What other Iconic things would YOU buy on the MP?

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  1. Ghostof91 New Player

    Saint Walker's skin.
  2. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Lobo as a Legend Character
    A trinket for GL Power that summon a Guardian or perhaps Trick to assist in battle
    Doomsday bottled up Base Item
    Phantom Zone Projector
    Bottle City of Kandor base item
    Jor El's Battle Suit from BIA
    Bat-mobile base item
    Invisible Jet base item
    Superman's "Zoo" from the FOS
    Power Battery with the various Emotional Entity inside them base item
    Hard Light Armor styles like Arkillo and Killowog have on during the City Hall mission
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  3. majosea Dedicated Player

    Hmm devs do listen . I hope every has there wallet open xd
  4. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    How about Harley Quinn's wooden hammer
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  5. Vesper Dedicated Player

    This entire outfit. SO not kidding:


    High Elvis-collar chestpiece with deep V-neckline, round opalescent accents and the chains
    Round opalescent accented belt
    High-cut manties (notice, cut higher on the thighs than the current Briefs)
    Short Sweat-bands/bracelets
    ELF BOOTIES (already exist in game....Harley Quinn wears them. GIMME!!!!!)

    For my Lady toons:


    First, the hair. It's just below the shoulders, fluffy and full, parted on one side, showing Star earrings
    Deep V-necked (front and back) sleeveless shirt with metallic star detailing and NO necklace
    Metallic slim bracelets WITHOUT gloves
    Glowing lasso hanging to one side off the metallic belt with the W symbol
    Slimline leggings with metallic star detailing
    Medium height high-heel boots (taller than Heeled, shorter than Knee-High)

    I want these. I am happy to pay. :D
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  6. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

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  7. TheFlying Grayson Well-Known Player

    Damian Wayne's cloak/hood combo & chest (especially how it extends below the belt)
    Red Hood's jacket w/ shirt (shirt has emblem option)
    Bat-family cape - when you're acro gliding: snaps out to full width (like its a glider) just how batman uses it, but when walking/running its a normal cape
    Base items - scale models of Gotham & Metro (kinda like 3d models for any building project, just for the whole city)
    Jukebox - plays classic game music (open-world tunes, instance music, nightclub tunes. ESPECIALLY nightclub tunes) would be a base item so music would play in your base/league hall while it's on
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  8. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    gonna have to go with the usual:

    1)Donna troys original red jumpsuit with the asymetric star pattern

    2)a Shazam/Captain Marvel Cape

    3)Emblems of the JLA, JSA, and Titans

    4)cover reproduction of famous DC comics ala the Bombshell posters

    5)pet trinkets of actual dc pets: krypto, teekl, streaky, beppo, ace the bat hound, proty

    6) Kid Flash and Superboy for Legends

    7)the Elvis styles (or variations thereof).
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  9. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    8) and a cape that can be one color on the inside and another on the out,
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  10. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    If they add the Batmobile from the raids as a base item my wallet would fly open. Just like I said with the Batman Cowl, they can name their price and I'd pay it for the goddamn Batmobile lol.
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  11. Exostorm Well-Known Player

    Wonder Woman's shield
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  12. Pults Loyal Player

    Sinestro gloves with a visible yellow ring. Or you know, making the ring recolorable. Also having it on left hand and not right.
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  13. Exo Bang Babies Active Player

    After spending $20 for a head style, I'm not jonesing for anything else iconic.
    I've learned my lesson!
  14. TheFlying Grayson Well-Known Player

    is that actually not in the game already? im not a DCUO cape expert but that does seem like something we would already have
  15. AnonymousToughGuy New Player

    Body styles for me.

    Chubby like Granny or Trevor in Metro
    Skeleton... like the Halloween costume, BUT able to wear other gear
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  16. TheFlying Grayson Well-Known Player

    Also I forgot all about some other styles: JSA!
    Alan Scott's shirt
    Cosmetic option to change light users' ring to a Starheart one (like alan's ring)
    Original flash's long sleeve t-shirt w/ lighting bolt pattern
    Wildcat's headpiece
    Sandman's mask (if that's not already in-game which i think it might be)

    Oh yeah one last important thing: capes that fall OVER the shoulders instead of just fastened at the base of the neck
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  17. megamanexe Committed Player

    maybe a bat symbol so i can make an arkham knight toon or a flash one.
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  18. Dibrie Committed Player

    I want to have a small lioncupet for my base thats walks around, that follows me in battle and around doing stuff and that it would grow with the time i invest ingame.

    Off topic,

    I want a small lioncup pet that i get at lvl 12 that walks around in your base, that will grow with every 25SP and when you have 150 its fullgrown,
    Then you can go to the petvendor shop and one can buy a trinket so to help in battle (no coolingdown)
    Then with every 25 sp a lill stats increas of your counter role.

    One just can dream

    Greetz Dibrie
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  19. L T Devoted Player

    Pet Styles/Skins

    I'd love to change how robot sidekick looks.
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  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Keep the suggestions coming, folks.
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