what is the better weapon for dps

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by iSmerk, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. iSmerk New Player

    i am a sorcery currently usin a bow and i like the dps but i was wondering if there was a better weapon for it...i like the look of the handblasters so i was thinking of switching to that, but i wanted more opinons before doin so i wanna stay a ranged dpser

    what ranged weapon do you guys think would give out the most damage as a dps sorc? (dont mention rifle plz cuz i read good things about it but i just dont like how it looks)
  2. Octantis New Player

    Pulse Beam with Weapon of Destiny is amazing. However Handblasters' ranged DPS is lacking unless you do a half-cast Ranged Hold with a tap Hold. It takes some practice but you can learn the timing so it doesn't reset your hit counter. Scissor Kick is pretty useless, if I do say so myself. The only really damaging attack, besides the ranged holds, is the Uppercut for melee.

    Those are my opinions.

    I like pistols. The full combo of Slip Shot, Jump Shot, Sweep Shot, Magnum does a good deal of quick damage, and with Weapon of Destiny it does pretty good as well. For the record, I never used Full Auto. The damage on Jump Shot is a little low, but Slip and Magnum do fantastic damage, and so does Sweep Shot if there is only one target, otherwise just do magnum and clip that to begin with Slip Shot again. It's also a lot of fun to watch :)

    And I won't mention Rifle. I personally do better damage with pistols.

    Like I said, my own opinions. But I'm a pistol fan, so hey.
  3. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Bow is arguably the best single target ranged DPS weapon in the game, but all work. Try out the different weapons and see which one fits your playstyle the best. On my main, I went from Staff during leveling to HB (my first healer weapon) to Bow (one I picked up in an Alert, that just had better stats than my HB). Bow has been my preferred range weapon ever since. Just like the feel of it.
  4. iSmerk New Player

    i see....thanks for your opinions guys
  5. Chungweishan New Player

    In PvE, I just run around using MA's Smokebomb and clipping whatever powers. For range, I'll switch to Staff and use Focused Spin. I use Dual Pistols with my Mental Controller for range, but the only problem is having enough area to pull off the stringed combos.
  6. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Handblasters: Spam solar flame for ranged and for melee use discharge clip + uppercut.
    Rifle: I don't know the rotation but I've seen people pull off nice numbers with this ( I know you don't like rifle, but this might be your best choice).
    Dual pistol: Ignore whatever Octantis said and don't use them.
    Onehand: Melee weapon, but the focused blast on that hits like a truck.
    Bow: Not sure, never seen good dps with bow. The only time I've seen bow dps are those ps3 videos back in 2011.

    If you want optimal DPS sorry, but you will have to put more emphasis on melee attacks. I'm saying this as a guy who uses HB in both PVE and PVP dps.
  7. Octantis New Player

    Aww, sad face :( Well, I stole Sub-Avatar loot from groups using Pistols, so they worked for me! :D
  8. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    You cannot steal sub avatar loot, all you have to do is land a hit or 2 and both groups get loot. But, I must congratulate you for not using full auto as dps; A rare trait for DP users.
  9. iSmerk New Player

    So Bring tht rifle might be the best to choose but won't be using tht wht would be the 2nd best chose btw I'm sorc goin for str8 dps
  10. Heartsbane Committed Player

    When I'm in DD role I use the staff. The melee damage is ridiculous. If I'm doing the T4 bounties I use a bow. I'm too squishy to be melee with those guys.
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  11. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Well since you want to use a ranged weapon and not rifle I'll have to go with Handblaster as a 2nd best option. Also give bow a try I'm curious to see how that turns out.

    But melee will always be better, i got around 800k dps in GoT with unmodded t2 gear and a staff.
  12. iSmerk New Player

    I do use a bow now and the damage from flurry is pretty good but I'm still new to the game which is why I wonderin if anythin might better or something...
  13. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Well in that case your only other option is Handblaster; just use the combos I told you. If it turns out that your DPS is lower just use whatever is best for you; that's the most important thing.
  14. Revan3200 New Player

    hay man i agree with agent use whatever feels best once we get you to 30 ill trade you some gear to get your cr to 43 and run you through some raids dont wory if your damage is low your still new and you got to get a feel for everything dont worry about being kicked for low damage if u do get kicked they just kicked me and everyone else from our league from that raid cuz u know if they kick 1 of us they kick all of us. also i have an idea that i want to run by you for how to mod your toon ill be on all night and dont worry i wont fall asleep on you this time lol
  15. Octantis New Player

    Not when Battle for Earth first came out. It was contribution based. The forums were blowing up constantly about loot stealing (to which I shamefully did). Or maybe I'm wrong and thinking of something else. I just remember it being a struggle to get Astral Alloy without a group, but I got half of it without needing to roll, and some times I wouldn't receive a drop at all. Haven't done Sub-Avatar runs since before Hand of Fate though, so maybe that's why.

    And I hate full auto. Usable only for a faster Block Break than Slip Shot, and a good group pushback. Otherwise the damage is horrible and the combo building is dreadfully slow. Not sure why Pistol users haven't figured that out.
  16. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    You need at least 43 CR to be eligible for sub-avatar loot. But that's another topic
  17. Octantis New Player

    I'm aware. That was not the issue. But you're right, it's for another topic; I can't make you believe me :p

    Trying to make a point that just because most people are horrible with Pistols doesn't make them a bad weapon and one to flat out ignore without even suggesting the OP give them a try.
  18. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Sorry wasn't even aware that you were trying to convince me of something, and yes pistols are not bad weapons they are just not optimal PVE wise.

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