What is Your Hero/Villain Battlecry or One Liner?

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  1. Deathmike Loyal Player

    I smell weakness.

    Deathmike out.
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  2. Craven Green Loyal Player

    If I am on my Tank it's "Geronimo" as I jump in to corral the adds.

    If I am on Craven it's "NO, don't run"
  3. Adell New Player

    Does Craven say that while holding a bag of "candy"?
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  4. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    While drinking "Guys I'm going to try something, this is going to be awesome!" then I do something really dumb that so how works and is actually awesome. I then spend the next couple of days sober trying to replicate the awesome thing.

    EDIT: when I'm sober I'm usually yelling "You can't tell ke what to do!"
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  5. Billy Sparks Committed Player

  6. Craven Green Loyal Player

    he he he yes while also standing in the shadows of a dark alley.
  7. Obsisteret Well-Known Player

    "There's something in your face. *punch* IT WAS PAIN!"
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  8. The Sanctifier New Player

    "I be on that Kryptonite, straight up on that Kryptonite"
  9. Dom-Eon Dedicated Player

    "Go back to Starlabs, you don't want this..."
  10. TheCrimsonMask New Player

  11. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    "A good death is it's own reward."

    Anyone know where that quote is from?

  12. TheDark Devoted Player

    doesn't Faora say that in Man of Steel?
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  13. TheDark Devoted Player

    I usually just scream "IT'S OVA!"
    Before WM, I used to scream Photon Blast. Especially when I spammed it right before a boss was about to die. I used also scream Final Ruin when I played with Sorcery.
  14. DragonBeer New Player

    Has just been revoked!
  15. Breakforce Loyal Player

    Back off get your own sandwich
  16. somerandombats New Player


    (in a drunk dox fighting the warrior)
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  17. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

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  18. Arcpope New Player

    Another w.o.w player.

    That vid always cracks me up.

    Nothing beats leeroyyy jennnkins.
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  19. MasterRedDeth New Player

    Hero (ZolEl):
    "I am ZolEl, the Last Guardian of the House of El!"
    "Let me show you the error of your ways, cretin!"
    "Not even Zod's hordes frightened me! What makes you any different?"
    "Krypton is forever with me."
    "There is always hope, my brethren. Even in the face of death."
    "Defend this world with your lives! We must not fail the trust of the Earth!
    "To justice, my fellow heroes!"

    Villain (ZolaZod):
    "I am the son of Zod and invested with the glorious will to revive Krypton!"
    "The son of Jor El has seen his last sunrise."
    "These so-called heroes are champions of El.... I must vanquish them."
    "I enjoy watching your world crumble around you, son of Jor-El."
    "Foolish ZolEl and your band of heroes.... you stand no chance against what I have laid upon this Earth."
    "For Krypton!"

    Hero (Adversarius):
    "I cast ye out you virulent villainous foe!"
    "These beasts are no match for my sorcery."
    "I am born with the powers of the gods and nothing can stop me!"
    "This world is better than what exists in Tartarus."
    "Wonder Woman has trained me and I will herald the next generation of warriors into a battle for glory."
    "Hadrius is a lost soul and all I can do is battle for these mortals he seeks to enslave."
    "You're the one who is wrong, Hadrius! Nobody is ever going to better than the other. Stop this madness and together we'll show humanity the right path."
    "Then you are truly lost and I am sorry. The only end in sight is the end I hoped to avoid."

    Villain (Hadrius):
    "My dear brother Adversarius has aligned himself with the puny mortals. He shall see the error of his ways at the edge of my blade."
    "For Circe, my rage grows ever powerful enough to destroy those whom dare challenge me."
    "The inequity of mortals is a curse, delusional brother of mine. They were destined to be in the service of their betters!"
    "It is too late to save humanity from their weaknesses and the path of heresy. We must punish their impudence!"
    "Then so be it... to battle between brothers. You shall not live to see the world of greatness that I envision."
  20. Crimson Jonni New Player

    And yes thats usually how it ends up. And the rest of the justice league is the rest of the group watching me die before they think about assisting me