What is your personal plan for DCUO?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ramonater, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Pults Loyal Player

    Side dish most likely. Pvp currently has little appeal to me and pve is just, worth doing once a week.
    I played skyforge for a few days and whilst it's still in open beta, I like it's current state. I might even play it on EU server. Here in DC I made the switch from EU to US since getting a game going on EU side was too troublesome.
  2. Ramonater New Player

    i always wanted to play on the EU server just to see how things differ, i have read a few times that prices are lower, replays sell for more and so forth. Unfortunately i do not want to put in the time and start a new toon though.
  3. Pults Loyal Player

    Not worth it, population a year a go was small, now it's even worse.
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  4. Ramonater New Player

    let's hope DCUO will turn it around in a few months because by the looks of it the next DLC wont do it for many players
  5. Chaosmare New Player

    So apparently my situation is a bit different, in that I'm not a primarily MMO player and play DCUO very sparingly and casually in between new releases and my "go-to" games. Just resubbed for 3 months after a 1 to 1.5 years leave ( and that was because I was spending WAY too much time in Legends PvP and dailies to the detriment of my other games ). I don't have as good a grasp as most of you folks about how the changes effected the game negatively since I'm still grasping all the new stuff, and I don't, nor plan to atm, play at high tier raiding or PvP.

    Time will tell if I'll resub after 3 months, I'm simply too new to everything over again now, and just glad to be replaying the game in general. Always glad to read the criticism and info from players with a deeper understanding of the game though. Lots of things I would gloss over otherwise.
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  6. Ramonater New Player

    i think after taking so much time off you will have a very positive experience because you will have lots to run. That is what i am gonna end up doing, taking around 3-4 months off then come back then time off and then back
  7. Controller Devoted Player

    I'd like to see some tie-ins with the new DC Movies that are coming out soon.

    The next few years are going to be HUGE for DC....DCUO should try to capitalize on that somehow.
  8. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    My plan is to enjoy the new content as it comes and mock people who are obsessed with wringing their hands constantly about how doomed the game is.
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  9. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    My sub is up in August and I'm going to renew for another 3 months. I like the look of the Bombshells episode and possibilities of variety in the future. With instances like Lab, HoH, Fatal Exams in the last 2 releases, I know that there will be large group content that I will enjoy. The solo and duo content is always good or great and has never been an issue for me.

    Another way to look at it: Batman Arkham Knight cost me $103 for the game and season pass. I finished the game (on Hard), Harley Quinn episode and Batgirl Episode in 2 weeks. DCUO is $29 for 3 months and has so much content that I play an unhealthy amount of time without getting bored and I still can't get everything done that I want to get done.

    My only concern going forward is the 'affinity' gear combined with the shorter grind time before new content. If it becomes a 'perceived' necessity to use replays for content, that will be when I start to question things. I don't have a problem spending extra money on the game, but my Sub should cover all my content play requirements.

    Power Mechanics, Stat-flattening and all the crap people complain about is just stuff I try to adapt to, for the most part.
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  10. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    It is a bit depressing, but for the most part it's not meant in a "screw this game" way.

    This was my follow up post to the overall tone of the thread at the time:

  11. Fentonian Well-Known Player

    I finally upgraded to a PS4 last month. Popped a 1T Seagate hybrid in there and load times are day and night. Everything is crisp, everything actually renders when it should.(for a change). I thought that things running more smoothly would re-ignite my passion for the game (playing since 2011 and subbing for the last few years). Guess what?………………..not so much.

    My personal plan for DCUO – Rear-view mirror + Wallet closed shut + Thinking fondly of the pre-T5 days.

    I’ve been playing the latest Batman, the Witcher, Mordor and MG Zero (cus it was free on PLUS last month) and I suddenly realised I was actually having FUN gaming again. DCUO was my first MMORPG and I can honestly say that I shall never bother with another one.

    Even if The Division next year turns out to be just another gank-fest - we’ve still got MGS in sep / Fallout & SW Battlefront in nov / Just Cause & Hitman in dec.

    MMO? DCUO is not so much of the massive these days – just stand in once swamped public areas and tell me we are living in the “Golden” age of DCUO.

    RPG? The only quest that the majority of people I seem to run into these days is that for Ritalin, counselling and the ever elusive (seemingly) common sense .

    Grind vs Fun?

    That’s a rhetorical question, is it not?

    My sub runs out in a few days and the auto renew has been hit with a big fat NO.

    Unless they stop trying to blatantly milk the whales and showing the finger to everybody else, I truly can’t see an end to the ever progressive exodus of subs.

    I was under the impression that most MMORPG’s that had been running for several years tended to have some form of expansion pack at some point, as opposed to blatantly rehashing existing stuff – my bad.

