What is the point of looking for the HL now? lost pleasure ?....

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    It's totally understandable to peg a few of the toughest and most time consuming feats in the game for "I'll be back" category. Personally, I'm more than capable of doing my part (dps, troll or tank) to achieve any feat in this game and I'm pretty sure every tough feat has been successfully completed at least once via full league run from my league. But some of those feats (like the FGSe no death feat) I'm not sweating one way or the other. If my league or one of my OP-group-building friends happened to have built a group for a tough feat run while I was logged on, I'm always game to knock it out. But when those stars didn't happen to have aligned for a couple DLC's, that was cool too. At 623sp, I'm fine with a few select feats going unachieved.

    But that's totally different than restricting the vast majority of your playing time to content you've outleveld by a minimum of 3-4 DLC's and expecting that option to always be available even though the content was developed with at level players in mind.
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    I'll help your education.

    What I wrote was fact mixed with a platitude for those upset over having something taken which is what the stat clamped did by definition. What you wrote was trolling drivel because you couldn't actually counter my comment with facts/reality.

    Your welcome.

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    LOL :D
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    One man's trash is another man's treasure. Being able to practically flick away beings considered in the DC Universe to have god-like powers is your treasure but my trash. The opportunity to be challenged and then overcome that challenge is your trash but my treasure.

    and now, you're welcome. :D