What if! One character can do all the roles.

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  1. SDStriker New Player

    I think , If the developers do this, it will change the whole thing in this game. , It is also a good option for those who do not like to play alternate characters.

    For example, one character will have four power sets, one power set per role.
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  2. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

    Interesting. I look forward to reading how others debate the merits of this idea. I guess such a character would be like an onmi character? I don't know how it would impact the balance of the game.
  3. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    I'd love this.

    Even proposed an armory variant that would allow you to permanently save a power to a "super" armory of sorts. This is the type of premium item I'd love to see on the marketplace.
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  4. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    I dont think i would go that far as that puts a massive strain on the grind for gear. Your essentially asking people to do 4 gear sets not just 1-2.
    I like the idea but i’d add variety in a simpler way (simpler for the player).
    What i would do is adjust power descriptions to allow every power set to spec into any role so the capability is there to do anything with any power.
    This is much more complicated on devs end but is the better solution i think in the end
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  5. Neb153 Level 30

    Elder Scrolls Online does this and it works out pretty well for that game, I think it'd end up being a good thing for DCUO but they'd have to change a LOT of the fundamental code to make it work.
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  6. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    ESO let's you choose to play as any of three roles, dps, healer or tank. Maybe that's what the OP meant. What that would entail is to go through each powerset and do changes to enable every powerset to play as any one of the three roles. But since this is DCUO we have a fourth role, controller.
  7. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

    That's a good idea too. I wonder how difficult it really would be to do. I know at where I work, the programmers will spend an hour or more complaining about how long it will take to do this or that, or that it can't be done, and then in like no time they have it done. My boss always says the programmers take more time complaining about why it won't work instead of just trying a solution in the first place. That's not to say every company is like the one I work for lol. At least I hope not! lol
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  8. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    People already grind two gear sets really quickly and complain that there's nothing to do. This would in some way create artificial longevity for new Episodes by forcing players to grind more sets. Grindy, grindy, grindy!

    I do prefer your idea where every powerset would offer the opportunity to play any role. I also like what WoW did where your gear stats will change based on your role, you only have to find trinkets and weapons for each roles. Every other piece of gear will give change its stats based on the role your using, this eliminates having the farm multiple sets and makes it easier to switch roles on-the-go.
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  9. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    I have long thought this would be a great addition to the game, but one that would take a whole lot of careful planning to make work. Some people already make certain powers work in ways they aren't meant to work - just formalizing that would be interesting.
  10. Kestral Committed Player

    I've always considered the way the game is set up to require players that want play DPS and their Role a punishment. It is genuinely harder to play the game then the vast majority of the player base that only DPS' as we need to grind out enough content currency to pull off buying both sets of gear and keep artifacts/augments/etc up for both roles.

    A alternative idea I've thrown around with my friends is that purchase of vendor gear could grant you BOTH gear sets. That way more players would be likely to attune it to a armories and have the option to try playing the roles in group content. Instead of the common "oh I can't play X I don't have the gear, I just qued this way to make the que faster" -__-

    Yeah many of them would just straight scrap the extra set of gear but still I have to think this would get us a few more people wiling to give playing roles a chance.
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  11. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I'd be up for this. I made a post a few months ago about it, can't remember where though. I think the general idea was that it would enable our character to have up to three power sets available at any one time (one Tank set, one Healer set and one Controller set - and for us to be able to DPS with any of the three), with the caveat being that we could only have one power of each role (so you couldn't have Fire and Ice on one character at the same time for example, as that would be two Tank power sets). We would still need to use a respec token if we wanted to switch from one Tank/Healer/Controller set to another, so in theory it shouldn't eat into respec token sales too much.

    In Final Fantasy XIV you can level all jobs on one character, so there is absolutely no need for alt characters at all. I think a similar, but stripped down, system would work really well here in DCUO. The great thing about it is since we get our powers mostly from Exobytes they wouldn't even need to jump through hoops to explain it from a lore standpoint. They could just say that research has been done by STAR Labs or whatever and they've found a way to imbue us with three different sets of Exobytes at the same time.
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  12. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    I'd be way cool with that. I tried trolling on my main ( gadgets ) when I was over on the USPC, but it was a hellish experience, & I will never do it again. ever. but I really wouldn't mind having a crack at tanking, & totally would if I could on my main.
  13. Drewbolt Greatest Healer of this Generation

    From every power, there seems to be moves that aren't used very often or really shouldn't be. Let's repackage those moves with the other roles. For a tank, the user should just be able to buy tank gear, which gives all of the defense, change skill spec, get a taunt/pull, and they're good. A naturally healer powerset would rely on self-heal tank mechanics, while a naturally troll power would use shielding mechanics and crowd control mechanics. For naturally tank powersets, just reverse for troll (shields/mitigation) and healer (self-heals now group heals).

