What kind of mechanics/ideas from other games would you like in DC?

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  1. Mobius Twist Active Player

    My viewpoints are going to be "from the newbie" POV as I haven't played in a long time and am restarting on the Switch.

    1) Sell back vendor items for full purchase price within X timeperiod. Other games, WoW specifically, solved the "Oops, didn't mean to purchase that!" problems by allowing you to sell a mistaken purchase back to the vendor within one hour. This is super-important when the currency is some sort of token, and making mistaken purchases is just too easy to do with a controller.

    2) The basic costume styles you can vendor-buy for in-game currency should be available across the account; no replay tokens.

    3) All style items should have clear information on whether or not the style is character-only or account-wide. Old time players have probably adapted to this principle, but if you are going to a new system expect new players to NOT know your norms. It creates a perception that you are being deceptive in order to force more monetization.

    4) Currency overhaul. You have way too many currencies/tokens/etc. and it seems each new event or episode introduces even more. I think there needs to be some conversation on how to adjust these and reduce the number of currencies to something manageable. Again, if you grew with the game over time it probably makes more sense, but for the newcomers it's a hideous mess.

    5) Along with the currency overhaul, it's probably time to go back and consider doing an overhaul of membership tiers and rewards, top to bottom.

    6) Randomly timed, cross-faction and/or PVP large-scale open-world events.

    These are some of the things I've been thinking about this past month having returned to the game.
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  2. Mobius Twist Active Player

    Oh, and one more thing:

    It's time to go back and do some clean-up with your text. I understand the challenges of a highly focused (read 'small') staff: We can fix the old minor stuff or produce new stuff. I don't buy that excuse, because that's just what it is, and I've heard it from a lot of developer studios. I love you, but my top-notch money deserves a top-notch game.

    Examples: The Spirit battle with Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Eclipso. "Compassiom" There was anotherone that Idid thathad so me reallybad spacin g problems [example]. I can't remember which one but I am hoping to hit it again soon on another character. Again, people grinding end game are probably not seeing these any more, but from the newbie point of view they are pretty glaring and create some perception problems for your new player base.
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  3. FrauFever New Player

    why can a lvl 5 mob attack my lvl 280 character and pull me out of fast movement? why isn't a lvl 5 mob cowering in fear, hoping i fly on by without noticing them?
    why does accidentally hitting the block button put me into a combat state for 5 seconds. why do i have to wait 5 seconds after EVERY fight to move normally again?
    i'm actually curious. i can't think of a single good reason for any of these things, if you have one, i'd be interested in hearing what it is, because right now, it seems to me to be a series of either terrible choices, or bad design, or both...
    when i play a melee character, why do i keep getting killed because i'm trapped against the mob i'm fighting, by my pet, other players, and their pets? and while we're talking about pets, why does mine hover at my right shoulder? the place for a pet is two paces behind you, always. forever. NEVER in my face. never.
    and you all have a box fetish. weapons come in a box, in a box....everything comes in a box, usually in another box, occasionally in another box....if you want to give me items during an event, mail them to me, quit it with the granted item menu stuff....click this box, to click this box, then click this box to.....just put it in my inventory....or my mail...just not in another box...
    why are there pieces of Nth metal worth ten exp? or 20? that don't stack? drop less of it, make it all worth at least 100, and make it all stack...
    this is at least a personal issue of mine, but i don't want to support heroes. i don't want them to be able to swoop in and "share" my work. i'm not particularly fond of villains doing it, but i can deal with it. it just feels like you're MAKING me help my enemy when you make it so that heroes can just come stand by me, kill one mob, then get credit for my work.
    i'll actually just abandon what i'm doing and fly away, find an area with no purple people flying around,
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  4. FrauFever New Player

    but...but...but that would cut into the time they spend reskinning the same instances and re-releasing them as "new" content
  5. FrauFever New Player

    i recently got yelled at by a tank for not being behind the boss. the boss that was spinning like a top, facing a different direction every 5 seconds....i know the place for melee dps is behind the boss, but how is that supposed to happen when most tanks can't keep the boss facing the same way for more than a few seconds? when the melee dps that's 100 cr and 200 sp over everyone else keeps taking agro and turning the mob? because that's exactly what happens. people who are vastly over geared for the content queue up, and end up being a tank, whether they want to or not, whether the group has an actual tank or not.....
  6. FrauFever New Player

    i love you, and want to have your children
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  7. FrauFever New Player

    they are account wide....if you pay for it. they'll never do this, because then they wouldn't sell as many replay badges
  8. FrauFever New Player

    this is what you get for having daily downtime...if the game was up, i wouldn't be here....
    have some compassiom....
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  9. FrauFever New Player

    here's an actual serious suggestion.
    it would be nice to be able to drop a mission i don't want to do. i hate "first, second, and third aid"....i don't want to do it. but if i get it, i either have to do it, or forever give up doing any of the other two possible missions, because i have this mission stuck in the hidden tab....
    then once i've done the mission i don't want to do, it makes the rest of the stuff i have to do there a lot less enjoyable, and i end up storming through it, much more annoyed than entertained.
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  10. FrauFever New Player

    in a lot of places, mobs are placed way too closely together, with no way you can attack one group without agroing another. this isn't a problem, except that half the time, there's a timer counting down on the mobs i killed first, and now they're going to be lost, because i have to kill everything that was within half a block of them.....
  11. nutterz72 Active Player

