Whats the different between PvE and PvP

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  1. Hellsream New Player

    i know PvP is player vs player and pve is player vs environment but whats the difference? Does it means there are no monsters/creeps in PvP? And u cant pvp in PvE? And if i create a character in PvP can i play him in PvE?
  2. Shadow Vlad New Player

    There are 2 worlds, in pvp world you can fight the opposing faction in open world. In pve you can not unless both players turn there flag on.
    Oh and you can switch between the 2 worlds at any time in the main HQ.
  3. Hellsream New Player

    Thx alot! ^_^
  4. llhuckkll New Player

    So as you know, there are two phases. If you create a character in either phase, you may switch phases at any point by going into your headquarters (hall of doom or watchtower) and entering the phase shifter. In regards to the character creation, this determines which phase your player STARTS in. There are a few things to know about Phases though. If you look at your friends list, for example, you will have the option of phasing with the player. You can only do this if that player is in the same phase as you. Now this is where it gets a little weird... within the pvp and pve phases, you have sub phases. These phases help dilute the player population within their "main" phase. Eventually, you will receive a message on your world chat that you are in a low populated phase, following by given the option to change phases. If you do change phases, you will still remain in your MAIN phase. Being in a higher populated sub phase can help you when you are leveling, completing bounties, and other things like that. The difference between PVP and PVE, in open world content, is the ability to attack players of the opposite faction. In PVE phase, open world, you can only attack a player from the opposite faction if they have their duel mode enabled, or you both have your PVP mode activated. If you ever see a player from the opposite faction with a red name, rather than a purple one, you can flip your pvp mode on and instantly attack that player, regardless of phase/sub phase. PVP phase has the same content as PVE, but you have full PVPing capabilities. IF you are looking to finish some End of Game Content, I Suggest going to the PVP phase in your headquarters. This is probably the easiest place to get picked up at when shouting for groups. And yes, you can que into PVE raids alerts duos etc in PVP phase. Queuing into PVP arenas or legends are strictly Player vs Player. Queuing into PVE raids alerts duos etc, will only allow you to send duel invites, in regards to PVPing in instance. Regardless of what phase you are in. There is a lot of gray area and a lot of things you will pick up on along the way. I hope this sort of helps you understand the mechanics of the game a little better.
  5. Hellsream New Player

    Thx but im still confuse about the sub and main phase thing but thx a lot!
  6. llhuckkll New Player

    Lets take pve phase as an example. say you and your friend are playing at the same time, same phase (pve). It is possible that you can be standing in the same spot and not able to see each other because you both are in separate sub phases, within the PVE phase. You always have the option of going to their name and phasing with them, so that you will be able to see and interact with them.
  7. Hellsream New Player

    oh i see but why does DC make this "sub-phase" anyways? Its so complicated
  8. llhuckkll New Player

    The sub phase helps dilute the phases. The PROS of this are: secluded bit and collection farming, bounty farming with friends, it helps keep the lag down, things like that.
  9. Hellsream New Player

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