What is Friday Night Legends?

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    What Is Friday Night Legends?

    Friday Night Legends is DCUO's bi-weekly, community-focused livestream hosted by the Developers behind the game. Join us every other Friday night on Twitch for live look-ins across the game worlds to see real players in action. You’ll also get behind-the-scenes information, the latest news and Developer commentary, spotlights on Leagues and other player-run organizations, ringside views of the best PvP battles, and so much more.
    • See DCUO’s players, world, and content from unique perspectives only Developer access and Developer tools can provide
    • Learn more about how other people, groups, and Leagues experience DCUO, or even join the show yourself on behalf of your League in League Spotlights
    • Watch a PvP match unfold and dig deep into its strategies from an observer’s bird’s-eye view with commentary
    • Watch players complete PvE content challenges for prizes
    • Be the first to see upcoming content previews, works-in-progress teasers, and more
    • Get your questions answered live by joining us in the Twitch.TV chat channel during the show
    Friday Night Legends is all about you. If you want to watch, contribute, or participate live, here’s what you need to know.

    Twitch.TV Channel
    Join us Fridays from 4:00 p.m. PT (7:00 p.m. ET) to 5:00 p.m. PT (8:00 p.m. ET) on our official DCUO Twitch.TV channel. Make sure you sign up with Twitch (it’s free) so you can chat with us during the show.

    Show Formats

    PvE Challenge

    The best leagues in DC Universe Online tackle the toughest challenges the devs can create, for fun and fame! Can you survive ever-increasing waves of Currently, two challenges are available:
    • The Nexus PvE Challenge
    • Prime Battleground PvE Challenge

    FNL Tour

    The FNL Tour is an ongoing series of Legends PvP tournaments. Keep an eye out here, on our official channels, or at http://fnltour.challonge.com for dates and sign up opportunities. Prove your PvP skills and win in-game prizes in these single elimination events!

    Let's Plays

    Ever want to play DCUO with or watch a dev play? Let's Plays create an opportunity for devs and players to hang out, ask questions, and enjoy playing the game together in a more casual environment compared to the high-octane PvE Challenges.

    How To Sign Up

    Interested in bringing your League or player group onto FNL? Follow @DCUOFNL on Twitter and keep an eye out for news about upcoming shows. When we have an opening, we'll tweet from that account a few weeks before the date, and choose a League each time from those interested.

    When responding to @DCUOFNL, make sure you include your League name, server, and character name. Then, watch your Twitter, because we may be in touch!
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