What is the current mood on DC as of late?

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  1. Tilz Loyal Player

    Most of the time i'm tired.. i mean really just tired.. and hungry...

    I like playing the game. Why shouldn't I play it?
    I play less than before and also play other games (didn't used to back then).
    I think the main reason i'm here is the league. I just enjoy playing around with them. It's a fun small crowd :)

    The revamp got me back to the game. But honeslty, AM-era wasn't the reason for my break.
    I just don't care too much about some areas of the game like TCs.
    I just switch poewrs whenever I want and casually replay content.
    I have fun :)
  2. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    It would be funny to realize this group of thieves is holding the dev team hostage - “you leave us alone or your game shuts down.”

    Honest people can’t bow to that fear. If the game shuts down, so be it - but that wasn’t going to happen with this ban. You overstate their importance.
  3. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    You already know what DCUO offers, so if you haven't already, give Tera a shot.

    I am just in the early stages mind you, I have leveled several classes up to around level 25. Overall, I like the combat aspect of the game, its comparable to DCUO in that regard, while some of the missions, etc. are a little hard to follow initially at least.

    The boss fights seem pretty epic. With a combination of attacking and dodging, to stay out of harms way. I haven't played a lot of group content yet, as I am just unlocking it, but the one instance I was in, the roles didn't seem to matter a whole lot, not sure if its like DCUO in that regard, and the roles matter more latter on or not. I certainly hope tanks can agro better in future group content that i have not played as of yet, that is one negative I see.

    Melee and range combat are both viable, at least in these early stages, pretty sure based on what I see, they will be latter as well, so you don't have to focus purely on a range load out to be effective. There is more combat than I anticipated, a lot less story line BS filler fetch quests than I thought there would be going in, it's not like FF in that regard. The majority of your time you will be fighting and adventuring, not reading text on the screen.

    Character creation offers a pretty nice variety in terms of customization, with far more races and options of classes than the four found in DCUO. Population appears to be healthy, some frame rate refresh issues in the first major cities even. It is early on, I hope this is hardware issue trying to deal with all the new players they have. The artwork is fabulous. Cut scenes are skip-able so once you have seen them, you can bypass them.

    While it is free now, I paid for early access on two separate accounts for Tera. One for myself, the other for my wife. That in itself should be a pretty firm indicator of how I think DCUO is going at the moment.
  4. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    I still love the game, but getting tired of the busywork to hide the lack of content. the daily missions are fine. But when ive completed the gearset and the raids and alerts grinding the same crap over and over just to get the last collection piece i need for a feat oor gear that ive already raised my cr well above is kind of crappy. The kill 300, 400, 5000 crap gets really annoying very fast.
  5. E Clip Dedicated Player

    I've played Tera for 4 years now. You've barely seen the first leveling dungeon Bastion of Lok which is normally a very easy one, they get progressively harder as you level up but unless people fall asleep or something, you should have no problems clearing them. Always use your battle potions when entering a dungeon and use crystals in your weapon and chest. From level 50 and onward the roles will start to matter a lot more because bosses can 2-3 shot dps and healer classes. At endgame roles are everything, its impossible to complete dungeons without 1 tank and 1 heal, for some of the Hard Mode or Extreme Mode dungeons you might even need 2 heals depending on how skilled the group is. In Tera the healer class combines the functions of troller and healer from DCUO, in fact the two Healer classes in Tera are equipped with far more "trolling" skills than a troller in DCUO and they are incredibly fun to play. I would always suggest new players to start with a healer class, they dont need the best gear to perform well, which means you wont have to spend much of your ingame gold to enchant and upgrade your gear, which means you'll get rich ^^

    Melee is viable all throughout the game even in the hardest dungeons, I personally play melee classes (Warrior, Ninja) or the close range class Reaper. There is no such thing as melee or range loadout, you're either a melee class and you play melee or a range class and you play range, but you cant have a range loadout with a melee class, that's impossible. If you've reached only level 25 you've got a long way to go to experience the full combat of Tera. You need to reach 65 and that's when you'll practically have to relearn your class and adjust rotations because everything will change. When you start rolling your gear for different stats, you can roll for attacks speed and have much faster animations, or you can roll for power which will allow you to hit harder, for critical which will increase your crit rate, or roll for CD reductions which will make your CD's shorter, or any combination of these, I personally prefer Attack Speed with CD reductions because that makes the combat much faster and more dynamic. You ca make your own playstyle that way and its amazing how the combat feels depending on how you roll your gear.
  6. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    Thanks for the feedback. I had hope that someone more experienced would tell me I'm just scratching the surface. I realize I'm pretty limited on my knowledge of the game, which by my initial experience, seems to have lots and lots of hours of game play ahead of me that is not the same redundant/rehashed material I have played for 7 years in DCUO...

