What's the point of continuing?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aduzar Light, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Every time after a DC break, there's still the desire to come back, but in the end, what's the point?

    When you want to create a new character, nobody is there to make old instances, people are obsessed by the current DLC and or event of the moment...

    Another point, the MMORPGs offer us a forum, ok, it's cool, but in the end, we're never heard when we propose new features to give a refreshing touch to the game, what's the point of making a forum if it's just to post announcements?

    When I come back on the game, I always hope to see a change and or especially a novelty to break DCUO's daily train, but finally there is nothing, I think I reach DCUO's saturation, because we only use players as numbers and nothing else and especially on DCUO which had as reputation "money, money, money...".

    It's really a pity that a game ends up like this, when it has the merit to propose a rather atypical universe in this milieu, but the last choices made by the game developers only disgust the few players left on it (invasive and unfair capsules, heavy and unfair artefacts system and now the new DLC formula since Wondeverse, without forgetting some partially amputated vents. ...), it's really sad to see how a game can end and especially the unwillingness of the development team to offer something "new" to the game and the saddest part of it all is to incite players to pay for it (abo or otherwise). Wouldn't a buy to play formula be more interesting for example Guild wars 2 and TESO work very well and they still add real extensions even though TESO is still young.

    Let's not forget the community that doesn't motivate anymore, selfish and or egocentric player, no real will to help the players, even for something that lasts about ten minutes but they don't mind sleeping 3 hours in the watchtower to watch the flies fly, I may have played in various leagues lately, but the desire for a raid evening no longer exists, because the players have lost a lot of fun with DC following a certain choice made for the game whose DLC Wonderverse formula has motivated more than one has stopped DC. ..

    So what's the point of spending money for the slow death of a game where nobody has a lot of willpower in anything anymore?

    I really still wanted to believe in this game that I've been fond of for a good ten years with a break every now and then, but now I think I'm not going to be able to and I don't hide from you how disappointed I am with all the money I've had the opportunity to put into it, DCUO was my first MMO experience, though...

    Without forgetting some powers that we would like to see arrived, but that it is necessary to wait an eternity to see 1 coming, for my part, I wait for a heal lantern, but good has the speed or arrives a power I would have the time to be disgusted of DC once again...

    I read a message from @Mepps a little while ago that DB would still have plenty of surprises for the game, but frankly, I don't believe in it anymore, it should have been announced more frequently !
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  2. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    The DCUOO community is the most confusing in 2020!

    I wanted to resurrect an old character stopped at CR211, I managed to go up to 250 but with great difficulty to find a group, and there, arrived at LJD it's even worse nobody answers or idiots who come and leave after 5 minutes...

    A guy is going to come when you roar and then the guy is going to leave to make his alarm...

    Some of them won't stay because X has a certain LOW, the guy is CR 300 something, and he manages to get out a review saying that my CR is low, yet a cr that corresponds to the instance you roar...

    Really this community has a serious problem, the worst community experience I've ever had on a game of this type and still, "community" is a very strong word for a game that doesn't have one, well not, for what this word represents anyway, an absolute level of selfishness as never seen elsewhere, decidedly DCUO in 2020...

    You come to play a game and in the end, playing on DC is almost a feat these days...

    The players are stuck on the current DLC and the others it's as if it doesn't exist anymore, I thought that this event could have motivated her like a little bit more and finally it doesn't....

    There would really be something that could be done to correct this, because it's all well and good to look for new players, but if it's not there, it's strictly useless, at worst, it only gives the game a bad image !!!
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Do you not have a league that can help you?
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  4. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Yes, but at certain times when there are not 8 players in the league it is difficult...
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  5. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    I wonder sometimes to why i keep playing prob cause it's addicting when you get really invested in it
  6. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    My suggestion is the 51/49 rule. (being serious here)

    IF you enjoy the game MORE than it's issues bother you, continue to play. If not quit. There is no judgment on either front.

