What REALLY makes people quit this game? O.o

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  1. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    People like you are the reason PC players get such a bad rep within the PS community.

    Asinine statements like this are what is wrong with the community and why no one can get along. If I had a penny for every time I ran into a "toxic" PC player, i could take the rest of the year off from work. Asshats exist in both platforms, in all shapes and sizes. Blaming everything on one population makes you look very ignorant, and quite frankly, like a dick.

    The community needs to be cleansed of people with your mentality if there's ever any hope of getting along. The merge happened, it can't be undone, deal with it and adapt or simply quit. Playing the blame game because of your over sensitive nature won't help nor fix anything.

    Edit: Had to redo a few things for "niceness."
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  2. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I dont quite know then
  3. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I think I know this one. Wasn't it on the Big Bang Theory? There are only three ways that people kick a video game: humiliation, boredom, and I can't remember the third ... I think it was the opposite of boredom, something about it being too hard, maybe?

    Here's what actually keeps people playing video games (hopefully you have an adblocker in your browser):
  4. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    When did they say they were going back to 3 months?

    I bet the people who complained about quarterly are regretting it now.
  5. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    I'm proQuarterly and it would be nice if they did. I believe Mepps mentioned that they want to get closer to quarterly content but of course the stats revamp from the t5 fiasco is a lot (A LOT) of undoing. If wm only added combos, then we shouldn't be in the mess we are today.
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  6. Jeff Bond Committed Player

    The first couple of years of DCUO were incredible. The content was original and best of all, challenging. The game mechanics were smooth and consistent overall. PVP was fantastic, especially in open world and the interactions between roles and the RPS system meant most players were on even terms.

    The inevitable issues came mainly with scaling and a lot of complaints from players that couldn't compete.

    Good players started to figure out how to build teams and adjust gear to exploit the game mechanics. The Devs all the while were under extreme pressure to deliver new content so a lot of the decisions around adjusting the game mechanics were likely rushed.

    PVE gear scaled faster than PVP gear which created issues between players in open world. This led to banning PVE equipment in PVP content and vice versa but that didn't address open world so the PVP open world phase population dwindled. Also the strength of the DPS role scaled too quickly compared to "support roles" leading to a lot of content becoming too easy to steamroll through.

    The Scoreboard created the issue of bragging rights around who could do more damage although the damage output stat doesn't reflect the quality of gameplay only the damage output. Weapon Mastery and Awesome Mechanics were added to attempt to give players that couldn't clip etc... a chance to become more "competitive" on the scoreboard. DPS stopped blocking and started spamming rotations relying on a healer to keep them up.

    Healing also scaled quickly and healers gained restoration levels high enough to solo raids with 5 DPS that don't block. This crossed into PVP content and matches against 2 healer teams were almost unwinnable.

    Replay badges entered the game as partly a cash grab and to allow players to play at their own pace. Essentially this created the pay to win model and those willing to buy replays could complete the newest/strongest gearset in less than a week. Legendary membership privileges saw fewer dividends with a steady increase in micro transactions so fewer subs were purchased, leading to Devs adding more micro transactions.

    The Devs had the issue of attempting to make challenging content knowing that DPS and Healing were so strong, enter the dreaded one shot mechanic. Not surprisingly the DPS didn't enjoy having to stop their spam rotations to block, let alone pay attention to the animations telling them the big hit was coming so they would rely on someone else again to shout on mic... BLOCK! The mechanics that followed started to infuriate players to no end. Seemingly unfair events started to take place. Everything would be fine and without warning you would be KO'd without any idea what hit you. The rage under the surface started to fester and grow until many of the long term die hard players finally snapped and quit.

    So here we are years after the peak of DCUO and the Devs have finally decided to hit the reset button. Getting the stats revamp right is critical to the survival of the game. I haven't done much testing personally but from what I've seen on player streams, they still have a ways to go. I am hopeful that they will bring it home and usher new life into DCUO and I won't see this once great title fade away.
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  7. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    Like Here2 was saying about 6 months..

    MAN.. do you guys realize we went from monthly.. yes MONTHLY to 6 month content. talk about cold turkey!
    Also things like : Events that should have been DLC's.. WOE is the value of membership? And we all saw how quickly they whipped those Events up.. they couldn't have given us *something* (content) to keep for being loyal members? Promethium Boxes vs Time Capsules..okay so I get why PB's are a much lower drop rate, but why don't we get better rewards for LOYAL long time subs?

    My RP* morale has crashed. I can't even go into the game any more coz I can't RP daydream coz too much Magic.

    So SICK OF MAGIC content.. but y'know what? i'm totally willing to be fair, if Age of Justice is Tech (I know mepps called it Magic in the livestream a while ago) seemingly from what i'm gathering in the post, it's like Bombshell Para.. which was Tech, with a little magic thrown in. like LoA, then next DLC should be Meta.

