What PvP Needs To Gain Attention

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    I've had a blast coming back and streaming PvE for some of my viewers. The combat system in DCUO still out-shines even some newer release titles, but I get asked by my viewers why I don't PvP in DCUO. I tell them that legend PvP is fun, but standard PvP needs a few minor changes to grab the attention of competitive PvPers. In effort to help give constructive feedback, in hopes that maybe some of these suggestion may be implemented, let me break this down.


    To say the combat is the problem would be inaccurate to say the least. On the contrary, the combat system supports PvP mechanics in this game more than others. The one major problem I see holding this game back lays in recovery. For example, a PvP trinket when popped will break knockdowns and CC effects just fine, but the secondary effect to gain additional CC resistance is pointless. Controllers and Tanks that are set in that role have more than enough Domination to bypass this, and the only class left to suffer the consequences are the healers. Since the GCD is applied to the use of trinkets, I purpose replacing the resistance with a three second immunity instead. This type of feature that only will only apply to use of trinket (which has a longer GCD than 3 seconds) is a controllable mechanic that allows players better recovery points across the board without being abused.

    Gear & Scaling

    We have a major problem with how PvE sets affect PvP. No way to ignore this, so let's just get to how to fix it. During Events we have a scaled CR adjustment to play content, what I purpose is to reverse this effect towards PvP. Why? PvE sets offer higher base stats than PvP sets do. The only reasonable stat increase we see is toughness, but the tank class can simply use dps set, switch role to tank, and get the passive boost from their role. By diverting the scaling system, pvp sets become more manageable to adjust to specific role and keeps PvE gear out of PvP.


    I know some players hate hearing this, but unless there is something to fight for, nobody will care to fight. I know there are PvP feats that players can achieve that offers some incentive, but after that...nothing. PvPers love to brag, so it's simple, offer a leaderboard on the menu screen so they can boast. I know it seems childish, and whatever, but there has to be a trophy for a team to hold up when they become the champions.

    And pretty much that's it! Yep, that's it. Sure players will cry about balance this or that, and this class has or doesn't type scenarios, but these three things are the only things holding DCUO PvP back. But hey, what would I know ;)
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    Leaderboards were an idea since 2014 :p 4 years in the making

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  3. Brother Allen Loyal Player

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  4. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Wow, there are a lot of things on that list for which we're still waiting. (Grodd too!)

    Paging Jackster ... :D
  5. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    I don't think any of the list above will gain PvP "attention". All the stat/mechanic related suggestions will not solve the issues, just easen the effects. Top of that, only people who are "in PvP" already would even pay attention to such am update notice. The leaderboards on top are again only interesting for players who want to spend a lot of time in PvP, as in players who are already "in PvP".

    If you want to gain attention, then you need something that addresses the people "out of PvP" - how many just did the feats to be done with PvP? How many left due to boredom? How many just "left" because the queues popped slower and slower?

    And the community would need to agree on what PvP is about - Tournament mode or actual content. If the first, realize that it will cost more than half of the available population already since the majority of players simply does not enjoy tournaments. Some of them can be persuaded with exclusive rewards, but that's the guys standing around or doing minimum in order to be eligible for reward. And those folks are gone once they have the rewards, until there are new rewards. You've seen that in the past.

    New types of content for PvP could get you the attention you seek, but there are as well a lot of PvPers around here - or at least have been - who go by the "but I just want to smash players, go away with mission goals" and despise basically any PvP that is NOT tournament based/driven/concepted. And as long as there is that rift, you won't get the attention.
  6. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I'm guessing you don't understand that PvE gear is already disabled in PvP. If you are wearing PvE gear (or no gear at all) while doing a PvP match, your stats are that of the lowest available set of PvP gear. The stats from PvE gear only are taken into account while dealing and in open world PvP.

    Also, there is currently only one set of gear in PvP (at a given item level) that all roles use. The way you specialize in a role is through your sp allocation and your augments. There are caps on stats in PvP, from my understanding, so it may not be beneficial to put all of your sp in might if you have maxed out might augments (for example).

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