    The fact is that every game runs it's course with a player eventually. I have been playing since launch and have enjoyed it for the most part, while acknowledging some of the issues that hurt it.

    And this is a completely subjective judgement. Different for every player and no one can "tell" you how to make that decision.

    As long as that enjoyment hits the "51%" mark, I'm here. At 49% (should that happen) I'm out.

    It is, after all , just a game
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  7. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Yeah, the question raised is a very existential, but subjective, question. What's the point of playing any game? Whatever our endeavor is in life, we bring value and meaning to it. If it's fun, it's fun. If it isn't, it isn't. We can only evaluate these questions on our own criteria.
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  8. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    I'd say it's working as intended.

    Well as great as it is going to be.

    Dev's want us at end game, where the newest content is.

    The old content has ran it's course already.

    If anything it is the players who are not running the older content, me being me, I'd say that you are not alone with wanting to run older content on a new toon, yet here we are.

    Your disgust is not new, by the way, it's more of a I can't have it so I am not willing to play for it or I'm not interested in the newer system so I don't want to invest in it.

    Which is your choice, but it's not surprising that there will be some disgruntled players or players who complain about low queues but almost never seem to group up with the other players looking to do the same thing, just chasing the top tier groups, who already finished everything your chasing.

    Sounds harsh I'd admit, but what do you really expect to happen, when the company is trying to make sells on a product that clearly is being profitable.
  9. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Ive notice most players just power level teir cr then try go back.
    The ice toon I created last year took advantage of skip (it was already on 249 and the advantage was just +17 sp ha) I decided to stop raising cr at metal 1 set from mechanical supply officer setting it to cr281 and will just que it for jld untill it aquire full set of 34 mods for mainframe it's currently at 7/16,
    Forget the alert or raids even public queing the duo is slow and players that enter or between 256 and 296 and usually they awalys gain a skill point because it's first time their toon running it and even bows or types gg never to rerun it only the ones over 290s rerun it and afk it mostly sigh.
    The positive side the Chaos Gotham map is void of players.
    I know metal 1 weekly orb fetcher mission has chance of 35 mod cache but no time or fun for that after doing event dailie and adaptive exobyte missions for the ice toon I switch to do dailies of the othere 6/7 active toons lol.
    If i see a player shout for old content i know eu server population is small so will add what ever content to on duty while doing dailies if not pulled into the instance by end of dailies i know they will probably not get into it so when switch il reque until I get to 7/7 and disconnect .
    December 10th is almost here sorry eu server I'm going to retire the queing slots.
  10. nawanda Loyal Player

    After 6 years of playing with no breaks whatsoever, and leading one of the most active and well known leagues on the EU server for nearly 5 of those years, maintaining four characters at endgame and regularly in the top 50 SP players in the world, my enthusiasm for the game is finally starting to run thin. I can’t face those bounties. I’m on about 15 or 20 out of 75 kills for each, and I know the 75 feats don’t matter, because in reality I will need to kill them maybe 150 times each or more to finish the DLC. Wonderverse sucked the life out of so many players, and this format again is really getting to me. I hate it.
  11. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Not everyone has a league to help them out, or plays often enough for an active league to let them stay in if they can't log in for quite some time. /shrug.
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  12. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    If your playtime is sporadic I can understand why a league wouldn't want to invest in you. I also wouldn't want to waste my time helping someone if I knew they weren't committed to their own progression or supporting the league in return.