    …….but hey look…...new shiny things!!!!!

    New skins for existing legends (buy buy buy)!!!!!!!!! New access to already existing styles (hell yeah)!!!!!!! New previously solo stuff that you now have to play with some random a$$hat who will mess you about and further decrease your enjoyment of the game (awesome)!!!!!!!!!

    Yay!! Sounds like a win / win to me.

    / end sub.

    ….as one may infer, I’m kind of sitting on the fence right now ;)
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  12. Southbeatz Well-Known Player

    Keep in mind we have Arrow, Flash TV shows which are doing very good. Upcoming also is Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, also Gotham. I think there are other DC shows that I forgot offhand. If the devs use these TV shows to inspire new content, they could possibly gain new players that watch those TV shows and also lure back in players currently on hiatus from DCUO.
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  13. Xanoth Dedicated Player

    Personally, I'm torn...

    Part of me wants to just throw down my money and take a years sub...

    Part of me remembers every time I've done that with other mmos, I've quit 3-4 months later and never went back.

    Despite how much I complain, I still really enjoy the game, yet my time playing alts is getting less, there's nothing else left that I want to level and nothing I've levelled that feels worth putting more effort into to replace my main 3 characters for each role.

    I've played a bit of Skyforge, certainly seems very promising. I've had a look back at The Secret World, might give that another play through.

    Honestly until I started playing DCUO in January I'd not really played an MMORPG actively for 3 years. Now I'm back in the same old situation of feeling like I NEED an MMO to be playing, nothing else is quite as fulfilling.

    So interesting that this comes up, I'm still really trying to figure out if the fact all the recent changes that I hated haven't made me quit means I am hooked enough to stay long term... Sub renews in 4 days, I doubt I'll have made a choice before then so I guess I'll see in the next episode and decide from there.
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  14. Ramonater New Player

    Yeah but arkham knight was a 1 time $103 bucks while i am sure you have spent and will spend way way more then that on DCUO
  15. Ramonater New Player

    im kinda in the same boat as you however my sub ends around august 20 so hopefully this whole bombshell DLC and duo are worth it. I am also waiting to see how things go, like i said previously i will wait until October which means i might renew for 1 month depending on this next DLC or maybe after trying it out i let my sub run out and return in about 3-4 months when there is much more content to run (more bang for my buck)
  16. Ramonater New Player

    i and many others have been saying we need an expansion, something that allows us to level our toon to level 40 or 50 although that will be tough because the after 30 your CR is your new level. Maybe they should release an expansion that furthers our CR without gear or something like that. I am sick and tired of grinding to reach max CR then in about a month or 2 it becomes useless and the cycle starts all over again. My cousin is a WoW addict and he tells me every time they release and expansion it feels like leveling a toon up all over again. I missed the feeling of leveling both of my toons but i do not want to go through that whole process all over again, done it twice and wont do it again especially after GU47. This game has nothing new to offer other then new gear which people are getting sick of.
  17. Her02Zer0 Well-Known Player

    My personal plan on this game is to finish my gathering feat, then only come on to do a couple of LPvE runs everyday and run raids once a week. I'll probably be more active when new DLC comes out though.

    Seeing as my majority of my feats lie within LPvE I'll probably burn myself out doing that and take another break from this game.
  18. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Arkham Knight is essentially finished after 2 weeks for $103 (that's 9 months of DCUO time)

    And that's just it though, I won't spend a ton more on DCUO. $10 for my sub and around $10 per month average for extras. Is not a lot of money for the amount that I play.
    Don't get me wrong, Arkham Knight is an awesome game that I would not miss, but DCUO has much more perpetual play value for the dollars spent. Unlike your average box game, DCUO doesn't end. Whereas, finding box games that I like can be a challenge - if I'm playing them consistently.
  19. WorldsDown New Player

    Too late for any of that, I deleted the stench of DC Universe Online from my PS4 months ago.
  20. DcPlayer313 Committed Player

    Since this thread is still going strong I'm gonna make another comment. Last night I simply could not play the game. At cr 118 I am pretty much stuck. People who are looking for groups always shout out content my cr is too high for or when they do shout out content that my cr is qualified for, we can never get a full group together or I am too late to join the group. You already know how the que system works after the marks change ( useless ) which leaves me with pretty much with nothing at all to do.

    If I can't even play the game what's the point ? Oh and I know it's not just me because I stand around people in the HOD doing the exact same thing I am doing.....nothing.

    At this point I'll be moving on to mmo's where you can actually play the game. I'm not quitting I'm just unable to play the game since the changes have been made.

    I'll pop on the boards from time to time to see if changes have been made where a player can actually play the game but at this point it is simply pointless to even bother logging on.