What type of game do you want Dc to become

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Karas2016, May 7, 2016.

  1. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Seriously, I can't figure out one bit of idea the developers is making of this game, we are now on weapons cancelling the Ams, PvP is not being focused on according to the damage and function of this weapon/Am cancelation, all I hear is pve blah blah, the 4th color palette has just getting here, this games combat is shifting from rpg to beat em up and so on.

    And every new episode, brings new gear that players can abuse in pvp phase, it just seem everything is going downhill.

    See I have been a game concole person all my life and, I even hate the direction this game is going as far as creativity,what I don't understand is what are the plans for this game's future and will you daybreak decide on one thing regarding Dc's future, that is all.

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  2. Supergirly Dedicated Player

    I want it to become an MMORPG, emphasis on the RPG side. More styles, more colors, more emotes, more base customization. Make it RP friendly, and add more RPG elements to it. Focus less on PVP and power balance (it will never happen) and more on the stories. Make it feel like a comic book again.
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  3. Derio 15000 Post Club

    More focus on gameplay as far as open world aspects go. Go back to the root gameplay of why people fell in love with the game.
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  4. Controller Devoted Player

    I'd simply like to see other heroes, villains or TEAMS.

    The Legion of Superheroes, Suicide Squad content, Blue Beetle, Crime Syndicate, etc, etc.....


    DC Universe is HUGE when it comes to heroes and villains. Plenty of content to keep this going for a few years, hopefully - especially with the DC movies coming out.

    Add in some fixes/repairs to some ongoing issues and I believe the game can continue on as is for a while.
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  5. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    A game less populated by players only interested in moving through content at the highest speed possible and never looking back.
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  6. gemii Dedicated Player

    Free access to everything
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  7. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    There's no such thing but I think you mean the micro path, if so I definitely agree.
  8. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    So much potential wasted on high tiers and replay badges, and less focused on rpg elements.
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  9. Alba Eclipta Committed Player

    • City of Heroes/Villains
    • Champions Online
    • Guild Wars I
    • Guildwars II
    These games are examples of potential having been realized in terms of interface, cosmetics, and power mechanics.
    Then there is DCUO. The main point for DCUO is the theme. It is a beloved brand. I play it becomes I love the comics. I play it because I like seeing representations of DC Comics in game play. However, I don't play it because of the game-play itself. The charm wore off first year in. DCUO is the best possible example I know of a video game being so well liked, but with least potenital realized. While a nay-sayer to my perspective may say I demand a cookie-cutter game, I say "if it works, don't fix it." And to be sure, this game is already cookie-cutter in terms of it's engine. And it's not the most liked system from what i can see.
    On the point of cosmetics, character sizes and body types in this game aren't bad, but they just don't make much sense compared to one another, or environment. Has anyone noticed how huge Zatanna really is? She is over 7 feet tall in this game. When Cyborg is next to her, he might as well have a sprite body type.
    When roles are no longer limited to powers, or removed completely and replaced with fluid builds, when powers themselves can be moddable instead of being solely dependent on gear, and when we are no longer limited in story to all being humans, exobite clones, the game will have a rennaisance of players ready for new excitement.
    Combat mechanics in this game have never known balance. The upside is that using maneuvers together with, and independently of powers is nice. Unfortunately, the game is stuck in this rut where we still cannot choose the powers outside of what devs have established for AM while remaining relevant to group success (if the group is remotely balanced).
    I argue for these cookie-cutters as being a better model for every reason listed:
    • City of Heroes/Villains
    • Champions Online
    • Guild Wars I
    • Guildwars II
    This game would be much better moving in the direction of the games bullet-pointed, imo.
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  10. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    A man to that.
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  11. Bobburt Committed Player

    Want it to become? Dead.

    Oh wait, you said "game." This is a game?
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  12. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    This is truth.
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  13. X-zero Loyal Player

    Beginning T4 days plus more styles in the marketplace.

    No AM/No WM
    One mark per tier
    Vendor Gear the strongest
    Multiple styles to pick from in the vendor gear (4).
    There was no running gates getting lucky with drops on your first few attempts. To get full vendor gear took 40 runs of gates. And the only other way for a few extra marks was Prime and most couldn't beat that.
    No Home Turf stuff to make stacking dps easier.
    Healer powers had weaknesses so you had to bring more then one to make up for that.
    DLCs that gave people something who may not be max tier.
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  14. bartngaue Well-Known Player

    Game is doing great.

    For one, it satisfies the DC fan girl's and boys.

    And second, it allows whales to flourish.

    As long there is no stat clamping well make it to 3017
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  15. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Im concerned about that green, lmao.
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  16. Cyro Committed Player

    First person shooter
  17. AdaptiveAndroid Well-Known Player

    Take it back to what it once was pre GU36
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  18. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i want it to become a full out action/adventure game without support roles, where your goal is basicly to get high on the score board, quite similar to the LPVE content. just get away with this gear stats nonsense... only progression should be through feats and SP from lvl30 onwarts!!!
    Plus: pvp should get more attention, every dlc should have new feats for pvp aswell. i see it as the conjointed (Beat Em Up) twin of the game.
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  19. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    does wishing the devs could do something with quantums event horizon being such a screen wide eyesore count?

    i'd love to see it scaled down to the size of mentals bastion bubble.

    i also want the split cape to get a little trim at the shoulders so it wont peek out of many chest styles.

    i also want the female shamen top to be able to accept emblems, i want the noble warriors make leg style to work on female toons and i want a variant of the iconic elvis style from some years back available for purchase on the marketplace.

    and more super heroes.
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  20. Solar Well-Known Player

    One that works and isn't so repetitive in so many facets of the game. (ie. Content, power load outs)
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