What Leagues do you want to see face each other on Main Event?

Discussion in 'Friday Night Legends' started by Mepps, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Wasn't last kryptonians disbanded?
  2. Liongale Dedicated Player

    By the way, I do not speak for Revengencers in an official capacity, that's up to the rest of them. I was just thinking of some crazy ideas~
  3. D3athStrik3 Well-Known Player

    iCarryWithNoHands Vs Fami in PvP (5v5 Arenas) or PvE (Nexus 5 man) USPC
  4. Purple Ace New Player

    Take One Pieced, SoL, Replacements, and Uncensored and have the devs match up the teams randomly. Have the winners play each other. Thats an epic FNL and could be done in an hour's time.

    EU PS3
    Mass Terror vs. Anyone

    Fami vs. Anyone

    Odyssey vs. a pvp league
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  5. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    That is pretty sweet sounding Purple. Well done:).
  6. Mercenary Renegade New Player

    You forgot DQ formerly known as 1up and uhh...hmm...I can't think of another pvp league.
  7. Breakforce Loyal Player

    I nominate Splinter Cell to run 1v8 gauntlets
  8. Master Manipulator New Player

    I think a better main event would be One Pieced taking on a Team of Devs lol
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  9. Purple Ace New Player

    Unfortunately we were taken off the FNL indefinitely. I won't give the whole reason but the reason was one of our inactive members who hasn't played in months made an offensive post (he's a known troll lol) so our league is being punished for it. That is what we were told today :(
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  10. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    OP vs ODYSSEY ;)

    This is and always will be the ultimate main event for FNL :D
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  11. Purple Ace New Player

    PvE showdown? Cross platform? And grasping hand stacking is fixed? That would be fun ;)
  12. xDecap New Player

    Seems that grasping hand has been fixed... Does this mean that it was an exploit and not intended by the devs?

    That would mean that Odyssey exploited every nexus/wave vid theyve made so far... :D... hmmmm
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  13. Savage Mind Committed Player

    OP is 1-0 against the devs. They got so mad about that loss they broke flight. GG
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  14. Master Manipulator New Player

    Oh well that sounds dumb.. of course im not sure if they want people to tune into that thing or not.

    I was looking at it more from a marketing angle... Like what would get more people to tune in.

    But if they don't care who tunes in then I guess it doesn't matter...

    But clearly the biggest buzz right now in the community is the "Epic Odyssey, One Pieced HotFix" Storyline.

    I was playing Vince McMahon, Dana White, Don King etc.... Its that pesky Marketing Degree I have
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  15. Purple Ace New Player

    LOL definitely from an attracting viewers angle it would be epic. All the controversy that has been brewing on the forums/youtube lately would just make it that much more.....
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  16. Master Manipulator New Player

    That's very true... No one mastered that hand like Odyssey did
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  17. Ice Knight Well-Known Player

    Lmao Odyssey doesnt know how to PvP , why would you guys post that. Only thing they know is PvE.
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  18. Itazuki New Player

    Villain Empire is the Villain side's equivalence of EndOfContract.
  19. Itazuki New Player

    I actually really want to see Fami get their final fight against the Dev team.
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  20. The M New Player

    =/ carrywithnohands is atariĀ“s actual league, and fami won vs them and the actual THC on FNL. Would be interesting watch fami vs the remaining pvp leagues so they can clear everyone =o
    I think remaining competitive ones are:

    Public Enemies
    End Game * (this one might be actually really cool to watch)
    Beatyourface * (this can be a great match too)
    Villain Empire
    Bad Attitude
    Most Wanted

    This way they would wipe the vill side