What Role Should you play as?

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    This is not so much a guide as it is a recommendation. I have noticed people picking roles in the game for the wrong reasons and I would like to give people a heads up on what to expect as each role.

    HEALER some players who are not very skilled at games mistakenly think that being a healer would be a good idea. they think that since they are not skilled, dps will not be good for them so they go healer instead thinking that instead of having to be good they can sit back and heal people. Healer is one of the hardest roles and has a lot of responsibility that goes with it. It is far easier to be a dps than a healer and you do not have the same pressure put on you. No one turns around and blames the dps if the raid gets wiped. As a healer you will get blamed for failed raids even when it is not your fault.
    I remember being in a raid where the tank kept dying while he had full power. The tank blamed me saying i was not doing a good enough job healing. No tank should ever die while his power bar is still full, if you do die with a full power bar you are a bad tank, No tank should expect the healer to heal him, he should be healing himself and TANKING. nonetheless the raid voted to kick me out of the raid believing that i was the problem. I sent a tell to some of the raid members after i got kicked asking them how the raid went and they said everyone just left the raid and gave up. players will get hit by a bosses one shot or die because they do not know the mechanics of the raid then act like it is your fault. you will get more hate as a healer than a dps and more pressure. Do not go healer unless you think you are good enough otherwise just go dps.

    Tanking is also a big responsibility. A raids success will depend on the tank most of the time. You have to pull adds and distract the boss and if you do not then everyone dies. Tank is another one of those roles that requires more skill than dps. Simply having a good loadout and a lot of skill points will not make you a good tank you need to know how to use that loadout and be skilled enough. you will sometimes see a higher CR tank get killed just to have a lower CR tank step up and do what the higher CR couldn't. Being a good tank means being GOOD at tanking. If you die as the tank the raid gets wiped, and guess who's fault that is? give you a hint it is not the dps fault.

    If you play traditional mmos you might think the trolls job is to stun and control the enemy adds but that is not exactly the case for dcuo. the tank can pull and control most adds your main job is to provide power and debuffs. As a controller you are a blue power bar healer. if the tank runs out of power and dies or the healer runs out of power and can not heal guess who is to blame? Sometimes healer runs out of power because of a weak troll and everyone dies then blames the healer even though it is the trolls fault the healer could not heal. I have been in raids where people blamed the healer and I had to point out that the healer kept running out of power because of the troll. If a healer just spams heals and runs out of power than it is not the trolls fault. It is rare for people to blame a troll for a failed raid so there is less responsibility. When you are a troll pay attention to what green symbols are beneath the bosses health bar. If you see a green shield you need to use a defense debuff to turn the shield red. Not enough trolls debuff when they should in this game. As a troll you can run support and deal with less hate and pressure than as tank or healer.

    DPS is the easiest role in the game. Just sit back and pewpew everything and if anything goes wrong blame the healer. (do not actually blame the healer). DPS has the least amount of pressure, just make sure you have a good loadout and rotate it through the raid. It is by far the best role for new players to the game. All you do is compete with the other DPS in the raid for top DPS.