What you're expect or want? - Halloween 2020

Discussion in 'War Room (Powers, Artifacts, & Builds)' started by NotFreakyFacka, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. NotFreakyFacka New Player

    Hello everyone, the NotFreakyFacka here.

    Seriously my character is crazy and what I would to see more horibble things like styles or weapons styles.
    Personally I looking for Chainsaw two handed/one handed style.
    I know this style no existing in the game so what's about add to the next Halloween event? (Soon hopefully :D)[IMG][IMG]
  2. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Probably get more replies in the general discussion board, this one is more for mechanics than styles.
  3. NotFreakyFacka New Player

    I know the topic was posted in wrong channel, but I will not deny about chainsaw animations/sounds and funny smoke.
    The only think that would not match is blood, I know this game can't be mature content, anyway it can be as legendary item for 100x or 200x halloween candies (something like that)

    I know this is hard to add this thing to game or other cool things, I understend how game engine works, expecially UE3 but not much (I
    just working with Audio/music)
    So I really respect Daybreak small company for thier work.
    I would be really happy to see that, or other legendary and more interesting items, weapons, pets, styles from seasonal event.
  4. King420rganic New Player

    I wouldn't be mad if they added a hockey mask of some sort. Would be cool to see some Casey Jones and Jason styles walking around.
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  5. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    They could do a series of masks based off horror icons- as long as they were sufficiently generic in referring to them.
  6. Batman2099earthcold Well-Known Player

    The Batman who laughts visor ,the joker head lamp
  7. Cyro Committed Player

    In arc there is a a chandelier covered in combwebs that is like the one already in the halloween vendor but its on the floor like it fell, also from that same dlc wall vines
  8. DarkAvenger Well-Known Player

    Hoping we get a grey alien head like this
  9. Bishop5858zinc New Player

    how about wildcat mask

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