    I'll use my native Electricity as an example.
    In electricity, we have the whole Polarized set of powers, and most of them are downright awful, not making many loadouts. However, why wouldn't the concept of a polarized tank make sense, in the way people have asked for a magnet power? We would use our connection to the surrounding environment to transfer damage to objects, use metal to create shields, and charge the ions (this is Electricity after all) to self-heal. Take a move like Spark Barrage, which says you throw 5 projectiles, as new tank mechanic where 10% of incoming damage is transferred to the projectiles (10% per projectile up to 50%). A projectile isn't living, so it can't be healed but hover around the tank like an accessory. The tank uses repulse and attract to pull enemies and stun them. Electroburst becomes a large burst heal for the tank (use it when projectiles are destroyed). Lower the effectiveness of healer heals in tank role.

    The mechanic could look something like this: Enter room>pop Flux(shield)>create projectiles with Spark Barrage>use Attract to pull targets>Repulse to stun targets>self-heal as needed>repeat.

    Need Electricity to troll. Good news, Electricity can energize teammates, so expect them to become an actual battery. Need 3 debuffs? Electrogenesis reduces enemy healing to the nearest 2 targets (lasts 12 seconds and functions similarly to how it heals or damages in those roles). Shockwave lowers a target's defense (spammable but doesn't recast debuff for again for 12 seconds...maybe hits multiple targets?). Tesla Ball reduces enemy damage as an aoe debuff; weak but can be recast every 6 seconds with cooldown (lasts 6 seconds). Just have Wired be a power dump and boosts 3 more players weapons attacks. Lower the effectiveness of Group Transducer and lower Supercharge cost and cooldown to be used as a troll shield.

    Look, these are just ideas. It doesn't demand creating new moves or a new powerset. It will cause players to potentially buy new role artifacts. They just need to purchase the correct gear. If the gear is a problem, role gear can be changed to contain all the appropriate levels of stats for the role depending on the selected role of the user. So a healer/dps wouldn't get the benefit of tank gear stats.
  14. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    This is another longtime request we've made since beta. The game was originally designed around Defence and DPS only. There was no controller or healer roles and those were added later in beta to make the game more like WoW. Health and power were recovered by the player during gameplay instead. So, naturally the fantasy role trope system doesn't fit well with the superhero genre and it forces players to play a specific style they might not want to after they choose their powerset.

    It makes sense to untie role from powerset and just update the powers in the powersets to offer the other roles' functionality when in that chosen role. For example, I might choose fire and decide to be a healer so the powers that would normally offer tanking functionality could be updated to offer healer functionality instead. Or controller if that was their plan. This offers much more flexibility for players and options/creativity for character concepts. Players could finally have their Green Lantern tank or whatever. Players could have entire lantern corp theme'd leagues finally too. Or whatever else you can think of. It's also easier on the Dev team because they aren't forced to make design decisions in powersets based on roles and also logistically they'd never be stuck making new powersets in 3s for each role either (before one of the forum bros jumps in; if that ever happened).

    I mean alternatively just get rid of the roles entirely since most of us don't enjoy being forced to play them anyhow and we're here to just kick butts as evidenced by the over representation of DPS players. But this, of course, is a harder sell.
  15. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    i think this is actually a terrible idea, and here's why:

    No one will ever play their support role again. I can already see the arguments for "Well anyone can tank, why do I have to tank?" from here.
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  16. Trykz Committed Player

    So you want this to be final fantasy 14 online.
  17. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Do we really want to turn this game into ESO? i know i don't. I would also not want to have to get arts and gear for 4 roles.
  18. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Mental tank would be crazy
  19. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I will start by saying that I think this IS a good idea. Personally I'd like to see it.

    But I am not optimistic that it will ever happen.

    To begin with , every single power would have to be looked at and engineered to handle an additional two role specific effects each. I have to think that alone would be a huge job,
  20. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    As much as I would like that, but the game isn't design for it. Plus too many factors involved. They would need to scrap augments, artifacts. Then to make things easier, gear would have to be like op gear for stats to make things easier. Imagine trying to get gear for 4 roles, already a pain for 2 roles. Imagine trying for 4. They would need to over haul everything.