doing these.

    Boss Room:
    Example: FoS 3, Prime Battleground, Titans: HIVE Reborn, Doomsday, Flash to the Future

    You end up in a room with a bunch of specialized adds or mechanics, and/or the boss has a lot of different attack patterns. All in all, these do end up feeling like shorter runs.

    Example: Halls of Hades, Into the Dark Multiverse, League Hall: Lockdown

    There are some raids that I think just have creative nuances that are just so unique to them. Halls of Hades, you're hunted by Cerberus. Dark Multiverse has a puzzle. League Hall Lockdown actually takes you to your own base.

    Example: Patchwork Themyscira, 31st Century Legion, Flashpoint Doomsday

    These are their own fun. There's something special about standing on the shores of Patchwork Themyscira with 8-30 other people, ready to stand off against Murk and Atlantean forces.

    But I think these are fun in small doses. For one thing, I experience slowdown in larger groups. Secondly, I find that the mechanics of these fights are relatively simple. And these bounties are so quick/frequent that it's just a bit of a mindless spam experiences.

    My Personal Favorites:
    Personally, my hope is that each episode has at least three major options for 8-player content:
    (1) the Classic room-to-room dungeon crawl,
    (2) open-world Bounties,
    (3) either a big Boss Room or a Specialty raid.

    I feel like you get a good filling of different things with these styles.
  2. Shalayah Committed Player

    My favorite raids are specialty raids. It offers a unique experience rather than just pew pewing adds until you get to the main boss. It’s fun when the group doesn’t know what to do and we make a collaborative effort to beat the puzzle.
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The single room raids will always be my favorite.
  4. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    My favourite classic raid in-game was Arkham Asylum (β)
  5. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    LOL. I forgot, could 8 man groups walk into Arkham teleporter (and other 4 man alerts that are accessible by walk-in)?
  6. Lucifoxx Active Player

    I'm one of the few people that like Shattered Gotham simply because it tried to shake up the formula. I'm always down for raids that have stuff that sets em apart.
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