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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Drizzt Do'Urden, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. Drizzt Do'Urden New Player

    Does anyone happen to know what the fastest content one person can run through if they kill everything?
  2. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    The Stabilizer Fragment duo?
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  3. Stardazer Committed Player

    The Vault? ;)
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  4. Caroline Dedicated Player

    If an instance does not require heavy mechanics or is lower tier than yours should be a cake walk.
  5. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay technically

    It is considered a "mission" despite the fact that the mobs are just right wrapped presents.. or right now soda coolers. and unless someone decides to goof around in there you are in and out in under a minute. So this would be the winner. But come on no one is shooting back at you and you can do the entire "mission" using nothing but your weapon attacks.

    Next up and my favorite choice would be

    Hey you actually need a team .. well at least to get inside anyway. LOL one person can easily complete the thing. Next up you actually face mobs that shoot back at you and finish up with a boss battle. Now just a few days ago I hooked up with a good team mate and we blasted through the entire thing in 38 second. I was actually amazed when the time popped up on the score board. THAT was actually faster than doing a vault run.

    After that? Hey how about Ivy's pheromone mission in BOP. As long as you can find the mobs fast... You don't even need to use any attack, weapon or tray, just pop on a shield and click then wait. a few second. repeat that three times and your done :eek:<--- "DAMN DAT WAS EASY!"
  6. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Manheim Chinese Theatre. I get that done in about a min.
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  7. Reinheld Loyal Player

    You'd have to define your purpose. If it's to get current coins/gear, the poison ivy daily can be done in about 45 seconds if you get the closer groups of pheremone people done. I can get the BOP solo done in 4.5 min if on a decent toon. If you need solos for the challenge count feat, Manheim is about right like Dresserball said, but Joker's funhouse is almost as fast if you pop a shield to work the gears and skip adds. If duos count content, I like the walk in for Gotham Hospital Battle for Earth duo. Takes about 4 min end to end and as it's a walk in you don't need to wait for queue...it also counts for overall duos and BFE duos. Alerts? Gets a bit tricker as you need to queue, but if you have a good group who will split the bosses, TD alert can get done in just over 4 min. Raids? FOS3 can be walked in and solo'd in about 5 min (about 1/2 is cutscene/dialog).

    So you'd need to define what you are looking to do...if you are looking to do anything. If purely get in-get out...solos are always the best option...Manheim being the best of those. If you want to split hairs, it takes about 1 second to talk to Black Canary every day and you get a mark from that....so is it content? Prob not, but again....all depends on what you are looking for.

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