    We have a league co-leader who purchased a 1 month sub for another league mate. This league mate in the past had a habit of quitting in the middle of a mission to play other games while we were helping him. The rest of had very real doubts about him but the co-leader wanted to help him get up to par. After gifting dude with a month sub, sure enough he ended up quitting the game to play something else.
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  13. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    Yeah players like that are very frustrating. I've often heard over the years where a player or Leaguemate will go "well I'd rather play this game etc" and my opinion is "then go play it over there and stop wasting our time then". I know for a fact that other MMOs and online games with bigger comminities don't take flighty behavior too well either. Trust me the guy who drops you in DCUO is gonna get dropped super hard in other games for instance. That said looking at the other side of things I've experienced really bad toxic behaviors in Leagues so I can understand players reluctance in joining them. If there's a near perfect League out there I've yet to find it and I'm sorry all the top zonexus or wavedox endgame Leagues have their problems. A lot of them strange draconian rules like you need to have at least 400 SP, 101 PVP gear, always run Elite on a Thursday, log in at least every two days, no access to League bank till three months a member etc no exceptions. I was even in one who wouldn't let females to join because the League leader broke up with his girlfriend! I'm almost done giving up Leagues cause every time a friend says join our League it's great it turns out it isn't. One of my friends when Wonderverse first came out insisted leave my longtime League for his so I trusted him and did but it had weird rules like the aforementioned no women rule and you had to give up your privacy by having an actual interview on social media. Those were weird rules but I went with it. Then a week later when I dropped boiling hot water on my hands and had to go to the hospital I obviously wasn't up to play any games but after I logged in a few days later I was kicked out. I was so upset and didn't want to join anymore Leagues considering all the times I've been called certain names by people in Leagues already that was the last straw. So no it's not easy to just join a League and run content. The DCUO community at large can be pretty toxic but Leagues into themselves are just plain awful.
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  14. Kuno Loyal Player

    The game is too simple, it lacks epicity and deepth. There's no fun, no grow, our characters are stuck, been for years.
    Just grinding for the latest gear and feats, repeat. Meh.
    I don't feel powerful, because I have the same power choices and options at level 30 and CR310. And because Im clamped in old content, and running old content is pointless because there are literally no rewards for a endgame character.

    The game needs desperately new iconics powers, more powers in the tray, new habilities for each powerset, the gameplay needs more options that just repeating the same 4 power rotations on loop.
    Bigger maps and content, more epic fights amd bosses. Fresh stuff.

    Even the devs are moving forward to their new project.
    You can tell by 2020s episodes, that this game isn't their primary focus. They give us capsules and chromas to play with and thats it.
    There's no ambition in the dev team to make this game bigger and better.

    That's why I moved on too, after lackluster and sad episodes like BoP and Wonderverse, Legion was the worst since Riddle with Crime.
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  15. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    Yeah if it's one thing I kinda dislike is being locked into the same loadout. I main with Atomic and I'm getting sick of just keeping my Nuclear Aura up so I don't die or lose damage. But doing the same rotation from bounty to bounty to raid to raid gets a bit tiring. And you don't dare switch out a new ability because then you won't have an OP loadout capable of getting you thru content.
  16. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    The old raids will "pop" on Wednesday, right before reset. Weekends are a bit better than the rest of the days.
    You run event raids and relevant duos on the other days and event open worlds to save up the gear boxes in your bank. You can queue for the alerts and raids that are relevant but... if it pops it pops.
    You should have enough marks at tier 8 to buy a weapon, legs and chest once per week even if you are playing rarely.
    It is near impossible to not reach the final 3 DLCs using this method in longer than a month.
    At that point you can queue for all the content you are missing feats from while doing the open world bounties from the latest DLC, I wouldn't queue for the newer raids unless you are running with a league.
    The Devs want you at endgame or at least the last 3 DLCs as soon as possible, it's just the way it is.
  17. zNot Dedicated Player

    I really hope to see the upcoming episodes like we had in justice league dark and metal part 1 they had 2 raids per episode that got designed very well the bossfights there actually felt like a bossfight.
  18. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Oh that's horrible. I'm sorry you had to deal with people like that.
  19. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Some people are fickle and then there are others who are just the opposite. Can't play for more than a month due to RL and yet donate so much to a league only to get kicked out due to sporadic play times, which is a pretty crappy thing to have done to you. So is paying for someone's membership and having them quit because they have some sort of gamer ADHD.