    This game needs a Cataclysm event, shake up the maps, get rid of the bottled buildings in Metropolis, maybe include some daylight in Gotham? New content, update this baby. Call it DCUO part 2, whatever, just make it new and current. Add more mentors like Green Arrow, Green Lantern/Sinestro/Autrocitus?(if using light powers only), Deathstroke. Let us choose between powers OR weapons, not both and correct power usage so that we don't run out after using 3 powers in a row. Mentor will be appropriate to your power set, example, lightning you might have Shazam/Black Adam and each mentor will have a unique story set at certain level like the mentors have now. WoW Legion/BFA zone events that pop up with objectives and bosses that may or may not need a group. I like the idea of some power sets maybe having perma sidekicks, like using bow/arrow, maybe have speedy as a sidekick(kind of like a hunter in WoW). Super strength power set with options of utility weapons such as lasso's, hammer, or don't use one and have a little side kick, again. I mean, there is so much that could be added, another powerset that is storm/weather related, radiation, sonic, but, for me the biggest things is just to update everything. Add more world content that can pop up, more maps/cities that aren't raid/dungeon specific. Not necessarily keeping up with what the author maybe was looking for, sorry. You could just get rid of the legend power options like spinning around into a tornado, sonic blast, eye beams and just make them into power sets, which includes more similar powers, of course(Flash power set, Canary sonic powers sets, cyclops power set with agility/martial arts included with eye beams?>In the line with WoW, make daily quests specific for factions, change them up daily. Weekly map bosses for uber loot. Take out each specific zone you've created for the Amazons, JLA Dark, lanterns, atlantis attacks, moving through time event, etc...and make them pop up zone events instead, villain/hero specific(soloable).
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  12. nutterz72 Active Player

    I have to agree, even though you got a lot of crap for this post. The warning system in this game is HORRIBLE. There are raids I've never, ever completed due to bad timing associated with not seeing/hearing raid warnings, groups break up, bam, no going forward. So much light and sounds, you miss it sometimes. And the one shots, yeah, too many of those. Sorry author, not sorry. Time spent reviving others could be time spent on the bosses and actually having fun. Sometimes I think some content just revolves around how fast you rez someone. Get rid of it!!
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  13. MadPatrick New Player

    I really wanted to see a Blue Lantern as a new healer power. :) I hope this comes true.

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  14. Cozminot Level 30

    Maybe not the place to post but I feel our movement mode isn’t as epic as it could be. Be it gliding, flying, or running, you move quicker while free falling which I find should be tweaked. I think a cool aspect you could put in game would be a next speed to all movement modes.
    When you click the joystick in you go into the fastest speed, what would be cool is after that if you push the left joystick forward, you go even faster, but if you let off the joystick you go back to the speed before it. Would make travel faster and we would all feel more super being able to move a ridiculous speed.

    I saw in a low budget superhero game demo a character leap into the air then start flying at a great speed to their objective. Was just an awesome thing to see That is one aspect I feel we don’t get from this game. This is my favorite superhero game I have ever played and I feel adding this aspect would be a cool edition. The only good thing the Superman Returns game back on X-Box had was flight was handled very well. There were different levels of speed you could achieve in that game that was rewarding. Would be great to see some of that added to the game.
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  15. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Destiny Style loot management for content, i.e. weekly rewards for "big" prizes and no other limitations on standard currency / loot drops, replays for Style / Feat repurchase alone.
  16. Vol El New Player

    Ability to change lightning color for speedsters. Might be an old discussion but a necessary one. Why won't you do it dcuo?!??!!?
  17. ahmtcn New Player

    The reason I started the game was that nature was like that
    if only it would be fun if I could play this style :)
    but unfortunately it is very boring now :(
    I hope they fix it

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  18. ahmtcn New Player

    I wish nature would be like the druid of world of warcraft
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  19. KOVA New Player

    Ok ok...so this thread made me finally create an account. Long time player (since beta) and I’ve always wanted to see an option to choose your support role regardless of the power you use. I’m not sure if anyone has ever suggested it or how much work would actually be involved to do such a thing but hear me out...so I play celestial but I’m not a fan of healing. I do however absolutely love being a controller so what I think would be cool is having the option to be celestial and then from there pick from a support skill set. Being able to be a celestial controller would be soooo dope or a rage healer . *Ill heal you with HATE* or whatever. I know that’s a lot to ask and as I’ve said, I’m sure it would be quite a task to do something like that but having a way to select the support role of any power you choose would be pretty great in my book and I think it would help with diversity of the game if done the right way. Certain powers have buffs on certain support roles to make it interesting and possibly bring back a need for more than 1-1-1-5 groups (heal-tank-troll-dps system we mostly run now)...just my 2 cents
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  20. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

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