What is the point of the Cheetah vendor?

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  1. beardrive Committed Player

    Every DLC, the Cheetah vendor dumps the items from the previous DLC onto it, requiring the last three DLCs coin to be used on it. Previous to that it's Legacy content and therefore purchased with Source Marks.

    No in-game cash (what you see in your inventory in the bottom right) was even addressed in this process. Why do we have in-game cash at all anymore if we can't even buy base items with it? This concept devalues all currencies now.

    I asked over 2 years ago that we have a seasonal vendor, or at least a base item vendor added to the house of legends with groups of base items that go together. We got Cheetah.

    Someone complained that there was nothing on The vendor and Mepps replied that this was only the beginning. It turns out it was only the beginning--of more DLC items.

    Businesses fulfillment fails fall in generally two categories--ignorant or evil. Someone is either ignorant of what you want, or they are a jerk and they're not going to give it to you.

    If you do not know, Mepps' job is a community liaison. He not only polices the forums, but also informs us of upcoming content and changes to the various systems, addressing bug fixes etc.

    In addition, of Mepps' main jobs is to take the information that we give him and deliver it to developers so they can make cogent decisions about how to move the game forward and please the players enough to get them to stick around and play more.

    Now, he may seem irritated at some points, or even irritating at times, but he's not stupid. So this information is being delivered to developers...All of it.

    So what we have received in return is a Starfield window to be purchased with quarks. Another currency? More RMT? I'm confused as to why the Cheetah vendor even exists anymore.

    Cheetah is an unvisited DLC vendor now, and all of those base items drop commonly in most of the previous DLCs so there is no reason to buy any of them anyway. That is also the fact that none of those base items, even combined together from all of the DLCs could possibly make an intelligible base.

    Our communication for years now is that we need relevant base items to be able to create a base, IN WHATEVER WAY THAT HAPPENS.

    So my question is, why do we still have the Cheetah DLC vendor? Is this a line item on a spreadsheet so that the corporation can be informed that some "action" was taken?

    I never see anyone at it, I never see anyone buy anything from it, and maybe once every 2 or 3 months I might see one or two items go up on the broker for an amount of money that makes them expire. And expire they do.

    I vote to either expand the Cheetah vendor, or remove it entirely.

    Even more absurdly, you can get the starfield window by buying the feat over onto a brand new alt for 3 replay badges, rather than spending $10 plus opening a number of time capsules just to get the quarks to get it.

    I believe the time that it would take to create a new alt is less than it would take to actually open the time capsules.

    I wonder what the next line item "action" will show up on the next spreadsheet?

    Again, please either update the Cheetah vendor, or just remove it. It's more of an irritant now looking at it than actually thinking you are going to get something from it because it has now become a grief, not a give.

  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    I don't agree with deleting it, specifically since new base items drop there aswell. It was a personal request of mine too for years.
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  3. beardrive Committed Player

    Oh, I'd love to have them! Perhaps I should have been clearer. Paying 10 bucks for the quarks to get a single one of them is entirely different than paying $4.50 for 150 replay badges where the feat costs three replay badges could net you 50 starfield windows at half the price of just one!

    And since we get 150 replay badges a month, you can potentially get 50 free Starfield windows. Remember, to spam the button to create an alt might be faster than opening all of those time capsules, with the lapse of animation of them opening in the first place just to scroll down and get the quarks. My main point, however is they are an absolute rip off and it doesn't really matter what they cost for quarks.

    But you are certainly entitled to your opinion, and so is Achika! It's just how I feel about it, and the response that we are getting as base designers asking for ease and accessibility of base items it's just another wall and a slap in the face to make it more difficult to really be able to do anything. To me it just seems like it pretends to do something. And that sucks
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  4. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    You can buy "normal" base items off the broker. Cheetah's stuff is special hence the cost in marks.
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  5. beardrive Committed Player

    The reply above Zoe was from what I thought to be Achikah's post about the Starfield window! LOL
  6. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    I use the Cheetah vendor all the time! She allows me to sell stuff from my inventory without having to go to the laggy parts of the HoL!
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  7. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Also the cheetah vendor has a few feats attached to it. I am not sure if those feats are somewhere else though
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  8. CaptainColdilocks Dedicated Player

    Which, by the way, is a whole other topic: feat organization. The current setup is a mess. Why do I have, for example, patchwork feats under styles (equip elite rings, etc)? Why not put them with the dlc content itself so you know what you need to do from that dlc? Content styles, vendor styles, various time capsule styles all just hanging out, having drinks.
  9. beardrive Committed Player

    Vicious, funny! And actually I do the exact same thing. Lol
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  10. Zoe· YouTuber

    No I was talking about Cheetah Vendor lol
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  11. myandria Item Storage


    Perhaps a Base item bot could be placed next to Cheetah (or another iconic NPC) that sells themed base items. This has been discussed before, but it still should be considered in my opinion. For example, the vendor could hold Mystical, Elegant, Ornate, Luxury, Luxurious, Dynasty, Flatscreen, Art Deco, ect. It is difficult to farm for specific themed base items since the loot table has been shuffled.
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  12. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Yeah, like Cheetah for the new/special items (also I wish the pride flags would be added to her or Fate during June so I could get more for different toons) and then someone for the old/basic ones. That would be awesome!
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  13. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Personally.... I would have used Barter as an NPC to sell base items. ;)

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  14. beardrive Committed Player

    Yes, and my reply was to a chica's post, not this one. It was my mistake. I was replying to the wrong post
  15. beardrive Committed Player

    Myandria that was my idea entirely when I brought it up a few years ago! The base items can even be non-feat related as well. All the purchased ones on the marketplace tell you that you can't get an feat from them. Why not a vendor in game? The idea of the vendor was to give people packs or related items that they could actually make a cogent base with. Thanks for bringing it up again! Yes to that idea! :)
  16. Ergotth Committed Player

    The vendor that comes with your base also sells like any other vendor, so you can sell any junk you have within the privacy of your base :)
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  17. myandria Item Storage

    True, but the soder vendor does not sell base items.


    Suggestion: Perhaps the devs can consider creating a new amenity that is a vendor in your base that sells the basic and themed base items. That way, to your point, players can purchase in peace AND decorate on the fly!

    Thank you for the inspiration! :D
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  18. myandria Item Storage

    I wasn't sure who started this idea first; thank you! :D
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  19. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    its all made up as we go along.
  20. Ergotth Committed Player

    I feel like they could create "no pvp" zones in HoL like Archive and Quarters and then make a new room in the HoL called "Arena" where PvP is enabled and people can go nuts. the other hubs already have fitting areas like Pit and War Room if they could move the vendors in there somewhere more adequate.
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