Whats with so many people having the same/unoriginal names?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Not Original, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Cloud_9 New Player

    I've been here since beta. Didn't have any trouble making my main, though I've seen a few copycats in my time ("Azuriin" for example).

    Then I took the idea and ran with it to make a few of my alts.
  2. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    One of these names uses all letters, the other two uses number substitutes.

    IMO, this nameplate is far more important than the one that other player's see over your head or in chat.
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  3. Fifinella Well-Known Player

    Yup. The biggest problem there being that I didn't think of it myself until after I posted (and someone here suggested a similar idea). :oops:
  4. RTHERMITE Well-Known Player

    I agree, me and my brother made a league last week called CrusaderAgainstPotentialEvil or CAPE, and the name wasn't taken, I didn't have to put xxx thugkillers xxx or 1111superrevengers251111. maybe is just got lucky
  5. tman Well-Known Player

    my toons are 1406 and worldbender are they original

  6. Zicorahk Well-Known Player

    Guys I'm pretty sure this forum is just to troll. The name of the guy who put up this forum contradicts his point, plus he made his account on the forums here less than 2 days ago.
  7. Twilight Man New Player

    I hope you people realize that your constant complaining about the use of 'unoriginal names' or 'stop using xXx in names' or 'the L looks like an I'...will eventually lead to an in-game change to the naming process that no one will be happy with.
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  8. XODUIS Committed Player

    What are you talking about? Deathstroke345 is super original, so is SuP3RmAn
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  9. viperspeed99 New Player

    Just so you know, we can do that now. Under the "Left" d-pad menu, there is a "Recent Text" tab that highlights the last 20 or so people that typed in the chat channel. Then you can highlight them and do all the things you just mentioned. It's really great for LFG when you come across one of these "odd" names.
  10. Redhot Well-Known Player

    I started the "not" things lol :) it is meant for peoples alts I started it as a joke for my hero so people would ask " hey are you Redhot and I could reply No i'm Not Redhot lol a few friends thought it was fun so they did the same and ta da you have a thing :) so in short its meant for peoples alts on opposite factions.
    fun right :)
  11. chris718834 New Player

    It sounds like this crowd would love the guy on US PS3 server who calls himself "Ric Flair" and shouts: "WOOOOOOO" in the trade chat.

    And proclaims himself to be the "16 TIME WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION".

    Ahh, the joys of being part of the MMO community, XD
  12. thirty six Loyal Player

    Thanks for dredging up the past. I'm still mad some beat me to the name TurdBurglar -_-
  13. ToxicAngelDE Dedicated Player

    Firestarter is a cool track first! ;)
  14. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    You misunderstood. I already know about the current setup. What I pointed out was that it sucks and a more direct option exists in other games today, and that DCUO needs some of that.

    The current system is also broken too, as it does not abide by specific filters for the channel you are designating as active. If you see somebody in LFG, recent text is going to compile a list of recent text based on everybody in LFG and Shout, and vice versa. For those that figured out how to filter out shout channel into it's own chat tab, you'll almost never see recent text work how you want it.

    What I described is having the actual chat log as the interactive object, where you can scroll up and down the chat log (as you can now), but also be able to highlight the player names of people in the window, whatever tab you've designated, and can then click on the name of the person as an interactive item. Then you get the drop down associated with what you described earlier but it's associated directly with that player, filtering in/out options only in relevance to that person. What's more, you can inspect players from the same menu in FF14. Being able to do the same in DCUO....well, the benefits speak for themselves.

    TLDR: DCUO's setup is retro. It definitely needs heavy tuning to bring it in line with modern MMO features. At least we're FINALLY getting the filter options for invites and whatnot.
  15. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    ^^^THIS...a thousand times this^^^ They don't let you use Underscore, Apostrophes or hyphens. Nor do they allow a third space option (WHICH BOGGLES MY MIND TO NO END). There would be better character and league names if they allowed these simple options.
  16. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Like ñ for the Spaniards or that U with the two dots on the top (I forget what it's called).
  17. The Vigilante Committed Player


    Also because there are hundreds of thousands of people that created multiple characters and played for a short time and never log on again so a lot of names are taken.

    They should allow two spaces for names also instead of just one (this would not make less dupes but it would open up more name options)
  18. lilithmoon New Player

    I love that guy :D
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  19. BLK Well-Known Player

    Same!!!! HE is a legend.
  20. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Made a couple of character yesterday.

    Did not have a villain tank... been trying to come up with a villain ice tank for some time.

    And I realise that I did not have a hero speedster..... and being a big fan of the Flash..... I had to do something about that. ;)

    Decided to use Bizarro as my inspiration for my ice tank. Looking through the various skins.... the cyborg skin make me want to try to make a Cyborg Superman version of Bizzaro.

    Then came the time to name him.

    Tried Cyborg Bizarro.... and of course it did not work.
    Then went with my second choice.... Bizarroid. .......... and it worked.

    I still can't believe it. I was certain that it would be taken for sure.

    But maybe I overestimate how popular Bizarro may be??

    As for my speesdster.... of course I wanted a Flash name.

    When the Lightning Strike DLC had come out.... I had created a speedster named Flashback....... but had deleted it thinking that I had too many alts already and would never use it. Foolish me.

    I could have named him Flashback using a capital "i" for the "L"... but decided against it.

    Took me about half a day to name him.

    Went through various word banks looking for a word that would fit in a Flash"something" or "something"FLASH.

    FutureFLASH... FlashFox.... FlashFire...... OmniFLASH...... and too many other to mention...... none of those worked.

    Then I tried a name that I was sure would be taken.... FlashFury. And it worked.

    Was not too crazy about it.... but I had spent more time then any sane man should ever spend looking for a name.

    So if you are lucky.... it will take you 30 seconds to name your toon.... if not.... it can take too many hours.

    So I can easily understand those who go for names like Sooooperman if it means that they can start playing right away as opposed to spend hours looking for a name.