    * RP = Role Playing. I don't hardcore RP, I call myself halfnhalf RP, I daydream and make up stories while I play. And talk normally to others.
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  8. Lionxoft Committed Player

    The merge happened and the community and gameplay experience was degraded. The only difference from my perspective was the PS players joined the server so that's quite a strong indicator. Our server was better off without PS players. Less populated? Sure, but the tradeoff would be so worth it. The economy wouldn't be absolutely trashed like it is now either. I mean - how can you stand by a community that glitched so much damn cash? That says a lot about your cherished console brethren and you.

    You can deal with the actual facts or you can continue being overly sensitive. Either one. Your choice.
  9. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Just Stop.

    Sure PS had the money Glitch, PC had the Gold Selling Bots and Speed Hackers(Yes those are a thing.)

    Both PS and PC brought their own share of problems with one another, but we have to get over that now since we're merged. I'm tired of Players from Both Platforms acting like they are our Saviors or some Mumbo Jumbo like that.

    It's not like your gonna get a Trophy for saying PS is better.

    It's not like your gonna get a Trophy for saying PC is better.

    Honestly, I've never seen something so utterly dumbfounding. It's the Same Game; just on a different platform, yet people like you and others make the experience way worse then it needs to be all because there's some Pride that you people don't wanna let go of.

    This stuff since Day 1 has always come off to me as pointless bickering, and it's stuff like this is what's wrong with the community at large.

    I'm a PC player; but I get along with Playstation folks just fine.
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  10. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    1st, people have other games.
    2nd, certain points the devs don't listen.

    Remember those who were in SOE live pvp tournament? Those were just a few of the people that the devs didn't listen to, who eventually quit.
  11. WonderWoman4Life New Player

    I couldn't agree more I am there with you 100%! Plus the CONTINUED and WORSENING BROKEN PVP!
  12. Riggs Well-Known Player

    I played Dark Age of Camelot so long and so much I just got burnt out.

    Now I play on and off with the exception of Final Fantasy 14. I suppose that could be my main MMO. I take a month off every now and play another MMO and then go back.

    I play other games on top of that too, I don't MMO constantly.

    I'll play a few hours of whatever MMO i'm playing at the time and then hop on something else. Either i'll play a game or make mods for a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game.

    Right now i'm playing DCUO with Persona 5 and Ghost Recon Wildlands. I say on the side but Persona 5 has me hooked at the minute. No idea why, certain aspects irritate me terribly (like being told I have to sleep when i've done nothing) but I just find it grabbed me.

    Stormblood for FF14 is out soon so I may not be taking a break from that for a while.

    I just find it's nice to play different things rather than one thing constantly. It keeps it fresh.

    I've played DCUO on and off since the day it launched on PC and started on PS4 in 2015. I played it a lot in the early days but it didn't grab me enough to keep me playing as a "main" MMO. I enjoy it, don't get me wrong, or I wouldn't keep coming back. I just can't seem to stick at it. It doesn't draw me in like other games do.
  13. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I have been playing since launch and as I recall the first big "exodus" was when replays first came out. Many hardcore MMO players bailed at that time.
  14. Keymaster New Player

    What really makes people quit the DCUO? Answer is very simple... People.
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  15. Derio 15000 Post Club

    What really makes people quit this game. Power balance. Look at all the people who quit because of electricity and nature.
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  16. VariableFire Loyal Player

    I do wonder how many people they lost over the years because they screwed up Fire for so long. It wasn't brought into balance until WM and AM were added. By the time statrevamp hits Electric and Nature will probably have been screwed up for just as long.
  17. Nawtae Well-Known Player

    I quit because I got a bf, been together a year now, and I like going outside and biking 20 miles.

    Oh and the game went downhill drastically when PS and PC servers became one.
  18. Lionxoft Committed Player

    First, take a break from the return key. Your posts read like ancient hieroglyphics. Second, if DCUO in-game GM's (RuggedMonk etc) were still around or DCUO devs were proficient enough to implement a solution to fight against cheat engine then speed hackers wouldn't be a thing. They are pretty rare though already. Blame the developers. You can also cheat with Cheat Engine on PS3 so it's not solely a PC issue. I'd venture to say that a PS player would be more inclined to use Cheat Engine over a PC player. It's a different demographic of player which leads to my last point.

    The gold sellers have a very small effect on the economy. We have them and have always had them but it never attributed to the extraordinary inflation that occurred in the market when the console crowd invaded the servers bringing pestilence. The console community had a far more severe impact on the economy through their decision to exploit a bug.

    It isn't pride in a platform. It is a fact that the console community made this game even more toxic for the aforementioned reasons.
  19. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    The only toxic thing I'm reading is your constant bashing of the PS community and blaming them for everything YOU personally see wrong with the game.

    THAT's toxic.
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  20. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    I second this statement :D