What kind of mechanics/ideas from other games would you like in DC?

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Appreciate this thread.
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  2. IcyStone Well-Known Player

    - Style creator - I posted about this long time ago and i know probably not possible because or copyrights or something. The inicial idead was that there is 3 ways to do it and the dificulty increase with complexety. Easy way: Abilitiy to "re-paint" where the colors of a slimline style go. Mediam way: Ability to combine styles into 1. Harder way: We actually can created a style, maybe could cost items to craft.

    -Material combinator. Combine 3 older materials at our choise into the new material system (chromas). Could cost items to craft. (Also posted about this before).

    - Each episode has a expandable room in our base/ add more items that we can place, like skill points in each episode.

    - New raid concepts. Raid system could use some more variations (appreciate this in last 2 episodes). Maybe could have fights in space that we actually travel (not in cut scenes). Could have a raid that we have to construct a huge weapon, for example like we construct the tubes in Spindrift Station. Could fight a huge boss in a vast landfild. Could have map with more levels, in height (a bit like plataform where we choose more our path).
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  3. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Preferably bring back boss fights like Machine, Oan Schiencells, Happiness Home, Ultimate Soldier. I love when I can just go in and be in one room. Not sure if others enjoy that type of scenario, but I sure do. Also prefer to have a duo set up in the same one. Spice it up a little. Make it to where its not a bore to have to run the duo or solo every day.
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  4. eanur Well-Known Player

    For me personally I would want done sort of actual progressing to levelling in this game similar to other mmo's. Usually when a dlc comes out it takes a week or 2 to level up and get gear to be able to get into raids and then you complete raids in order to get the marks that's allow you to get vendor gear. With this game however as soon as a dlc launches on day 1 the new raids can be completed with the previous dlcs gear and some leagues even complete elite within the first couple days as well. But this all stems to the massive mistake this game introduced years ago with reply badges meaning the strongest players in game right now are the ones with the biggest wallets not skill.
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  5. Skullzin New Player

    I want to be able to put a symbol next to someone's name on my friend list like a tank/troll/dps symbol or a star or a power symbol (water, fire, celestial), sometimes I forget why that person is added and with the symbol I would know why or the player role.
    I would also like to see the player's cr on the friend list and the role he is playing at that time, this would facilitate the invitation to missions. These two suggestions are in the game Warframe, and they help a lot. And lastly I would like a account bound ignore list so you wouldn't have to ignore the same person on all characters.
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  6. GokuSSJ7 New Player

    Today I see few people changing power. When they change they remain with the power of the roe they once belonged to.
    They do not change from tank to healer, from healer to controller often.

    I myself would like sometimes to enjoy other powers, but what hinders all this is the change of MOD in the generator, mainly. I think there could be an update on the generator to put or release all mods of all roles.
    Changing gear is also a hindrance for support players. For DPS whatever right.

    Another feature of this game is the animations and graphics that appeal to players, however, recently removed the entire Zeus Orbital graphic due to the complaint that most tanks play on the pc.

    I play tank, healer, controller and I see no problem in the powers or orbital animations. Never had Lag, nothing like that ... Who plays on PC that makes a crossfire on the machine and put a quality internet.

    I was for over 4 years a member of one of the biggest and best leagues in the game and there were many active players, today this league exists but nobody plays the game. Of the nearly 450 players in it today, only 6 play DC universe online. Even my son who introduced me to the game and loved to play has stopped playing this game because of the changes.

    Nowadays, it is much easier to play the game, anyone who can push the buttons can play, even without the ability to play the game.
    He stopped because he thought the advanced mechanics made the game too easy. This is true...

    Formerly to do elite raid and feats you had to have group rapport, player skills and quick thinking. Nowadays, whatever, it's easy .. I keep playing myself because I like it but I don't care about Feats like in the past ..
  7. Midnight Man8 Level 30

    I hope Daybreak Devs read this. Please dont give up on your job to make this game to be the best game ever. That's all I want to tell.
  8. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    + When you're in open world...If someone is below 50% health their dot on your map flashes yellow. Below 25% it flashes red. This way you can take note and come to save the day. Or if you're a villain, get their fast just to watch.

    + More puzzles. The maze and finding the New Gods artifacts were kind a fun.

    + Make Super Strength viable. Starting out it was fun watching the tank lift stuff up and get extra damage. Now it's all but forgotten. This should be something which should be used in end game content. Let the tank pick up an add and throw it at the others.

    + Let us use our Lairs to add/remove base items and change our styles while offline. Then when we join the game we'll get a prompt, "Would you like to save the offline changes you made?" This way when the servers down we can do something productive. (Like we could do anything in the real world, right?)
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  9. Mercy Hanadarko New Player


    I was having a conversation with a league-mate last night about some of this. I like your thoughts. He jumped on his villain (we normally play heroes), came in to my base to take some screen shots and we realized we could not even speak with each other, as in using the "SAY" command! That is kind of silly. It is like being next to each other on the same battlefield and you cannot hear them say anything standing right next to you.

    Grouping would be nice, considering we are all doing basically the same missions. Admitedlly I do not play a villain enough to know the mission goals and if they are the same as the heroes, but if they are, how about allowing it for world missions or dailies. I do not, just spit-balling this one.

    My personal comment last night was along the lines of revamping the powers system to allow you to fill any roll you want (tank, heal, damage, control) based on what powers you chose, skill pts you apply, and gear you select. This might be too big to do now, but if they really wanted to I cannot see why it could not work. We already have the gear specific and skill specific points. Maybe just include some power set upgrades specific to certain roles abilities.

    I've been around a long time, but also took a real long break from this game until about a few months ago. I have yet to encounter so many groups part of the Reputation system...also, it seems like just doing the story content does not even really get you to the first tier of reputation. I think this needs attention. Perhaps I am doing something wrong or missing things, but I do not think I am that far off the mark.

