What kind of mechanics/ideas from other games would you like in DC?

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  1. Scatcat279 New Player

    Pretty sure this isn't 'from other games' but here's some small things that I'd change. I have more ideas but they fall more in a 'revamp/rework' of game mechanics

    1. Make styles usable by all characters on the account, but only give them the feat for the style if that character completes the collection. Think of it as borrowing it. This makes it more fun to activly hunt the styles down for the costumes.

    2. Keep briefings and investigations and ongoing collections character specific, but make completed collections acount wide.
    This makes it so that people would not need to keep doing the RNG over and over again, but still leaves somethings to go after to collect in the game map.

    3. Make heroes and villains capable of cooperating. Someone already mentioned it, but I personally find it a very neat idea to have your character's reputation be the deciding factor if you are a hero or villain. You could start out with a boost based on your choice of mentor. There would have to be only 2 factions for this though. Do something for the sentinels and you'll gain hero rep and such. You wouldn't be able to go from Super hero to super villain, just villain or vice versa after one cycle (think of it as them keeping you a bit on a leash incase of double agent). While it doens't make complete sense in-game, it does give us more options for roleplay. There could also be certain protection detail missions for heroes to do, wich guarantees income but only gives exp if you stop crime. And villains could get heist missions wich guarantees exp but they have to earn the loot. Maybe a bit of PvP with signing up for a patrol and a villain does a heist or something.
  2. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    Other games have ACTIVE, WORKING, AND MAINTAINED PVP, that would be nice AGAIN on here.

    Instead of brushing it under the rug, for yet another year :/
  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You misspelled decade
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  4. BlackzStar New Player

    Hearthstone has it that after opening a certain amount of card packs you’re guaranteed to get a legendary card. Open a certain amount of time capsules get the super ultra rare item.
  5. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    I C what you did there! Not quite a decade but man that made me cackle! lol
  6. Mystyfy Level 30

    I'm with the other few who have suggested better movement both in combat and in open world instances. It's definitely a hindrance in combat, simple quality of life improvement for open world. I feel like the stuck in one place to cast a power thing is not suited well for a game tailored to make you feel like a superhuman. We're superpowered, not wizards or whatever from WoW. A game like this should thrive on action, and fluid movement is a main ingredient to that recipe. If you're superspeed, you should feel as such in combat. Instead you practically run in slow motion like you're being filmed on the set of Baywatch...

    Another mechanic I would like to see is actual weaponization, not just the "skill" percentage. It would be extremely cool to see a mechanic where focusing in weaponization adds an extra element to precision DPS. Allowing the player to pick up chunks of the pavement and use it like a shield, rip off a light post and use it like a 2 - Handed weapon, or pick up various weapons from fallen enemies like swords or rifles. Adds increased damage but the weapon degrades over time.
  7. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Rework Gorilla form so I can tank as nature or create a new animal form along with giving certain powers a different effect on tank stance. Don't have to make a a new tanking mechanic. Take rage or fire and copy/paste the effect but give it animal flavor and we would be good to go. I'd even say that the tanking form has a preset laodout. This gives nature the versatility I think it was designed to have in the beginning without necessarily making a hypotethcal tanking animal form op. You lose loadout variety compared to other tanks forms but have power versatity

    I would do somethi g like that for a trolling animal form too.

    That idea is just to start a general discussion of adding some spice to what we have. Since new powersets seem to be off the table why not I prove what we have. After Stats revamp , feel like the powers are in a place where you make every power play every role in a limited form of need be. Some will say what about balance but I say if we take easily copied mechanics like fire or rage's forms of tanking and just apply to an existing power we could have some fun. We would also get closer to the games original goal of every power playing every role.

    So for my example of a Gorilla tank taking fire or rage, we have the basic idea that they are meat Shields and Regen health.

    Rage fits that idea real instead the blood etc, we just get the animal roar sound effects, the healing , rage crash mechanic getting a different name but same effect(basically reskin).

    Vinelash could be your pull, healing aBilities can be turned into self heals in the tanking form, thorn shield behaves like a normal shield, etc. Essentially, you'd repurpose powers for the form. O don't know how feasible my idea is but it's a fun what if tothi k about.
  8. Tenacious New Player

    Not really something from a new game, but I would love for devs to build on older powers. Adding new abiliies to keep them relevant or give them a different feel. Maybe with nature there could be a power called Unbreaking Roots that make you immune to all CC effects.

    With Ice maybe you could have a power where you press your hands together (like below lol) and in a certain radius, the floor becomes Ice, staggering all enemies within the area.

  9. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Would love to see a boss fight in the future that punishes you for not beeing precise. Maybe a huge boss or machine with multiple target Points you you can target lock on to. If you hit the wrong one the group gets punished.

    Since the finishers got buffed its even possible to do that now with Might specs.
  10. Reverse~Reverse Flash Active Player

    Boss that need to be taken care of with Movement modes a chase of some sorts Thawne maybe even Lightray