What's a good might ST parse?

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  1. fm0987 Committed Player

    I'm getting about 140k dps average give or take (413 cr, no buffs, pet trinket, supercharge etc). I tested by doing multiple 60s parsers. I did keep my allies equipped (krypto, cyborg, calc bot), didn't pop combat ally but I know there's room for improvement there. My arts are solar amp, trans/ strat. I tested with grim vs solar amp and the dps was pretty much the same (I have both leveled).
  2. SonGoku Level 30

    The tryhards are hitting 2.1-2.4M 10s ST parses now, but for an regular non-sweat I think 1.5.-1.7 is the average
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  3. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Your 140k dmg/s is not bad. Pugs will be a HUGE amount lower than that.
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  4. Viande New Player

    In my opinion you can optimise your dps, I don't know much about your power, but I manage to do almost the same in the same ally condition, with only 215sp / 411 ilvl / strategy 160 / Grimoire verum120 / Trans 80. After that, as most players don't want to optimise, you'll probably still be ahead of them.
  5. fm0987 Committed Player

    Power is earth, I've tried various different loadouts, this was one of the highest parsing I could get. Debris field, heat vision, sandblast, upheaval, robot, entomb. It does pretty good on st but is kinda lacking in terms of aoe
  6. GermanM Committed Player

    Poor pugs dogs :(:(
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  7. fm0987 Committed Player

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