Whats Worse? Legendary Ownership Issues or Premium Cash Cap Limits

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by UltraElite, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    The Premium and legendary Subs both have limitations and issues

    Whats Worse in your opinion?

    Having Premium Limitations, like cash cap, character slots, inventory, etc?


    Not owning DLCS

    if i ever unsubed, after spending $400+ on this game (almost 3 yrs, not including micro-transactions purchased), i would have access to the same content as someone who spent $5

    So whats worse?

    Playing with Limitations

    or Playing by paying Rent
  2. Notangie New Player

    They're both just fine and what we signed up for.
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  3. Enickma Dedicated Player

    I think the worst thing in this game is players who are consistently abrasive to other players.
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  4. ShadowStyleB New Player

    I have access to the entire game so that is fine with me. As far as Premium I guess they should realize you are limited in your level of access.
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  5. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    u can ignore ppl in the game if its a consistent problem....

    i would had stopped playing with them the first time they showed that type of behavior

    this is more about the Subscription limitations opinion thread, than about the in-game community behavior.
  6. Couzintony New Player

    If the cash cap was bigger I would buy the dlcs I use n just wait for the new dlcs n go legendary until I'm done with the new dlc

    being t5 n when my sub goes up it almost forces me to pay for the sub just so I can repair after a couple raids....
  7. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    I think the limitations are worse. I subscribe simply because I want to be able to just log on and play the game. I work enough during the week that when I want to play I don't want to work by farming and doing work arounds to get around the limitations. Those who have more time on their hands might not mind the work arounds, so they could stay premium.

    To me that convenience is worth the $15 a month.
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  8. GhostofQuantumEdge New Player

    Which is worse: the chicken or the egg?
  9. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    If you look at all the things legendary gets the only thing that has any value is the so called in unlimited money .

    The run the vault everyday isn't that much of a bonus because the vault doesn't scale to CR and lets be real the drops could be better there could be more rare styles and even new stuff trinkets/weapons and base styles .

    The lockboxes have lost what made them special now that you can trade the items but on the flip side the drop rates were so messed up it evens out the marks are nice but if your around t5 it really doesn't matter because there are around a dozen things to get t5 marks on each day and only two set of gear to spend them on so after a while it doesn't help or matter if a mark drops from a box.

    The gear slots and extra auction house slots are ok but considering before the game went f2p you could but an unlimited amount of thing in the auction house its not much of a bonus.

    The DLC ownership is a big issue I guess but I look at it like this when the day comes and I stop subbing that's the day I stop playing so that's nt a issue to me but I do think more things need to be given to legendary and maybe as a trade off give a little something to premium.
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  10. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    The ability to buy the perks of being Legendary are what devalues the Legendary subscription. The reason I am not a permanent Legendary subscriber is because when I was given the option to either subscribe and rent the content or pay for the content separately and own it forever, I chose the most logical and appealing step, which was ownership of the content.

    After owning all 8 DLCs, I've started moving on to other Legendary perks, now, too, such as the bonus Inventory slots and additional character slots. Once I have paid for all the perks you get as part of the Legendary package, the only appealing factors of becoming Legendary are the Replay Badges, Loyalty Points and Unlimited Escrow.

    Therefore my spending habits on subscribing are going to be only when I need to purchase something. I may as well choose the subscription over an Escrow pass because I'll receive 150 replay badges, 500 loyalty points (enough to buy more perks) and receive the equivalent of 4 Escrow passes for 200% the cost of a single week long Escrow pass.

    Point blank, the Legendary membership needs more perks that are only available to Legendary subscribers. The only benefits to subscribing once you have bought everything the membership offers you is early DLC access (3 to 4 times a year), the ability to create a league (most of the time not necessary more than once a year, if at all) and the ability to trade money with other players. Just simply not enough value for $120-$150 per year when you've already paid for certain parts of the game.
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  11. Minnion Devoted Player

    I'd say limitations: They actually impact your gameplay. Paying rent doesn't unless you stop(In which case you're faced with the limitations again.) Too bad you can't buy DLC ownership while you have an active subscription...
  12. TrueOlympus New Player

    um if there was DLC ownership, id assume most smart people would sub once for a month and be done with it.... $15 dollars for $80 worth of content seems like a deal/
  13. tukuan Devoted Player

    As a legendary the only issue I have with regards to the DLCs is that you can't buy them while subbed. Previously I would have thought this was because legendaries would use their stipend SC to buy DLCs (at least on PC). Now that you can't buy DLCs with SC I would hope that this gets re-examined.

    Then like every other player I can take advantage of sales to pick them up here and there as opposed to having to pay a large lump sum if I was to ever un-sub and want to keep playing. Otherwise if I was to un-sub I would probably stop altogether as that bill just keeps getting larger and larger. Especially with the likely coming Black-Friday weekend deals it would be nice if this was something looked at sooner rather than later.