What really happened to Johnny Quick?

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    They've been trying to kill off poor Johnny for years, now - including the classic DvD Justice League: Crisis on two Earths from 12 years ago:


    The late Dwayne McDuffie (RIP) did work on this. Batman sacrificed Johnny to save Flash.

    Sad, really - personally I liked Johnny Quick.
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    Too lazy to look up the exact quote, but Damien Darhk said something like, "If I've learned anything it's take out the speedster first."
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    That was such a great Justice league cartoon!
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    The writers had such a creative mind in that show...

    The "Alternate Earth" that the Crime Syndicate ruled had such a twisted and dark reality....Ultra Man threatening the President...the super villains like Black Canary, beside Johnny Quick here with the black trenchcoat


    Static was evil in this reality


    There was Jason Rusch Firestorm who was teleported in at the end to help out the good guys..


    I think there was an EVIL variant of Jason Rusch but we never saw him in action unfortunately.

    Super Woman trying to seduce Batman...and then subsequently cracking one of his ribs when he resisted lol.

    Owl Man was more powerful than I can remember and a complete psychopath. He was able to solo Wonder Woman for a spell with his hydraulic power suit and he beat the snot out of Batman. If it weren't for Batman's smarts at the end he would've lost to The Owl.

    Martian Manhunter falling in love with the President's daughter.....

    And the way that Batman tricked Johnny Quick at the end was creative...but it displayed in a dark way the lengths that Batman would go to to save his friend the Flash.

    That look that Ultra Man gave the League at the end was like - "You hypocrites aren't heroes" - right after Johnny died.

    One of the best Justice League DvD's out there.

    Thanks, Dwayne Mcduffie (RIP)


    You left us TOO SOON, my friend. Tell Jack Kirby, George Perez and Stan Lee hello up there.
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    "Man I'm dead!" -Johnny Quick
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