    Costumes: would love to see more flexibility. It is a good system (not great, City of Heroes to me is the very best costume creator system and power designer system ever so far). For example, we cannot use logos/emblems on many costume pieces. That is very limiting. If you cannot tell, I oppose limiting! lol Costumes, at least for me, is a very fun aspect for me. I change outfit looks weekly; tweak here, tweak there, old look, modern look, etc.

    I am no programmer and I get its easy to say "We need..." or "I want to see..." and it is not possible. But ideas and communication are the way to get info out there. If nothing I said can be done, oh well. They were thoughts based on what I have observed and thought "wouldn't this be cool for the players?"

    Thanks for taking the time. :)
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  10. Mercy Hanadarko New Player

    I like these too! :)
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  11. Stilway Well-Known Player


    I would like to see all the power sets and weapons have more mobility like some of fire, ice and munition powers have. The planted in one spot while using a power/weapon makes the game feel so constraining. Maybe if this game goes to PS5 and whatever Microsoft comes out with we could get a game play update like this so that it doesn't continue feeling like a limited combat play.

    Also if we could get rid of the 4 or 5 second movement SLOW DOWN delay?.... Well that in itself would be AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Give my character the superpower to walk and chew gum at the same time PLEASE!
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  12. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    I'd like the feats to be account wide instead of per toon.
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  13. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I can only speak for fire...but the reason for this mobility was a trade-off for the long cast times. In fact, when Advanced Mechanic was released, mobility was specifically for Fire. Before that you were stuck in place when you used Fireburst and Absorb Heat.
  14. Stilway Well-Known Player

    You're right... however I think you're missing my point... the topic is about adding new mechanics to the game. I'm saying I'd like to see them give the powers a facelift where we can still move and side step while using our powers and weapons. Kind of like what they did with fire, ice and munitions. I'm asking them to do that with the other power sets.

    I don't know about you? But I hate that I'm stuck in one place while fighting. A perfect example would be the solo fight in the new solo against mirror master. That fight is a lot more fun with fire because you can side step out of those aoe while spamming flame cascade. Compared to quantum or any other power where you're stuck to the ground and can't move.
  15. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I understand what you're saying. I'm just saying the Devs gave certain powers moves and other powers other advantages. If every power had movement while casting then it would be only fair that all advantages for every power be given to anyone. Then there would be no real distinction between them except for the visuals.
  16. ParadoxVanguard Well-Known Player

    Champions online has a Nemesis system that triggers once you reach a certain level and you have to make a Nemesis that you go through a quest chain to battle. I think for a superhero game that is a great installment I think would benefit DCUO very much. We already have style unlocking so if we set up a system where once you reach level 30 and join your faction Justice League/Society, that a Mission opens up where we create our own Archenemy.

    I think its cool we get to play through some of the comic book stories but the game does need original content so we can feel like we are also apart of the DC universe instead of reacting to other characters situations. After we hit level 30 we can create a character of the opposite faction give them henchmen from a set theme think of the henchmen they already gave us in game via bases or rewards and we set them to the character. If the character is a hero we can just select from a police force/sentinels of magic/science police. And the mission can revolve around the Origins Magic/Meta/Tech. That way it incorporates various aspects of character creation that really serve no purpose in game.

    Quest chain doesn't have to be long and we should have a solo or maybe a alert or raid where 4 to 8 of the Archenemies team up and we have to group up to stop them. This is just a idea I been floating around with but anyway that DCUO decides to add a system like this in game I think would help with the lack of original content and break some of same ol same ol the game features.
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  17. Brit Loyal Player

    While I wouldn't complain about having an original Hero or Villain target my character, I think I could get even more enjoyment out of an arc where an existing DC canon villain, even just a C-lister, specifically targets my character.

    Step 1: A bounty targeting some open world villain like Clock King, Calendar Man, or Control Freak. This unlocks Step 2.
    Step 2: A Duo using one of the Police Station maps, where criminals have overtaken the Police Station. Rescue Gordon and Bullock while a jailbreak occurs and the criminals appear to get away. Then we zone into our Lair for the final phase and we are confronted by the same villain from the earlier bounty, escaped and angry that we arrested him. Our Lair is filled with Henchmen themed to the boss, and a couple of booby-traps. Then we fight that bounty villain as the final boss, with him ranting about how he will get his revenge for what we put him through.

    If they wanted to get even more wild with it, they could randomize the villain, like the end of the Starro Alert.

    It's not too long or elaborate, but it would be great to be a hero (or villain) who feels like a real hero (or villain) instead of like a Henchman. For once, it would be our enemy actually targeting US, instead of targeting the Batcave or the Fortress or Oa, while we get recruited in to protect someone else from their own nemesis. For once, we have an enemy angry enough at us that we are the one being targeted.
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  18. Cozminot Level 30

    Not a complaint but I would like to see fights not always done on the ground. I feel our movement modes could be utilized more. How cool would it be to have the big fights happening in the air and on the ground. Many fights in the comics played out like that. I know many logistics would need to be figured out but I feel it would make the game more dynamic.
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  19. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    hmmm. Kingdom Hearts comes to mind, id like dc to include secret crazy strong bosses in old locations, that spawn based on cr. maybe Blight in Bludhaven, or Ma'alefa'ak in Area 51
  20. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    also, what about a decal slot for every piece? separate from materials and emblems. so imagine say, the Main Man chest in Gold material,but then u have a Cheetah print decal applied, and then u can also add an emblem to it. just some additional ideas for more standout appearance, Crash Nitro Fueled gave me the idea, as a kart can have animated paint (material) , a decal, & a sticker (emblem)