What REALLY makes people quit this game? O.o

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  1. Lionxoft Committed Player

    Truth does not equal toxicity. The truth might hurt your feelings but it's in fact still truth.
  2. Great Architect Loyal Player

    WM, AM, CR differential and the "midrange" attempt to modify the excesses of AM.

    I don't have a problem with new ways to play - they make the game interesting unless they're broken.

    But (for instance) the constant tweaking of the revamp test to allow "Play From The Tray" - a playstyle that didn't exist in a reliable form (except for HL chaining) before AM - does annoy me.
  3. Great Architect Loyal Player

    To be fair, I've never left the game. But I do take long breaks when I get bored.

    You can only really enjoy content if you're contributing, and the rash of carrying, and front-loaded AMs that wipe the board before you get away from the portal is getting very very very old.
  4. Great Architect Loyal Player

    PvP is a *staple* of MMOs, but in DCUO it has been neglected. *That* does not make sense. There are many, many players who walked when PvP died - and yet nothing appears to be in the pipeline to fix it. A *lot* of people play MMOs specifically to fight other players. We've lost that section of the community, and they won't be coming back until PvP is restored - if then.
  5. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Well like I said I am mainly a PvE player but I do recognize the need in an MMO for PVP. Unfortunately....I think Daybreak just decided there was not enough cash to be grabbed by taking the time to fix and enhance PvP and just stopped bothering. No clue if or when it will ever get attention again.
  6. Saami Loyal Player

    I think that atleast some people are waiting for stat revamp and then come back.
    Last change for DCUO. In my opinion. I could be wrong.
  7. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Probably getting base items as a member gift as well. I don't nt want styles and base items, i want bugs fixed.
  8. Riggs Well-Known Player

    They are still around.

    I don't mean this as a dig but it may sound like one but what is it with people that don't seem to understand how business works?

    The game needs to make money to survive. Capsules make money like it or not. In order to keep going it needs that income.

    I keep seeing people say content should be free or capsules need to go but absolutely no ideas on how they could make up for the loss of income.

    The marketplace will not replace the money. Market is a one shot payment and once you have what you want you don't need to pay again while capsules are steady income. Free content means people no longer need to buy it and folk like me no longer need to sub to get access to it so they lose that money.

    The point i'm trying to make is, yes capsules are terrible but they are a necessary evil.

    People have even said about making a DCUO 2. If this game isn't raking in large amounts of profit, what makes people think they will make a sequel? No chance.
  9. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    For me it's the horrid customer service at the top of the list.
    Next would be the neglect of PvP
    Next would be Stats Matter. Not because of balancing the game but because roles again are getting the shaft.
    Then PvE content. Oh boy.. it's gotten easier and easier. It reminds me of a few games that had gotten easier and easier and died shortly after because of it.
    Time Capsules... necessary evil at this point. I'm over it.
    I hate that feats are in them. And with this revamp requiring 175 so per stat tree.. you gonna need Every one of those feats in them damn things.
    Underutilized marketplace.
    Toxicity in both Dev and Community circles.

    Think that about covers it.
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  10. Draconiano Committed Player

    Cheaters/glitchers and deleted threads, if you know what I mean.
  11. Emoney Dedicated Player

    All of my real life friends that I tried to introduce this game to, quit before level 30.

    The early game bugs and lack of direction were two of the issues I heard the most. The server stability caused one of my friends to give up. While another quit over combat inconsistency. It was just after they added npc counter system to pve. He was five levels above the npcs in the mission, and they were stunning and killing him. This friend I consider a super hardcore gamer...He has played nearly every MMO made. He said to me, "Ive never played an MMO where enemies 5-10 levels below you can infinitely stun you, this is dumb." He never played again.
  12. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    "All PS players are vile" is the same as saying all pc players are hackers. Not even close to the truth.

    Can you prove this? Nope, because it's false.
  13. VariableFire Loyal Player

    I wonder how he'd have felt about enemies over 100 levels below you being able to knock you out of the sky and/or slow you down (even if it does almost no damage).

    If there's any failing about the CR Differential that I'm annoyed at it's that it didn't address this at all.
  14. Haptyc Active Player

    Bugs that go unfixed. (Player run bug tracking, really?) Go to the bugtracker and see how many years some of them have been there.
    No in-game support. I should not see the same gold sellers for hours on end unless I ignore them. (RP ped posts continue)
    Risk + Reward = Satisfaction. Far too easy. If I get another exobyte cluster in a weekly reward box...
    Weapon attacks are boring. Nine presses of the same button to get to the final attack. Yawn.

    No open world massive threat. (not special event CC starro) Back in the day City of Heroes had a giant monster spawn that all of the community could engage. Everything is so compartmentalized that is separates the community from working together.

    I don't care at all about TCs. They can put all the money grabs in the game they want. I don't like that they are tied to feats though.

    And I agree with many of the above posts.

    About the PS/PC animosity. That is just your player base expressing their frustration with the current state of the game. And let me say this. Players come here to complain because they care. They want the game to continue and thrive. And they quit out of pure frustration with the stagnate state of the game.

    The DC universe is MASSIVE. The content in this game should try its best to emulate that. If it did, wow.
  15. Tremor_zGnRz New Player

    Mine would be the following (I always end up coming back for a bit, but never stay for longer then 3 months generally)
    • Burnout (After doing a couple of the things over and over again, one can get burnt out fast- This is truthful for a lot of MMO's though)
    • Maxing (in my own eyes- I don't plan EVER to get perfect gear from each DLC, once I am a couple levels under current max, I start to slow down the grind)
    • Friends/Guild Mates leaving for something else
    • More recently, how greedy the game has become. Boxes make me absolutely sick, but I love the DC name and will continue to come back every now and again.
  16. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    A few reasons i left:

    1. Time crapsules

    2.Combat changed over and over ,i would get used to a style of play ,spend months perfecting a build then they would change everything and make my builds worthless,been through this 4-5 times,1st it was clip for damage then WM,then AMs,then it was all about cr etc.

    3.p2w its all about buying replays or TC keys now ,the more money you spend the better you do,cash grabs everywhere you look

    4.RNG the drop rates are borderline criminal they are so bad,in the 3+ years i played i never got 1 single rare drop ever,no rare auras in booster gold packs,no op items in raids,no rare style items,nothing ,every time i see pay for a chance at (insert item here) i wanna vomit because i know i'll never get it.

    5.Content is boring either 2 easy or relys on lame 1 shot bosses and bad mechanics ,no fun

    6.Bugs and crashes ,every time something is added its followed up by days of crashes ,bugs,lag etc.

    7.Devs don't seem to care about the players ,things we ask for for years either never happen or if they do they put it in a time capsule or booster rip off pack and make them so rare most of us will never get the item no matter how much money we spend or gameplay things we ask for never happen and if they do its done in a way that no one likes.

    I have been gone 6 months now and don't think i'll ever come back ,still like to look at the forums every now and then though but i'm doing that less and less these days. This used to be my favourite game,i was subbed for 3 years with no breaks and would play nothing else because i loved it that much so it was hard for me to watch the game go so far down hill and it was hard to walk away from this game but i can no longer support what this game has become.