What if support roles did more damage?

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    The only support role that has a damage penalty are tanks for some biased reason. Healers and controllers dont have that penalty they just don’t get the damage boost DPS gets for being in DPS role. From my recollection I only know of two things that increase your damage output, the berserk mod and NVB. Ice Elemental does to but it only works in DPS role whereas in tank role it only increases your defense. As it stands now, battle-tanks are kings when it comes to damage support role. It’s way harder and less potent for a battle-healer to keep up. As for battle-trolls well I see them more like a buff group type. They have the most potential in terms of buffing. Battle-tanks are fine as they are. Battle-healers need more love. Some artifacts came out to help in that regard but it’s still not close.

    Adding an artifact that reduces the damage penalty would only benefit tanks. But if there’s an artifact that increases your damage output like berserk then I’m all for it. I highly dislike Transformation Card because it reduces your overall damage and if you’re tank well you’re gimping yourself even more. Sure the higher crits make up for it but whatever.
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    I'm never oppose to battle support roles, so long as they still do a great job playing their role. But if youre a squishy earth tank trying to battle tank in elite content and die, then I am going to tell you to just switch back to your tank build. lol
  3. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Please link where a dev has said swapping is likely to be removed
  4. Entrust Committed Player

    Yep, you got me. Congratulations, I can't link the source of my 6 word interpretation of the dev's position on artifact swapping.

    If you're take-away from Mepps last response to art-swap, is that's its here to stay, untouched, & never adjusted. . . Okay, that's fair. That wasn't how I read it.
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    FF is not that particular, nor all the time. For the most part you can go in blind and have just enough time to figure things out. The most important factor to their design is that their design is build around the cadence of combat. DCUO is not well balanced around that. With DCUO you have bosses triggering OHKO attacks in a short timespan that does not take into account the general animation dovetails (start to finish) on top of the delay caused by changes to block cancelling (being forced into block stance for a second), and then there's CC breakout potential on top of the distance required to roll out of areas. In many cases where you can't do this, and you at least try to block the attack, you're dead. Even if you're a tank. Definitely an issue with this latest DLC as well.

    As for the six slot limitations, there are some ways to work around that that don't involve having to juggle another tray (or five). Considering the action game style of DCUO's combat, more slots are not a good experience make - but you can build off the combat system itself. For example, one way to do this would be to allow weapon combo finishers to link automatically into a follow up power. Execute a combo finisher, repeat the input again, power gets used.

    Another system, like one used in Tera, would be to combo powers into other powers, but this currently would conflict with 'combo powers' built into hard light, rage, Urf, water, quantum, atomic and celestial without a rework). Either slot 'combo power to be used after' from the loadout screen somewhere. Maybe limit it to 3 - provided cooldowns are agreeable. For example, what i'd call the cantrip powers - those .5s cooldown powers. Those you could slot 2 time as follow ups to whatever you have in ability slot 1. If that power is already in slot 1 then you'd use it 3 times by spamming that button. Powers that are still on cooldown would be skipped. Otherwise, you gets what you gets.

    Effectively makes the tray powers 'starters' while you can have up to 2 follow ups after that. Mini macro. This could effectively allow players to use all range of powers available (core powers, iconic, movement), should they work out combos that flow together.

    An alternative system would be to modify the powers themselves. Rather than worry about slotting more powers in, players instead would have the ability to spend skill points on their individual powers to modify them in some way or another. This could change how a power functions, and provided the options are available and make sense for the power/role, could merge the effects of what would otherwise have been two powers into one, with whatever balancing costs have to be paid (aside from skill points, like increased cooldown time, or power consumption (if the blue bar doesn't get gutted from the game, which I feel it should), etc.

    Neverwinter suffers from that problem. Despite doing a number of things 'right', when it comes to how the team at Cryptic designed the combat abilities, they ended up limiting characters to just 3 core encounter power slots, making the game very cookie cutter per class. Very easy to trim the fat there. DCUO at six powers is better off in that regard, but not by a whole lot more.

    Another thing that could be done, but it's my least favorite idea, is to start adding artifacts specifically centered around the power types and their roles. We've already seen artifacts that modify powers like heat vision, lasso of truth and supercharges like word of power. We haven't seen anything yet that addresses the exobyte power classes, however, and you do see core power modifications in several other competing F2P titles. Even Warframe has ability modifiers with their 'card' system. Warframes only have 4 abilities but a modifier can fundamentally rewrite that power. In this case artifact sets could give certain powers different perks not available to them at the vanilla level, especially if they rework dud powers that aren't typically used at the end game level and gives them new life - only in these cases there would need to be much more of a synergistic effect in play so it addresses more than just a single power. A full set of 3 artifacts could play off each other in a more substantial way. Right now the most we see of that with arts is with supercharge combination arts of strategist/tactician. Problems with this are of course the $$$$$$ greed issue at play behind arts and resources for such, and of course the grind and how it effects alts, but is another route. Still, the SP and mini macro options are the more robust and would do the most good for the game, if not going for all of it.
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    Probably because it's hard to balance. Why do you think battle healing is so weak now compared to before? Players could 4-man elite raids.
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    Either you change or they change…it’s group dynamics. Don’t expect the devs to play referees on how to solve issues that are player-created.
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    If support roles did more damage, then they wouldn't be support roles.
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