    I'm particularly thrilled to hear roles matter as I progress. Given your history and insight into the game, what would you see as its overall weakness? I would say based on my limited play, the missions objectives at times could be a little clearer, and overall, the lacking of any real tutorial is a bit frustrating when starting out. Also, for some reason, it appears I can only create two character per server... is that normal? If so its an oddity, that I cannot reason why would be the case.
  7. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Im not sure which if the founder packs grant you 16 character slots for the console versions. I play on PC and to get 16 slots you need to buy a CD key from the game which usually costs around 20$ on ebay and besides granting you some cosmetics, mounts and pets, you also get a 30 days subscription, so this is the best deal to start a PC account for Tera. As for consoles, I really dont know if they even offer CD keys, you have to look this up. Character slots should be tradable on the in-game broker btw, so you can purchase them with your in-game gold, provided someone is selling them. You can also buy a subscription with in-game gold. Or you can purchase them from the cash shop for EMP.

    Tera, like DCUO does a poor job at explaining the game to new players. Your go-to sites for detailed information about everything are essentialmana and the official forums. As a DCUO player you will be overwhelmed at start because Tera has more depth than DCUO, way more depth actually, so take it one step at a time.

    Overall weakness is imo the grind and lack of challenging content. Like iin DCUO you get 2-3 challenging dungeons, but the rest are snoozfests. However on consoles this might not be an issue since you dont have to wait for new content like we do, so you'll probably be getting new stuff (well new stuff to you, but old for us) more frequently than we do. Its usually 3-6 months depending on how much new content they put in. However they do many fun events in between with lots of cool rewards, so there's always something to do. Every weekend from Friday to Sunday there are always weekend events running too. However I personally dont care about these events and only care about the hardest dungeons, so when i get the BiS gear I take a break and start playing DCUO. I alternate between the two games every few months and I dont get bored of either game that way.

    If you have more questions, feel free to drop me a PM, cheers.
  8. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    I never said anything about shutting down. I said that the company would end up losing money.

    A lot of things that are set up in game are done to maximize profits, if you can't see that I can't help you. Chances are those in power calculated what potential streams of revenue they would lose and decide that it would be a bad call to make it permanent.

    I don't believe it was the right call for many reasons (nor have I ever stated such) but when a good portion of the community goes around saying that this is a business (on so many different topics) than they can't turn a blind eye when the same logic is applied to a different set of parameters.
  9. VictoryMC98 Dedicated Player

    I really wish for cliff notes version of most of your posts. With that said. I don't mine the game, just not likening the tying of feats to RNG boxes for cash. And since Stats Matter ( I mean they rammed that saying down our throats enough eh?) and needing SP to be good. I kind of like Meh.
  10. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Thanks, I will take this onboard. I quit over a year ago and just remembered this game again and thought to myself, "how is it doing?"

    Apparently nothing much has changed, I even noticed on the main page that capsules are still a thing so clearly Daybreak are clinging onto those whales that are happy to be clung on to!
  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Personally I still like parts of the game. I like the stats revamp, some of the content is fine, I enjoy the challenge in knocking out some of the feats, but the thing that ruins it all is the grind vs spend question. You cannot 'finish' the content within the DLC's alotted 'current' time without replays or a mind numbing grind. Gear prices are too high, elite renown is an insane grind, the collections impossible to complete for most with high RNG or multi 100 millions in broker money needed. It used to be a casual player who played 3 or 4 days a week and maybe missed a raid or few alert runs could still complete a gear set and collections within the 3 or so months that a DLC was current. Events used to be a welcome change of pace you could finish the feats/styles in if you ran even 1/2 the time the event was live. Sure every once in a while there is a double mark weekend, and that's nice, but if you are not replaying things even that does not amount to much more than 30 or 40 more marks...not even enough for 1 piece of current gear...much less for the 375 mark collection piece. Sure you can play it later (well not the events), but who has time? I've run very little E3 stuff since Starro returned and Goons or AoJ? Really? Who's got the time? Sure...I could drop 100 bucks on replays and grind out TTBE and be done in a week, but I'm not doing that, for now I choose the grind method and have kept up, it just makes it no fun anymore. I often call this my 2nd job...the one I pay 10bucks a month to go work at. Honestly I think if I didn't have people I like to hang with when running stuff, I'd have called it quits by now. Unfortunately I'm a crack addict on this game and no matter how bad it is for me, I probably won't quit it. Too much time and effort (and money) invested at this point to quit.

    One big thing to note and I'm not sure if DBG would care to hear this, I would NEVER suggest anyone who is serious about playing a game get into DCUO at this point. I used to tell my friends to get on, try it out, spend 5$ and get premium at least or buy a DLC and see if they like it. One of the big things I'd say is 'Hey man, get on, we'll hook up and I'll help you catch up'...no more. I'd never have time to help grind out old feats or help someone level up from 0. I hardly have time to help out the kids if they need some help and I do that only if it's also something I can use most of the time (marks or cat runs or event content). Now, if i'm asked what game I'm talking about when I say I was playing online last night I say 'DC Universe' under my breath and leave it at that. I can't imagine the friends I'd lose if I got someone in and they realized the pit of despair I had pulled them into.

    Call me a whiner, fine... the question was asked and answered.

  12. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    youll meet friendly types who like going on rides...just with you...so special you are!!
  13. Ant Tao Well-Known Player

    Just get Monster Hunter lol. The core problems of DC that probably made you leave are still there.