What kind of mechanics/ideas from other games would you like in DC?

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  1. randomhero999 New Player

    Make feats an account wide unlock and give the sp to every character and every future character on the account. Redoing all that again for each character is a total non starter for me.
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  2. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    Time Gated mechanics/fights that punish you for being too slow either for moving too slow somewhere or knocking out certain bosses too slow. (has to affect the whole Group to make it interesting)
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  3. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    I've played some mmos where they have company employees logged in to the game to assist with game issues. They call them G
    "GMs" or "Game Masters". I know it's a crazy idea to provide in-game support but it just might be crazy enough to work.

    For the people who don't get it (there's always one) that post was sarcastic regardless the idea being crazy- my point is that daybreak isn't concerned about any kind of 'new mechanics' unless they lower cost or increase revenue. They may day this isn't the case but if they were really interested in making the game fun and interesting they wouldn't have reused a boss from a raid that was out in 2012. I could understand reusing the 'character' because how many times does Batman fight Joker - but they put the same boss in the same room and used the EXACT SAME MECHANICS.
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  4. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Like the crown of thorns and shattered Gotham raids?
  5. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    more like, an implemented Speed feat. you got "X" min. and a counter ticking down. If you fail, the Group wipes.
  6. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    I don't quite understand... so a speed feat you toggle 'on' somehow and then if you don't make it the group wipes? Isn't that pretty much exactly what the half cracked and raving mad feats are? I mean, I know in theory you can hit Shazam every time it's available and keep madness between 50 and 100 but with knockbacks and such making the activation cog unavailable at times it effectively puts a timer on a few bosses.
  7. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    a very under rated and MMO before it's time, was Star wars Galaxies, the crafting, the player cities, 32 professions, not including the unlock for jedi, and those trees of skills, that game had everything you could every want in a mmo, 13 planets, open space travel. which is again very underrated and beats lots of space games to this day, now if your gonna say SWG was TERRIBLE, it had so many bugs, if you played swg for more then 5 minutes you understand how amazing it was, from mining resources, the combat Que, pvp , requiring other players to thrive in the game is a great thing, and i still haven't seen a game come close to star wars galaxies when it comes to creativity, making something new and innovative, just something about that game was magical, taking place after the first death star was destroyed,

    The reason i bring swg up is , it was created by SOE, which is daybreak, the game went through 2 major changes. and was shut down 5 days before swtor "Star Wars The old Republic" came out, but lives on in private servers. but DC has alot of the same innovative , new style of gaming in it, and i think they can do more, i know in the beginning of dcuo, they were limited with licensing and all that restraint but they have gotten the green light to do all the new amazing things,

    i want to see power set style changes, aka quantum into a speed force looking style, as well as , "this is a long asked for one" either power set colour change modifiers, like the other color wheel options on armor, but if they don't add blue lanterns as a power set , i want to see Hard Light able to look like Blue lanterns, love lanterns, orange lanterns, indigo, white and black, lanterns, that would be the icing on the cake :)

  8. Zeph El New Player

    One of the things I enjoyed from City of Heroes was the concept of Day Jobs - your character spends time saving the city, state, country and world and then return to take your shift at the local Office Superstore. The Day Job could generate some income, solo missions, and minor perks depending on the job. It would give us other places to log off at instead of our bases - however if we did log off in our bases we could choose to do research, practice, or something else - all chosen from a console - or smart device base item.
  9. Lick Of Frost Active Player

    I would like to have a chat filter that I was allowed to choose what words I block much like Black Desert Online, having to block each and every gold spammer gets very annoying but with that filter you block .COM or .C0M and bam much less gold spamming and when they change it you just add the new key word.
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  10. bobert0317 Active Player

    Back when I used to play CoH, I thought this was cool idea. Made it seem more like your character actually had a purpose in the world.
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  11. BlackJak New Player

    now im not asking for a vehicle, but how about a "green goblin type" glider for acrobatics or skimming and as soon as you activate movement mode it appears from off screen your character jumps up and gets caught by the glider[IMG]
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  12. BlackJak New Player

    since the villain side is not as populated as the hero side, how about the ability to shout/LFG at both sides?
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  13. Xibo Loyal Player

    Ok, 3 very simple things....

    1) DCUO be also an Android game;
    2) LFG by default;
    3) Elite alerts;
  14. Xibo Loyal Player

    A Hard Light tank? I like that!
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  15. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Yup agree. Every power should have at least 2 roles since it give more options for people to be the power they like and have a chance to do a role they like
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  16. ixiYSOixi New Player

    Go play FFXIV then come back and try to argue that.
  17. AncientSpirit New Player

    I would like the ability to turn off the special effects of some of my superpowers. For example, I have an ice tank and I designed him to look exactly as I envisioned him. But hit a power and he icicles sprout out of his body as if he were a porcupine. If we need some visual device to indicate the power is working (which you don't really need since both damage and healing show up in numbers) then give us the option to just make the character's aura brighten or something subtle like that. There are examples of "porcupine" visuals in virtually every class.
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  18. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    I.E. pre nerfed nexus, it had that exact mechanic
  19. KOVA New Player

    It’d be fun to be whatever support role you enjoy! Let’s spread the word and maybe we can catch traction
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  20. Legasei Active Player

    Being able to adjust the queue size would be nice. For alerts, have the option to adjust the queue from 1-4, and for raids, 4-8.
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